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OTAs quotes: Day 6


The Texans continue to practice without defensive tackle Travis Johnson, who is sidelined with a hamstring injury. Head coach Gary Kubiak provided an update on the injury and said the earliest Johnson will return is next week.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on Wednesday's practice) "We came inside because of the threat of lightning out there. I held a couple of guys once we came inside. I held (LB) Zac Diles out; I held (WR) Andre Johnson out, but other than that we're good. We did good work - did some team, worked on some pressure, so we're making progress."

(on the injury status of DT Travis Johnson) "He's getting better. He had some discoloring in his hamstring on Tuesday when we came back. That was yesterday, right? So, we'll just continue to see with the way we're going and get him healthy before we put him to work."

(on DE Antonio Smith returning to practice) "He looks good, looks real good. Very strong, very powerful after his first two practices with us, so it's important to get him going, catch him up. But he looks very good."

(on how DT Travis Johnson's being out affects him and the team) "It's not going to hold the team back; we've got to go. We've got to get better and move on, so it's opportunity for (DTs) DelJuan (Robinson) and Frank (Okam). And we've been counting on them anyway, so it's just lost time, time that he's going to have to catch up with the rest of the players. But you can only do what you can do, too. So if you can't go, you can't go."

(on if he's confident Travis Johnson will be able to make up the lost time) "Well, he has in the past. But you know, this is a new year. I guess it's the same situation, but a new year. So we'll see. But it's got to be important for him to get back and get out here."

(on the development of WR Jacoby Jones) "Well, just when I said all those good things about him, then he falls down the stairs, so I shouldn't say anything. But no, he's made a lot of progress just as a person. He's a very young kid, the maturity issues have gotten a lot better and I want to see him get back on the field. He told me walking over here today, 'I'm going to get back out there if I can tomorrow.' But he's just shown some signs of growing up, which are very important to his future. Hopefully, we keep going in that direction."

(on Jones saying he wasn't going to fumble once this season) "I like that. You bet; I believe it. I believe it."

(on the flexibility C Antoine Caldwell offers up front) "We're working him at center right now, but in drill work he's doing both guards and the center position. It's been a concern for us the last year, as I said all five of our guys played every game, every snap. That's unheard of in this league. We've been lucky with our game day as far as suiting guys up. If we suit seven, we've got to have a versatile player. To me, he's going to give us that opportunity. But I also think he's going to push our guys to be on the field very quickly, so that's going to make us better."

(on QB Dan Orlovsky) "Well, he's obviously got all the ability to do things with the size of the arm and those things. What Dan is doing is, in the last five practices, first off he's learned what our expectations are for that position and they're very high. I make a commitment to our team that our quarterback is going to play good. I want him to practice that way, and our expectations will be if something happens to (QB) Matt (Schaub) that he will go in there and play like a big time quarterback. We've got the ability to work with - now we go to work on all the other stuff, the intangibles, which gives him the chance to be a great player."

(on DT Travis Johnson) "No, he's not ready. I said a while ago he's had some discoloring in his hamstring, so he's not ready. He's better; he's better than he was last week. It's day to day. Y'all won't see him this week for sure, I know that."

(on if everyone else is here) "Yeah, everybody's here. Well, (LB) Cato June is not here. I don't know if y'all have noticed that. He had some family issues, so I knew he'd be missing this week but everybody's here. I just held (LB) Zac (Diles) and (WR) Andre (Johnson) out."

WR Jacoby Jones

(on if he's looking for a breakout season this year) "I'm not going to anticipate it. I'm just going to let it come to me, and that's one step I've learned coming to the pros. They always told me to let the game come to you."

(on the difference between his play two years ago and last year) "I was like a chicken running around with my head cut off, young and just playing, just happy to be on the field. But now I understand the game."

(on what it's going to take to stay productive) "Lessen the mistakes I'm making."

DE Antonio Smith

(on how he felt in his second day of practice) "I'm just trying to get my bearings today. It just felt good to get out here today and finally do my part instead of sitting down and watching. It felt good to practice with the boys and get a feel for how they play and we play together."

(on if it helps that he has gotten to know his teammates) "I think so; I think it really helped. From day one, the players took me in and it just felt right – it felt good. I haven't had any problems. Everybody is cool. I like everybody's personality on the team. I'm glad I got a chance to get to know the boys first."

(on if he has a feel for how he will fit into the D-line) "I'm starting to get a feel for it in practice. You can see it in the meeting rooms as much as you want, but once you practice it and see how they want you to do things – today was my first day and I am kind of starting to get the feel for it."

(on how the Texans want to use him) "Basically, I'm a renaissance man. I'm going to do a little bit of everything – a little bit of inside, nickel and some dropping into coverage."

(on if his role with the Texans is different than what he did in Arizona) "I've never really done just one thing my whole career. It's like second nature to me. Once I learn the technique they want me to use, I think I'll be fine, but my career I have been a nose, end, tackle and then dropping into coverage as an end. I know how to do it all."

(on how he and Mario Williams will feed off each other) "I think it's everybody in the trenches. What they want for me and Mario to do is for me to just play my game and for Mario to play his game. I think what they did is they went into the office and saw my best attributes and saw his and put us in the right positions."

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