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Open locker room quotes

Head coach Gary Kubiak and players spoke to the media during open locker room and after practice Wednesday afternoon.

(on LB Kailee Wong)"He's going to be ready to go. Like I said, we'll make the decision tomorrow, make the move tomorrow but he'll be out there Sunday. He worked some. He just didn't work (much), we're monitoring what he does, but he still got his work and I expect him to be fine."

(on running back situation for this weekend) "Our plan is, right now, to play Samkon (Gado) and Wali (Lundy). Our big question is if we suit three then Ronnie (Dayne) will still be available to play. With some of the things that have been going on with our team on game day, with eight offensive linemen being suited up we've been playing games with two running backs as you all have noticed. We might have to do that again because we've got some other issues we've got to handle."

(on reasoning behind choosing Gado and Lundy as opposed to Lundy and Dayne)"Well…I could sit here and tell you that Ronnie bruised his knee last week, which he did, but in all honesty is we're going to keep searching and keep looking. You can't look when you're playing three guys and Samkon, we've come out of games and we have not ran the ball well and he's had, I think I want to say four or five touches last week. I've got to play him, I've got to see what he can do and Wali deserves an opportunity to come out and play. So we're going to keep searching for those guys and give them a chance and somebody's going to step up and do it and take it and run with it. In fairness to them you've got to put them on the field so we you can see. So I'm going to find out."

(on T Zach Wiegert being back sooner than expected) "He didn't do much today. He tried to go a little bit, and took himself out and said it (knee) was bothering him. It'll be a game time decision."

(on T Brad Bedell and Zach Wiegert) "If Zach doesn't play one of those guys will start and the other one will be a swing. How we'll go I don't know yet."

(on G Fred Weary starting) "Fred will start at right guard. Hopefully (G) Steve (McKinney) will be available to be our swing guy. That's always our decision, whether we suit seven or eight."

(on G Steve McKinney's situation)"He's battled his body a little bit. I just wanted to see (G) Fred (Weary) play; I thought Fred played well last week. you know, we're going to keep looking at players and searching to find a way to get better as a football team. That's not going to stop; we're going to continue to do that."

(on DE Jason Babin leaving practice) "It's my understanding that…he had back spasms so they took him in. I don't know, I'll find out when I go in."

(on T Brad Bedell coming back to play football) "He's a battler, you know. Against Miami he had to go in and play left tackle against Jason Taylor, a tremendous spot, a tough spot to go into. He's a journeyman work horse guy; he's out here busting his tail every day. We've had issues, Zach's had some problems physically, Steve's had some problems physically; you've got to keep playing. You've got to keep preparing and keep playing and that guy's been out here everyday doing that so I think, I know he'll play hard as heck for us so he gets a chance to play and I expect him to play well."

(on whether CB Demarcus Faggins has looked good in his two days back) "Yeah, I think he has. We have monitored what he's doing. We have to be real smart in the game with that. But he brings energy to this football team, he and (LB) Kailee (Wong) both, and definitely big time leadership."

(on whether Faggins will start vs. Jacksonville) "Right now I would think he wouldn't start, but he's definitely going to play. Him and Kailee, I wouldn't think they would start. That could change, but now I don't think that's the right thing to do. We make sure they play and play the right amount of time in the right situations this first week."

(on whether Faggins will play in the nickel)"Could be nickel, could be base, just one or the other. We're just trying to make sure he plays between 30 and 50% of the time."

(on whether DE N.D. Kalu will move inside to DT) "He's always moved. He plays inside and outside all the time. Yeah, especially if we have to suit seven, he could definitely play a bunch inside."

(on whether they will need to dress just seven on the defensive line) "I don't know. You have (DE Antwan) Peek, he looked like he made it through today. (LB) Shantee Orr had a hip problem yesterday. So those things for us go down to the wire. We prepared them all to play and then we make the decision on Sunday, so I couldn't answer that right now."

(on needing the rest of the defensive line stepping up with the loss of DT Seth Payne)"It's important every week. (DE) Anthony (Weaver) has played extremely well though out the season. (DT) Travis (Johnson) has done some good things. It's always about consistency with him, but he's working. They have to play well as a group. You know this team coming in here has two very good backs and they'll try to pound us, I'm sure, like Dallas did, so we'll have to play well upfront."

(on whether they have looked to move DE Anthony Weaver inside for Payne) "Yeah, that's always the option. If you do suit seven and you're trying to pull another roster spot somewhere else, Anthony's always the wild-card when it comes to that, and he's able to do both."

(on the progress of FB Vonta Leach) "You know, he looks fine. The decision on him I have to make is how far along is he with what we're doing. I think if we suit him, they give him a limited package and say this is what you're going to do. But I think the whole package is a little too much for him right now, so we'll see."

(on how close WR Jerome Mathis is to returning) "Well, I just think he's definitely behind the other guys. Those other two were ready, and we knew that. Jerome's running, (and head athletic trainer) Kevin (Bastin) could probably gave you a percentage on it. I'm going to say he's maybe between 70 and 80% right now as a player. So he has got a little ground to makeup, and he has a 21 day period to make that up. We have to make that decision, but hopefully that picture gets a little clearer each day."

(on the Jacksonville defense) **"They are a real good defense. They have had some guys come in and just step up, like the captain on defense, (LB) Mike Peterson. You know, he's a great linebacker, but they had a guy step in and he's been playing pretty well. We just have to go out and execute the offense."

(on the level of frustration in the locker room) "Guys are frustrated, but I don't think it's to the point where guys want to give up or anything like that. I just think guys are ready to go win, and that's going to happen when you lose some games. Guys are still working. There is no one down in the locker room. We're just trying to work to get there and turn it around."

**RB Wali Lundy

(on what he feels sitting out a few weeks has done to his game)** "I'm a lot better prepared, I think. I'm learning a lot more about this game. Of course I don't know everything; I'm still a rookie and still learning, but I feel like I got a little edge from the first game to now."

(on what he thinks his role will be on Sunday)"I always look at my self as I just go out there and make plays. Football is a game that I love, and I love to play it because its fun. I'm going to just go out there and have fun."

(on whether this week is more exciting knowing he will have carries) "Oh yeah. I think a lot more exciting. I'm excited about the game every Sunday because I want this team to win. We work hard all week, but to be able to play and help this team, I'm very excited."

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