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Houston Texans

Okam conference call with Houston media


Okam finished his career as a Longhorn with 160 tackles and 10 sacks.

The Texans selected University of Texas defensive tackle Frank Okam with the 151st overall pick in the draft. Okam spoke to the media after he was drafted by Houston.

DT Frank Okam(on thoughts about being drafted) "It was a great feeling. I came here earlier for a visit and talked to the people in the organization, and being able to stay and play in Texas is a great deal."

(on joining defensive line with so many high draft picks) "It's an awesome feeling. You know you are going to be able to be around a lot of talent and you see the guys that are coming into their own on the defensive line. So it is going to be fun to be part of that group, that core that hopes to have a strong defense in the NFL now."

{QUOTE}(on if he has started law school) "No, I haven't.

(on being pre-law) "No, we don't have that at Texas. I graduated with a degree in sports management.

(on what he said to defensive coordinator Richard Smith to convince him that he was a guy to be drafted by Houston) "I'm a competitor. I love the game, and I want to play in an organization that is heading in the right direction, and I really felt that they were doing that. Basically, I just want to let them see my talents and my focus personally. Before you can judge someone fully you have to get to know that person, and they brought me in and really sat down and talked to me. They just wanted to see where my head was, and they knew that I'm passionate about this game. I basically told them that they are going to get a guy that can stop the run and get at the quarterback when you need that."

(on growing up as a Dallas Cowboys fan) "Yes I did."

(on how he felt about the Texans before they drafted him) "Both of my roommates in college were from Houston and so I have been around Houston a long, long time now and it is actually one of my favorite cities to be in. Being able to play in the state and go to Houston, it is a blessing really."

(on dropping so low in the draft) "It was probably a lot of different factors and things. Probably, the reason talked about was the law school stuff. People wanted to know if I really wanted to play the game or go to school. There were people worried about my passion for the game. I think, just looking at the way things were brought up in the draft, there are still a lot of special type players that haven't been drafted yet or maybe won't be drafted. As long as you know what you want, that is really all I cared about. Football is football, the draft will take care of itself, and once you get there no one really remembers what round you went. In training camp, you have to go play."

(on what weight he would like to report to camp at and how it got high during the combine) "325. Honestly, the creatine I have been taking my whole life and if you don't take it right you carry a lot of water weight. After the combine, I stopped taking it and I have lost a lot of weight already. I am down to 328 right now. I am just getting back to what people saw."

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