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Houston Texans

OTAs: Day 4 quotes


Head coach Gary Kubiak took plent of notes during the first week of OTA practice.

The Texans spoke to the media following Day 4 of OTA practices. The team will have Friday and Monday off before resuming practice next Tuesday, May 27.

Texans owner Bob McNair
(on not getting the Super Bowl in 2012) "Well, I think John Nau, who was chairman of our effort, and the committee did an outstanding job. I don't think there's any doubt that their presentation was better than the other cities, but I think what it boiled down to is there has been a tradition of the NFL awarding a Super Bowl to a city that has a new stadium, even if it's in a northern climate, if it's a covered stadium, and Indianapolis was in that position and I think some of the people felt like it would sort of be a slap in the face if they didn't do that, so that was the real issue that was involved. But our folks did a great job. I was proud of them. They made Houston look good, and everybody said it was a terrific presentation."

(on if he has concerns about getting a new CBA in place) "Well, I hope we will, but the commissioner and the management council will handle the negotiating with that. We're not going to negotiate that in the media, but I'm hopeful that, yes, we will get something done."

(on if he will continue to push for a Super Bowl in Houston after three unsuccessful attempts) "Well, to use a little direct wording, I guess, we're going to wear their (butt) out."

(on if he will try for again for a Super Bowl in 2013) "Yeah, they're going to get tired of us."

General manager Rick Smith

(on free agent additions CB Jimmy Williams and WR Tim Carter) "I think that the first thing that you think about is the experience. They're guys that understand the game, know how we work and I think it's still good football players. In the case of Tim, with (Ryan) Grice-Mullen and Andre (Johnson) nursing a couple of injuries, we needed some more wide receivers and I think he's a guy who could come in and really compete with our group. And as you know, we had Jimmy Williams here for our mini-camp on a tryout basis and so he impressed us and we felt like we'd be better served to maybe get him in here on a longer-term basis and see if he can help our team."

(on how the rookies are progressing) "You know, it's a long process for them. Some of them are adapting a little bit quicker than others, but the whole group's working hard. The one thing you look for is when they come in can they assimilate in terms of the speed and the intensity of how we practice and what we're doing, and all of them are doing a nice job there."

(on if he feels like this is his team that he constructed) "I think it's our team. And I understand the spirit behind the question, but this is not my team. I think we do a collaborative effort. We use a lot of information from a lot of sources and a lot of opinions. But I do feel like we're a better football team. I think we have worked here to improve the talent of the team and the coaching staff is working extremely hard, so I feel like we've gotten better.

(on any players who have stood out in practice) "I don't like putting pressure on guys this early in the game. I think that, again, I think that everybody's working hard. We'll let them get through the OTAs and keep learning and get to training camp and start competing that way before I start talking about guys individually."

(on Miami DE Jason Taylor) "I try to be real careful about commenting about other players that are members of other football teams, so I'll just say, 'No comment.'"

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on DT Amobi Okoye) "It's funny, because I've really noticed him the last two days, to be honest with you. We went through mini-camp and everybody's just getting going again, and I was standing in the back watching the team period and I leaned over to one of the coaches and I said, you know, 'Amobi's really showing up in the last two practices.' I just think he's more comfortable. He's got a lot of confidence. When players get confidence, they see themselves becoming better and more effective, so you kind of see that going on with him."

(on if WR Jacoby Jones is similar to Okoye in that regard) "Yeah, and he's getting his confidence from reps, because with Andre (Johnson) out, all of a sudden everything's just picked up for him. We know he's a good returner, and I think the key for our team is that he becomes a good all-around player, so he's taking those steps right now."

(on if LB Xavier Adibi will be back on the field soon) "He's been doing a little bit of walk-through stuff, like getting some mental reps. If you asked him is he ready to go, he tells you yes everyday, but the bottom line is (head athletic trainer) Kevin (Bastin) and them are being smart with him. We're hoping that Monday, he goes back to work a little bit, but until then I don't think anything else. I hate that he's missing all the reps, but I think the kid is up with us mentally. We'll just have to see whenever he gets back out there."

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