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Player quotes

QB David Carr

(On this team being much quicker) "There is a lot to it. We have cleaned up a lot of stuff and added a little bit more than we had last year as far as moving guys around. We are always teaching all the wide receivers every position so if we do have to move guys around, put guys in different spots, and get guys matched up with different people then we have the ability to do that."

LB Morlon Greenwood

(On his anticipation for the first preseason game) "Yeah, I'm looking forward to playing for the Houston Texans and being in this stadium for the first time. It's going to be great to see what the fans are like; the atmosphere, and everything."

(On if he feels he's ready for Saturday's game) "I'm glad that I'm getting a chance to go out there and really play in a game-like situation. We still have a lot more of (our defensive game plan) left to put in, so we're just going to wait until everything is installed before we start to feel real comfortable."

RB Domanick Davis

(On how the Texans offense is looking right now) "We're looking pretty good. We're going with the zone blocking and the guys understand it, and I think we're ready to show something. I am excited for us."

(On the Texans youth on offense) "Yeah we're young, but we're talented. We don't want to hear that the Texans are a young team and they have a lot to learn. It's time for us to put everything together and show them that we can play with whomever we have to face.

CB Dunta Robinson

(On practicing with Jerry Rice) "Actually, I didn't even know who he was until somebody told me yesterday. I was like 'where's Jerry Rice?' But then I saw him take off his helmet, wearing number 19 and I was like 'oh, that's Jerry Rice right there.' It's kind of exciting to be out here on the same practice field and watch him because he is the greatest receiver of all time. To actually be out here with him is a good feeling."

(On who was the best player wearing number 80 at practice today) "Andre Johnson. Jerry Rice wears 19 now."

(On how much he has improved since he faced the Broncos as a rookie) "It was one of my first preseason games and I (had to face) great receiver like Rod Smith. The guy ran me all around the field. I will say that. But I've gotten so much better since that time, and I don't feel it will be that way come Saturday."

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