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Player quotes

G Chester Pitts

(on how the offensive line is coming along) "We are jelling right now. Play-in and play-out we are picking up the blitzes, honing in on the zone (blocking) scheme and have really been practicing well."

(on his concern either run or pass blocking) "My concern is protecting whoever has the ball. Whatever play is called at that time then it is my job to protect them, whether it be run or pass."

OT Seth Wand

(on having to work against Antwan everyday) "He is really about the second fastest guy I have ever gone against. There is nobody else who moves that fast expect for (Dwight) Freeney himself. So he is definitely special and has that extra gear that most defensive end would like to have."

(on where he and Victor Riley are running) "We are both getting the same reps and basically competing for the same spot. It is hard to say right now, I could be second team, but I don't know. I could be back-up all year long. Just whatever to help this team win. You will know as soon as I know, probably about the first Sunday in September who the starting line will be."

(on evaluating the offensive line now compared to last year) "Not just the line, but everything is better. We have been around Joe (Pendry, offensive line coach) now for a year, so we understand him as a coach and understand what he wants us to do. Domanick understands what we are doing now also. Toward the end of last year where we understood each other, Domanick had a those last few games where he had pretty good rushing yards. So now we can go into this year and start it off that way."

(on pass and run blocking)"Any coach will say that run blocking wins games, and I think that is true. But you better be able to pass the ball and lineman that can do it (pass block)."

OT Victor Riley

(on the competition between him and Seth) "Both of us are good run blockers. I have always played right tackle so it is a big adjustment for me with switching my stance and repeatedly going against Antwan (Peek)everyday. He is a fast rusher and I saw him on tape and that is what I have to work on."

(on Antwan Peek being good preparation for the fast defensive ends in the NFL) "It is very good because he is going to make you better everyday and he is coming full speed every play. That is what I need to help me adjust to this position."

(on left tackle position and going against the best rushers)"Now-a-days everybody has two or three good rushers. Predominantly the left tackle has the best pass rusher and you have to protect the quarterbacks blindside."

(on this offensive unit compared to others he has played on)"I have played on some pretty good offensive lines, but we always had good backs. The talent is there and the experience is there and this could be one of the best offensive lines I have ever played on. Bar none."

(on his biggest concern)"My biggest concern is about me and playing left tackle and going out there and blocking some of the best rushers on a consistent basis. If I think I can do that then I know everybody else can handle their job and I can keep the quarterbacks backside clean."

(on how many sacks he would be happy with)"As an offensive lineman, anywhere between 15-20 is a good number. Basically it is all about the timing between the o-line, the running backs and the quarterbacks and that is what we are working on right now."

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