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OTAs: Day 7 quotes


Wide receiver Jacoby Jones continued to impress at OTA practice on Thursday.

The Texans spoke to the media following Day 7 of OTA practices on Thursday.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on if anyone missed practice Thursday) "Everybody is here today. Ahman (Green) did not practice. He had food poisoning yesterday. He probably could have done something, but we weren't out here very long today. It was kind of short. We have some league stuff that we have to take care of here this afternoon."

(on NFL owners exploring adding a 17th regular season game) "I haven't thought about it that much. I think the NFL season is pretty long as it is, but I'm sure they have their reasons for looking at the 17th game. The key for us as coaches really, year to year, is keeping players healthy for the long haul. For those guys to go out there 20 times a year and bang on each other, that's quite a few, and if we add another one then we're going to have to continue to be very smart in how we use our players."

(on his thoughts on cutting the preseason schedule to three games) "Looking at the preseason, I think you can get what you need to get done in three games. Like I said, it's like anything else, you'd have to revisit your plan and how you play your players in the preseason and how much time you give them. With the three-game preseason, you'd have to re-think your situation."

(on RG Mike Brisiel) "Well, he's the starter. The kid got a chance last year and played extremely well. Our team played extremely well when he played. He's out here every day continuing to earn that job, which – to me – he went out and got last year. But Fred (Weary) is going to be back healthy, too. It's going to be great competition, but right now if we lined up, Mike's our starting right guard."

(on if LB Chaun Thompson will work with the defensive line) "Yeah, once we get going in camp, he'll go down with (defensive line coach) Jethro (Franklin) and (senior defensive assistant) Frank (Bush) to work on some pass-rush skills and those types of things. He shows the ability to do that, but the thing we don't want to do is hurt him at linebacker because he's very competitive in our situation at linebacker right now and I don't want to take away from that."

(on what LBs Chaun Thompson and Kevin Bentley add to the team) "Well, they've added to our team speed. (Thompson), Bentley, (Xavier) Adibi has looked really good these three days, and he's been back on the field. You look at Zac (Diles). You look at our linebacker situation overall and we go to camp faster and a little younger, so hopefully we're a little better."

(on if rookie Xavier Adibi will play inside or outside linebacker) "I think he can play outside either way. We'll kind of lock him right now and try to get him comfortable with what he's doing, but he's been very impressive the three days he's been on the field."

(on if WR Jacoby Jones has improved with the added reps) "No doubt. He's a better player. He's a year-two player; you can tell. The kid's having fun out here. He knows what he's doing. He's very competitive, and I'm expecting him to contribute more to the team than just as a returner this year."

S Will Demps

(on what he is working on from last year) "That was my first year, and I'm very happy to be here. Just work on my technique, work on getting to know the guys better. I came at the beginning of the season and I didn't really get to know these guys much and went real fast with it, and now it's more of just getting to know these guys and taking a leadership role and it's kind of being a safety out there and just communicating and just taking it to the next level."

(on the loss of CB Dunta Robinson) "Right now, definitely, he's a big loss because he's a big leader for this team, but right now we have guys in filling in and filling the role when they can and we're very excited for those guys to come in and get the opportunity to replace Dunta. But when Dunta comes, he's going to be full-swing ahead, and we're very excited to get him back when the time comes."

(on if the secondary has improved from last year) "Oh, definitely. We added Ray Bobs (assistant defensive backs coach Ray Rhodes). He's a big addition for us. He has over I don't know how many years of coaching experience, and he's going to help us out in the back end with Jon Hoke. And just the guys knowing and understanding where we were last year as a team and knowing that there's a lot of big plays that we gave up and knowing that we can get more plays interception-wise, limit the big plays, and that's exciting for us and we're excited to make big plays on the ball."

(on what he thinks of the new faces) "You know, this league is all about opportunities, and a lot of guys that come in have the opportunity to take advantage of it, as myself. It doesn't matter who's out there on the field, all 11's got to go out and compete. When you put the jersey on, it doesn't matter if you're new or old, you've just got to go out there and play football 100 percent and give it your effort, understand the defense and make plays."

WR Jacoby Jones

(on his role this season) "I'm just trying to fit in anywhere in the offense where they can put me in, and be a playmaker."

(on returning kicks) "I'm trying to jump off it like I did during the preseason; take something to the house."

(on if he is recovered from last season's injury) "Oh, yeah. I'm 100 percent. I'm ready to go. I'm lifting in the weight room and everything, so I'm good."

(on the team's weight training between now and training camp) "Well, pretty much the same weight workout we're doing now in the offseason, but I'm going to stay here and workout with Ray Wright, one of our trainers. He's a good trainer, so I'm going to stay here and work with him."

(on a difference in the team this year) "First of all, we're a lot healthier. And all of us are back and we're working hard and we're looking like we're well-rounded right now, so I'm looking forward to the season."

(on the offense gelling) "Hey, I'm looking forward to it. The o-linemen are clicking. Running backs (are) looking good. (The) receivers are doing well as a group. So we're looking pretty good."

(on seemingly moving faster than the rest of the players around him) "No, I'm just having fun, man. I feel like I'm back outside, just running to the light pole. Just throw it up, man. I'm having fun out there."

LB Chaun Thompson

(on how he can help the struggling Texans pass rush) "To say they don't have one, I don't think that's true because Mario (Williams) had 14 sacks last year and I think we've got great pass rushers. And another one doesn't do anything but make it better; go out there and have a good rotation going and keep everybody fresh and put pressure on the quarterback."

(on if he can make an impact in the pass rush) "I think I can. I'm just willing to do anything they want me to do."

(on if he expects to rotate between linebacker and defensive line) "My expectation right now is just to learn the system and get that down pat, and wherever they ask me to go, that's where I'm going to have to go. They're the coaches, I'm the player, and I'm going to do the best that I can."

(on learning the defense) "Oh, man, it's been great. I've got great coaches. I've got great teammates. Ain't nobody shy with the doggone information. Everybody wants to share it because you're only as good as your weakest player, which I don't think I'm a weak player, but you know what I'm saying."

(on LB DeMeco Ryans helping him out) "You know what, we work together. Basically, the linebackers are just all a brotherhood. The whole team is a brotherhood but the linebackers especially, we're real tight, real close, and if anybody needs help on anything, we're always there to help each other out."

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