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Head coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media Thursday afternoon following practice.

**Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on practice)** "It was a good practice. It got a little sloppy at the end, but we'll battle back. It bothered some guys out here, it's got to bother them. Got a lot of work to do, we still have tomorrow but we've got our work cut out for us."

(on guards situation) "They're all going to play. We'll decide who starts on Saturday. I think all three of them are starters, as I've said before. I don't see that as a big thing. They're all going to play an equal amount of time. But we'll decide who the starters are on Saturday.

"They rotate all the time. As a matter of fact I think they play better when they rotate because they're fresher. It's a very positive situation."

(on G Fred Weary on both guard spots) "No, he's been doing that the whole time. Just about all throughout my whole career I rotated at some point with those guards and even rotated a tackle every third series just to keep fresh players on the field and keep everybody involved. That way, when you come out of a game with five guys you suit up, they all have a say so on whether or not you win or lose. I think that's important, I think we'll continue to do that."

(on mindset coaching DE Mario Williams to different positions) "I believe in challenging players and (defensive coordinator) Richard Smith and (defensive line coach Bob) Karmelowicz felt like he could do both and I don't see a reason why he can't do both since he's come in here he's shown the ability to do both. I think a lot of times when players get bored, they get a little stagnant. I think when you move them around as coaches and do other things with, you've got to challenge a guy every week to make sure that you got his attention to what he's doing. Sometimes maybe you do ask him to do a little too much. But it's your job between then and game time to find out what they do best. That's kind of what I've always been a part of."

(on RB Samkon Gado) "He sure looked good today. We won't give him a limited game plan from a standpoint of what he's doing. But, boy did he look good today. I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the field pretty quick."

(on Gado's contribution on Sunday) "I think so. You're on zone, wide and tight, it's not too big of a deal back there. Protection is pretty much the same thing he's used verbiage-wise in

so I don't see any reason why he couldn't go in there and function."

**(on differences between Ron Dayne not suiting up first week having played in

, and Gado suiting up despite not having played for him)** "Well, Ron's toes were bothering him last week so that's the only reason. He came out the last week of practice on Wednesday and twisted his toe a little bit. He was coming off a turf toe in Denver so I felt like with the quick turnaround and his toe bothering him a little bit we had a lot of time invested in those two kids that's why we went with the other kids."

(on return game with CB Phillip Buchanon out) "(Edell) Shepherd is going to be the guy this week. It's a big concern with our team because of (Jerome) Mathis being out, you give Phillip the chance and you know Phillip hasn't been able to be out there much. He's been hurt so that's an opportunity for a new player on our team and Edell Shepherd will get that opportunity this week."

(on WR Edell Shepherd returning kicks and punts) "Yeah."

**(on struggling with the Colts while at

**) "There's a lot of teams that struggle with these guys and when you go in there you have to play flawless. It's about poise, we're operating in a very hostile environment with a very fast football team. And then not only that, you've got  number 18 (Peyton Manning) on the other side. It's the ultimate challenge in football, on the road right now in this league. These guys understand that, they've been there plenty. Of course I understand that plenty myself so."

**(on rookies not knowing

"No. We turned on the noise out here (crowd noise simulation) and (Charles) Spencer thinks that's noise. He has no idea. So we'll try to turn it up tomorrow a little bit. They'll find out real quick."

(on getting the losing streak done with) "You're right. This team has never beat them. You're right. We've got a lot of challenges and that's definitely one of them, but they've won a heck of a lot of games in the last few years. They've been knocking on the door toward winning a championship over the past few so big time challenge."

(on Law of Average) "I believe you've got to play good to win. So we'll worry about that on Sunday."

(on running backs) "I believe all of them will play, Wali (Lundi) and Ron (Dayne). Sam (Gado) could play also, of course if one of them was on a roll he'd probably play more than the others. But I think they'll all play from now on out."

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