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Open locker room quotes

Following are comments made by head coach Gary Kubiak after practice on Wednesday Aug. 24.*
Head Coach Gary Kubiak

(on today's outside practice) "I just thought it was great that they worked through it (the heat). We have been on the turf a lot and you'd like to get off it as much as you can for their legs. But it is ridiculously hot out here and they worked through it. They pushed through it and had a personality as they worked through it, so I liked what I saw."

(on whether today's practice helped decide Sunday's starters) "No, there are issues to be settled as we play. Like I said, there's still may be three or four issues to settle on Thursday. But that will happen, and our team will be a team that will play a lot of players regardless of settling those issues. We're just going to keep going as we have."

**(on the LB rotation of [Morlon

) are in a pretty tight battle. They both had a good camp.  We'll let it play itself out, but I think Morlon has really kind of stepped to the forefront here in the last week or so."

(on what qualities he is looking for at SLB) "A guy has to be able to hold up on the tight end in this league, that is the number one thing. So that is something you look for in that guy.  He has to be able to run, rush the passer a little bit, be a jack-of-all trades. I think that is why Charlie (Anderson) and Shantee (Orr) kind of fit that mold. They have rushed the passer before and they are learning to play the linebacker position, so hopefully between the two of them we'll play that spot well."

(on whether he might look at anyone in addition to Phillip Buchanon as a kick returner) "No, we'll continue to look at (RB Chris)

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