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'Must See' Steven Sims, Jr. talks 2023 Texans offense | Drew's Dozen


1) DD: Do you go by Steve? Or Steven?
SS: Both. Steve, family calls me Junior.

2) DD: Do you have any other nicknames?
SS: Nah.

3) DD: Really? You just smiled a little bit. Kinda like you're hiding something.
SS: "Must See". I always tell them I'm "Must See" TV.

4) DD: You were born in Houston, played your high school ball at Fort Bend Travis. How nice has that been, getting to play in your hometown?
SS: It's definitely been great being here. Great coaching staff, great energy here in the building. Younger group of guys on the team. I'm glad to be back home around my family and with my son. It's truly a blessing.

5) DD: You're listed as a wide receiver, but you've carried the ball 23 times in your career. You've returned a lot of kickoffs and punts, too. Which of those four do you like doing the most?
SS: I just like being on the field, helping contribute in any way I can. Whether that's offense, screens, jet sweeps, catching the ball, running routes, kick returns, punt returns. However I can contribute to the team I'm going to bring that competitive edge, big play ability.

6) DD: Winning is the ultimate team goal. But in a preseason game, what's the individual goal for you?
SS: For me, it's starting my routine for the season. How I approach the game, get my thoughts together and slow my game down, slow the process down a little bit for me. Then just go out there and play fast, have fun and make plays. That's really my goal every week, to just get in rhythm, make some plays, play fast as I can and bring juice to the offense.

7) DD: How much do you enjoy going against somebody else in a different uniform after what you've been doing the last two weeks?
SS: Oh, I can't wait. We're all kinds of excited. Can't wait to get out there and go against somebody else..

8) DD: What do you think is better about you as a player going into year five?
SS: My preparation and knowledge of the game. My head's not spinning out there anymore. I know the run game. I know the pass game. I know my rules in the run game better than I did as a young guy. I've slowed the game down as best I can to this point. I can always get better and improve, but to this point, I feel like I've slowed the game down pretty well. I think that's helped me play way faster.

9) DD: What about this offense do you like the most?
SS: I love this offense, honestly. It has a lot of moving parts. This offense is fit for my skill set, if that makes sense. I can line up anywhere on this offense: jet sweep motions, anything. I can play outside receiver, inside receiver, probably line up in the backfield. You just never know with this offense. I was in this offense before. It was fun my rookie year, and it's going to be fun this year, too.

10) DD: Let's rank the Stevens and Steves. We got you in there. Steven Spielberg, the director. Actor and martial artist Steven Seagal. Steve Harvey from the 'Family Feud' and Steve Smith the wide receiver.
SS: I'm not going to lie: that's tough. Me being me, I'm always going to put myself first. I love Steve Smith, so I'm going to put him second. I love Steve Harvey. He's hilarious, so I'm putting him third. Steven Seagal: I love his movies. I grew up watching his movies. 'Cradle to the Grave' is one of my favorite movies. So I'm putting him fourth. Then fifth, I'm gonna put Spielberg.

11) DD: Is there anything better than when somebody gives a dumb answer on 'Family Feud' and Steve Harvey just makes a faical expression?
SS: Steve Harvey's facial expression tells it all. They give him some wild answers on 'Family Feud'. I've always kind of wanted to take my family on there to see which one of them gives those wild answers.

12) DD: Who in your family would be the one that gives the wild answer?
SS: It would either be my Pops or my grandmother.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: So you had some fun times growing up, hearing the stuff they were saying, huh?
SS: Yes, sir. Definitely. A lot of fun times at the cookout.

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