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Houston Texans

Morency quotes

(on being picked 73rd overall by the Texans and where he expected to be picked) "Well, the speculation on the whole thing was late first round or late second (round), but I'm grateful that

I'm very happy."

(on how he feels he will fit into the Texans running back corps' playing time) "That is my main goal. I'm going to compete. My main goal is to help the program and the organization over the hump into the playoffs and further on. As a rookie my goal is to play in 24 games. That's my whole mindset. I'm just going to bring that


(on how his layoff from baseball has affected his confidence) "I feel great. Confidence level: I'm great. Offensively: I'm great. I'm ready to ball, just ready to show the world, to showcase my ability. I was never given anything. I always worked for everything. I'm definitely prepared for this."

(on what position he played in baseball) "Centerfield."

(on whether he can hit curve balls) "If its hanging, I'm banging."

(on being older in age for a rookie) "I'm ready to go. Football is like riding a bike. If you work hard you'll be on top of your game. I'm just excited to go out and showcase my ability and help spark this program."

(on how he would describe his running style) "I guess I'm a real three. I take pieces from every other runner and mold my style into Vernand Morency and create my own style. I love a Fred Taylor, a LaDainian Tomlinson, Priest Holmes. I try to take their games and put it into my own."

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