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CB Dunta Robinson

(On if Randy Moss is he a good player)* *"Oh yes definitely. It doesn't even look like the guys running but it's a low 4.3 that he's running. He's amazing. Luckily I get to see another great receiver everyday and Andre Johnson. So facing another great receiver, it's not like I haven't been there before.

(Oakland compared to Broncos practice) "With this team it's all down field speed. They like to go deep and they have guys that can straight out run. So, you just have to make sure you know what you're doing, you know your techniques, and you just can't give up any big plays because that's what they go for and that's how they win games."

(On the intensity of going up against Dallas verses some of these other teams) "Oh yes, it's like that high school rivalry games. Like cross town rivals everybody gets pumped for, it's the same thing just on a professional level now. I'm pretty sure they're going to be pretty fired up for us. We shut them out last season and I know they're ready to get some pay back. It's Dallas and both teams are in the state of Texas, so who ever win's this game gets bragging rights for the rest of the season."

CB Demarcus Faggins

(On defending Randy Moss) "He is a big play guy we just have to come in play hard and compete with him. You have to be technique sound against these guys. Its not just Moss out there but they have a couple receivers over there that have talent. You just have to come out and be technique sound."

(On the Raiders and their vertical passing game) "They gave us a little bit of everything this morning. But I think that since they have Moss in the lineup they have a deep ball threat. So as far as them going deep of course they are going to go deep. They are just going to test us we just have to come out and play."

(On if the speed of the front seven affects the secondary at all) "If they get a lot of pressure off the edge that gives us a more opportunities to make more plays on the ball. They make the quarterback make his decisions faster. When they do that it forces them to make mistakes and we just have to be on top of them when they throw it."

(On if the secondary learns better in meetings or on the field) "I think both in the class room it is like class work. You have to go in there and prepare mentally in the classroom and come out here on the field, we have to jell together and play as one and make plays."

QB David Carr

(On how the offensive line is coming together this year) "We are going to try and find the best five guys and put them in there. I think we have are competitive as we have been since I have been here the last for years at each position. Guys are fighting for spots and in return that will make our team better."

(On what he hopes to get out of the Oakland game)* *"Keep everybody healthy, run a couple of plays, and get everybody out of there. Get to the regular season games."

(On the conversation between himself and Warren Sapp) "We have fun together he talks a lot of trash and I talk back. He has respect for that and I have respect for him."

CB Phillip Buchanon

(On what your role is on the defense) "My role is to help our team win and if me making plays helps our team win, then that's my role."

(On the Raiders making the move to trade him) "It was a business move. It was good for them and good for me. Things happen; it is part of football and part of business."

(On if he would change anything about his time in Oakland) "I would, but I can't. It is a different time and right now I am in Houston. I had the pleasure of being in Oakland and I had some good times and some bad times as far as a team standpoint. But right now everything is different and I am in Houston and I am looking forward to being in Houston."

(On if he is in a better situation here) "I am in a different situation, not better just different. I am out here in Houston now and taking it stride for stride."

(On if he would like to return kicks Saturday against Oakland) "I couldn't care less. The thing is, we want to win during the season and this game is only going to help us get ready for the season. This game is not going to help us get to the playoffs."

(On if he feels he needs reps at returning punts before the season) "Everybody needs to get in the game and get tuned up. But for me it is just going in there and doing the right thing. Trying to stay positive and getting the mental part of the game together and staying focused."

(On covering Randy Moss) "I covered him today, and I look forward to covering him on Saturday too. Randy is one of the best and hopefully, one day I will be one of the best too. That's my job."

(On if he talked to anybody today) "I pretty much talked to everybody. Everything is cool and on the up-and-up."

(On how different a guy he is now than when he was in Oakland) "I am the same guy. I have not changed one bit. I am still the same person that is very confident and likes to have fun. That's me and that's never going to change."

(On going up against Randy and him making the catch) "I went up for the ball and I was kind of awkward. I didn't get the jump on the ball I wanted and just tried to break it up and he tipped and caught the ball. But I came back and got the pick though. So we won one."

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