Player quotes

G Chester Pitts

(On the new zone blocking scheme that the Texans now employ) "The confidence factor is obviously there. We believe in it, we know it works, and it's all about staying low and executing it well. We'll put up good numbers and Domanick (Davis) will run until he's tired."

(On the familiarity the linemen now have with the system) "I feel like we're jelling together. We understand everything better and everybody is taking the same six-inch step together. And that's what it's all about. In the zone scheme, every step that you take, your buddy next to you has to take the same steps. That way there won't be any gaps and if there are no gaps, the defense can't penetrate you."

DE Travis Johnson

(On if he's ready for his NFL debut in tomorrow's game) "Yeah I think so. (After) a hard week of preparation now it's just time to get it going."

(On if he's psyched to play in his first NFL game) "I'm excited. But I have to save it all for tomorrow, really. I don't want to let too much of it out now."

(On how much playing time he expects to get) "I guess I'm going to go as much as they want me to go. We talked about getting a lot of playing time but it depends on how the coaches feel."

(On how he feels after days of camp) "I think I'm feeling alright. I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm starting to learn my plays a lot (better), things are starting to come a little bit easier. So it's getting there."

(On if he plans on showing people why he was drafted number one) "I'm going to go out there, work hard and enjoy myself. Like I've always done, go out there and have a good time."

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