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Offseason on Track | Daily Brew

Now that the players and coaches are on a bit of a break it's time to take stock in some key areas that were addressed and needed to progress this off season.

As I like to say on the air "In no particular order…"

Youth Movement
The draft class looked good on paper as of 7pm on April 30. Seeing the players on the field only confirmed a 'so far, so good' feeling on where they're headed. We're in the embryonic stages but it's good to see some positive early developments like Lovie Smith publicly saying he's seeing some good things from Jalen Pitre, to name one.

More Youth
The 2021 draft class certainly flashed in their rookie campaigns and their sophomore seasons got off to a good off season foundation during OTAs and Minicamp. Nick Caserio praised Garret Wallow on Texans Radio as someone who has made tremendous progress from year one to year two, so far. Of course, the campaigns of Roy Lopez, Brevin Jordan and Nico Collins will be watched closely. But there's no more important progress report than…

Mills on Track
He ended the year with some positive performances, including the wins over the Chargers and Jags and the comeback effort vs the Titans. The analytic peeps say good things about him. OTAs and Minicamp showed that he's miles ahead of last year. He's trending in the right direction and looks to keep ascending in performance when camp gets rolling in late July.

Veteran Help
Resigning players who made a difference last year and adding the likes of Jerry Hughes, Rashem Green, Mario Addison, Steven Nelson (stop me now or I'll miss people) is going to generate a lift on defense. And division vets like A.J. Cann and Marlon Mack will help rise the tide of the offensive performance.

Coaching Staff
It feels like Lovie Smith has been around for a while because…HE HAS. Having been at a team the previous season is a big boost for new coach. He's been at NRG, is from Texas and hired a staff that shares his vision to turn the Texans into a physical bunch that seeks to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. He has chemistry with the GM, fan base, players and is in a great position to grow this squad from here.

There's more to it than this. The future is bright with the draft capital acquired in the blockbuster trade. And the right people are in the house to make it happen. Once break time is over they'll pour everything into being ready for an opening day showdown with the Colts. Is it fall yet?

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