Okoye arrives in Houston

First-round draft pick Amobi Okoye arrived at Hobby Airport in Houston late Saturday night and took some time to speak to HoustonTexans.com about being selected by the Texans and contributing to a rapidly improving defensive unit.

(on how it feels to be the No. 10 overall draft pick) "It feels good. It feels great. I felt really good when I got the call. Sitting around, my agent called me to let me know (the Texans') interest, so I was just waiting on their call and I saw that area code pop up and got the call and they asked me if I wanted to be a Texan. It felt really good."

(on what he can bring to the Texans) "I think I can bring a lot, especially to the defense. Prior to (the coach) letting me know what he wanted to do (on defense), I knew from the picks from last year exactly what direction they're going, and that's to improve the defense. With me being an addition to the 'D,' I can't wait. I've been out of football for four months waiting for the draft, so I can't wait to get out there and compete."

(on his message to Texans fans) "Thanks for having me. I hope you all embrace me and I am going to bring a lot to the city."

(on his impressions of Houston)"The last time I came here was, I think, three years ago during my freshman year of college. We came down during Christmas break with my family. We have some family over here that we were visiting. I love the city. I don't want to say I remember a lot. But I remember having a good time as far as going around and sightseeing and stuff like that. So I guess my impressions are really good. I can't wait to explore the whole city and know my in's and out's."

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