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New Orleans Saints Conference Calls

Head coach Jim Haslett

(on how the Texans looked against Miami) "They took care of the football. You could tell they are a well-coached team and they are very disciplined."

(on what Texans' win at Miami proves to rest of the NFL) "There aren't too many bad teams in this league. I think it just proves to everybody that on any given day anybody can beat anybody. As we found out last year in December there are not too many bad football teams in this league."

(on how Saints would've beaten the Seahawks without their turnovers and penalties) "That would be good if you could take those (penalties and turnovers) away, but you can't take those things away. Seattle played a great football game. We didn't play very well. We turned the ball over too many times and really shot ourselves in the foot too many times. Very good football teams in this league, they don't do those things. We just happened to do them that day."

(on losing starting defensive end Darren Howard) "We lost (Darren Howard) which is a big blow. He is a heck of a player and a great kid. That was a big blow. But we've got some pretty good players and Willie Whitehead will step in and do a good job for us."

(on his overall outlook on the Texans) "They do a good job at everything. Their running backs do a great job. They run hard. The quarterback gets the ball out fast. They did a nice job up front protecting. I love the three-wide receivers set. They got big guys that can run. Their defense is a little different than most teams run, the 3-4. Our guys are going to have to really spend some time on their defense because they do a good job with this team."

(on Texans' kicker Kris Brown) "I had Kris (Brown) in Pittsburgh when I was coaching up there. He is a good kid and he is a heck of a kicker. He did a nice job the other day, especially the game winner. I think anytime you have a kicker that's steady and just a normal person, you've got an upgrade.

(on playing the Texans during the 2002 preseason) "I can't even remember the game to be honest with you. I knew we played them, but we didn't even look at (the game film). They're a little bit different than what I remember, some of the protections and some of the things they're doing. I think the best thing is (David Carr) feels comfortable and he is doing a good job for them."

(on the improvement of the Texans' running backs this year) "I thought James Allen was a pretty good running back last year, kind of like I do Stacey (Mack). They got Tony Hollings who we really liked in the supplemental draft and Domanick (Davis) is doing a great job for them. They got a lot of weapons and they did a nice job running the ball the other day (at Miami)."

(on how the Texans' defense didn't miss a step without Gary Walker) "Gary (Walker) is a great player, so that would be hard to say that. But they did play well up front. Seth Payne is a tough guy. Corey (Sears) is the guy that surprised me. I thought he stepped in and did a nice job for them."

Wide receiver Joe Horn

(on Miami underestimating the Texans) "Without a doubt. That's the NFL, baby. Any week, I don't care what your record was or what other people in the media think that your record will be. Miami was a great example of that and I guess they're feeling that today down in Miami. It doesn't matter. Any given Sunday you can get your asses beat."

(on Texans' cornerback tandem) "Those guys have been together for a lot of years. They're comfortable with their job and you know what, I have to give them their respect, Aaron Glenn and my man on the other side (Marcus) Coleman. Those guys have proven the last seven, eight years in the league that they're at the top of their game. Not only have they proven it New York, they came down to Houston and have proven it. I can't take anything away from those guys. They have my utmost respect."

(on loss to Seattle) "We dropped six balls, we had 12 penalties, and we turned the ball over four times. I don't care if you're the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, if Tampa has 12 penalties and turn the ball over four times Philadelphia would have beat them. I don't care who you are or what team you have. We have to loosen up on those penalties and catch more passes that Aaron (Brooks) throws to the receivers."

(on Donte' Stallworth) "He's done a hell of a job. He knows what it takes to maintain the standard he wants to have in the NFL. Every athlete in the NFL wants to maintain a high standard, who wants to get a lot of money, who wants a Super Bowl ring has to play at a high level. The ones that don't usually fall off, don't make a lot of money, and usually get traded or cut. Donte' (Stallworth) doesn't want that to happen. He's a first round draft pick and he knew expectations were high and he did a hell of a job his first year. This year he is doing a hell of a job."

(on the 2002 preseason game against the Texans) "It didn't count, no preseason games count. I can't even remember that damn game."

(on added pressure after starting 0-1) "Not for me. I don't feel pressure. We don't feel pressure, but of course we want to win. Any team wants to win on Sunday. As far as added pressure, no, the more pressure you add the more mistakes you make. So I don't think my teammates will come in with a lot of pressure on their back."

(on injured knee) "I'll probably practice today, I'll probably practice tomorrow, and I'll be full speed Sunday. It's a little sore but that comes along with the territory man. I want to find a way to play hopefully. Some guys have injuries like mine and don't play on Sunday. Some receivers don't. They take the easy way out and they sit out. I'm not one of those receivers. I'm a warrior. Whatever I have to do to play I'm going to try my best to be out there on Sunday."

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