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Okoye conference call

Texans first round draft pick Amobi Okoye spoke to Houston reporters via conference call Saturday. Following are his comments:

(on his initial reaction of being drafted by the Houston Texans) "It was quite a blessing. It was nice knowing I got picked and I was going to Houston. I can't even really explain it. There was a lot of nerves going through me."

(on his thoughts of playing with Mario Williams) "It is going to be a fun experience. I can't wait to go down there and meet the team. It's been a long month to find out who you are going to be playing with. I can't wait."

(on what he knows about the Texans) "I know for sure when I spoke to the coach and he said you've got the job that my addition could help turn it around defensively. I am looking forward to being an addition to the team and helping out in reaching the goals and attaining the goals set by the coaches and the players."

(on his age being a factor in the NFL) "Not at all. We are going to find out soon. I think my age is gong to be beneficial and I was just waiting to be picked."

(on whether he has goals for the upcoming season) "I have a couple of goals just like every other rookie. Being rookie of the year and going to the Pro Bowl, and there are some team goals. I want to be a factor in terms of changing the team from last year to this year."

(if he was surprised how high he was selected in the draft) "Not at all. I expected that. I expected to go somewhere in the top 10."

(on if his age has ever bothered him throughout his playing career) "No, it has always been age. I never look at it like everyone else looks at it."

(on playing in Houston) "Yes, I am. I am excited. I have a lot of family and friends over there. I visited Houston three years ago."

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