Off the Field: HTC Taylor at the 2020 Pro Bowl

Dear Texans Fans,

I always dreamed of becoming a NFL Cheerleader, but I never imagined that one day I would become a Pro Bowl Cheerleader! I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to represent the Houston Texans at the 2020 Pro Bowl in Orlando. The memories I made with the other Pro Bowl Cheerleaders (PBC) are ones I will forever cherish. From prepping for more than a month out, to texting each other in a group chat, to eventually seeing everyone in person and dancing together on that field. It was an incredible journey that I am blessed to be a part of.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I was ecstatic to find out my roommate was Samantha, the Bengals PBC! We instantly became best friends and suddenly all the nerves I was feeling went away and all I could feel was pure excitement!

At our first rehearsal, we practiced the dances we learned before arriving in Orlando. Then we were organized into performance groups for the week and I was put into AFC 1 with the Patriots, Raiders, Chiefs, Ravens, and Broncos cheerleaders. We had so much fun dancing together and getting ready for all the performances to come!

The days leading up to the big game were filled with performances and rehearsals for the big day! We performed at the Play Football Opening Night, during halftime of the Veterans Flag Football game and Youth Flag Championship game, and at Disney Springs for the Pro Bowl All Star Pep Rally. We also participated in an activity with TAPS HUDDLE. We paired with families that had lost someone serving in the military and helped them build wooden American Flags, which would be donated to the families. I was amazed by the charisma and bravery of each and every individual I met that day. I was inspired.

Throughout all of the performances and interacting with fans, I was grateful to spend these moments with my fellow PBCs. Every night, we would do an activity that would help us bond more and more. My favorite night was when we all brought gifts for each other and had a gift exchange in our Disney themed PJs! That night was special, because we also got our Pro Bowl rings! The whole night was delightful. We laughed so hard until we cried and had the time of our lives!

The night before the big game, I spent it by having dinner with my family who traveled to support me and watch me perform! I was so thankful to spend some time with my family, because they have always been my biggest cheerleaders. It meant so much to me to have them there and spend time with them.

Finally, day 7, came the day we were all waiting for: gameday! From sound check, to pregame rehearsal, to our red carpet appearance, everything before the big game was truly incredible! But the best part was yet to come. So many emotions were going through my mind as we were walking to the field for our pregame performance. All the work that we put in throughout the entire week led to that moment, and I was so proud and ready to enjoy it! I got goose bumps as the announcer said, "introducing your 2020 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders." We took the field and nailed our pregame performance, and from that point on it just got better and better!

My all-time favorite moment on gameday is the national anthem. Hearing the national anthem at the 2020 Pro Bowl was so special to me, especially when four pilots from Moody's Air Force Base performed a flyover at the end. I was speechless and it made me tear up.

We rotated around the field pumping up the crowd and dancing to the music. We also got to perform on the field twice, but I could have stayed out there forever! At the end of the game all the PBCs took the field and celebrated! We were all dancing around, because we were all winners that day! We all watched fireworks together during the trophy ceremony. It was the perfect way to end the game!

That night, we went to dinner, and we reflected on our time we spent together and were so happy to be together one last time. It was a bittersweet moment. I was sad we were leaving, but knew we would see each other again soon! In fact, the girls and I were already planning a reunion trip! I was so blessed for all the memories we made and for all the time we spent together! I learned so much about myself throughout the week. It was the best week of my life!

Words cannot express how incredible this experience was. I will cherish these memories in my heart forever. I am beyond grateful that I was given the opportunity to represent the Texans as a 2020 Pro Bowl Cheerleader! I want to thank my coach, teammates, friends and family for supporting me throughout this journey. I am forever grateful!


HTC Taylor