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Nick Caserio Doubles Cash Payout to Contest-Winning Texans Fan

On the first day of Training Camp, General Manager Nick Caserio came up with a contest idea for the Houston Texans flagship radio station, SportsRadio 610. Caserio, who signed a record number of players in free agency, offered $100 to anyone who could correctly guess the number of transactions in camp.

"I would say the roster is kind of a day-to-day endeavor," Caserio said. "I'm probably going to give a little shameless plug here for the guys at 610. Maybe you guys can take a poll and say how many roster transactions are the Houston Texans going to have."

Between July 28 and August 28, Caserio executed 46 roster moves. The winner of "Win Caserio's Cash" was Hipolito Arriaga. On Wednesday, Caserio paid out his bet to the Texans fan and listener.

"I appreciate you making a lot of moves," Arriaga said to Caserio. "You helped me out definitely."

"I'm glad we were able to create some excitement," Caserio said.

When the two met outside the Houston Methodist Training Center, the Texans general manager paid up, but had another surprise for Arriaga. He doubled the promised payout.

"There's $200 for your efforts so you go buy an extra couple beers, some barbecue, something like that," Caserio said.

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