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QB David Carr

(on the intensity level being higher going up against a different team) "Oh yeah, definitely. Especially when you get the guys that either you're going to play in the preseason or are going to play in the regular season. It always steps up a notch. Everyone's competitive juices get going and you want to beat every body else. Even though its a little 7-on-7 drill or 1-on-1 or whatever it is, you want to win."

(on being excited to finally go up against a different team ) "Yeah it's nice. I'm tired of seeing Gary Walker and Kailee Wong and all those guys across (the line of scrimmage). Those guys are supposed to be my teammates. It's nice to work against them but it's also nice to take your skills and go work them against someone else."

(on Kailee Wong's contract extension) "Yeah Kailee's taking me out to dinner tonight actually…and the next night, and the night after that."

(on if practice sessions help going into the preseason) "Yeah, definitely. Again, I think anytime I think you can practice against other guys and see how your offense, your scheme and your personnel match up against those guys, and what adjustments you might have to make before the season starts. It can't do anything but help you."

(on if he got a better feel for the offense today) "Yeah actually we did. I thought we were pretty consistent even though it was just one practice. There weren't any highs and lows we just kept moving the ball and kept completing passes so I'm excited. Hopefully it translates."

(on Jerry Rice and Andre Johnson chatting after practice) "Jerry's a good guy. I've gotten to play in a golf tournament the last couple years with him. Just for a guy who's done all the things that he's done to be so down to earth to come up and just say hi and ask how I'm doing. (He's a) class guy."

(on feeling an awe factor upon seeing certain players) "Oh still, when I see Jerry Rice. Just some of the things he's done (in this league) in 21 years now. I was born when he was a freshman in college. So the guy has a little experience on me. So definitely."

WR Andre Johnson

(on meeting with Jerry Rice after practice) "It was great. To get advice from the best receiver to ever play the game was something that I've been waiting for. I finally got a chance to do it."

(on the advice Rice offered him) "He just told me to just be coachable, and that's something that I am. When a coach is telling you that you need to do this when you're running a route, don't act like he doesn't know what he's talking about or talk back to him or things like that. (Rice) said that he still feels like a little kid out there on the field. He still loves the game."

(on the possibility of breaking Rice's records) "That's going to be hard. To play that long…that's a lot of yards and a lot of touchdowns and a lot of receptions. You just have to work at it, but it's going to be hard to break (those records).

(on speaking to Jerry Rice) "It means a lot. I didn't realize he has been in the league 20-some years. That's amazing. They say you can only be in the league four years, for a football player. He has been in it for 21. It was really great to finally get a chance to talk to him."

(on if he's going to train with Rice) "Yeah, I hope so. Like he said, he still loves the game and he's like a little kid when he's out on the field. He continues to work hard. He invited me to come up and train. I'm definitely going to go. I'm going to take him up on it. I think it would be a really good experience for me."

RB Domanick Davis

(on whether anyone won or loss today) "You can't really judge it. There was just good tempo going on, trying to stay off the ground and trying to get a good practice in."* *

(on going against another team)* "It was good going against somebody else. You get tired of going against the same team everyday. So it was good we had them in today to get some good work in." *

(on trash talk from the Broncos during practice)*"What kind of talk? I didn't hear too much on our side maybe on the defensive side. But it was pretty quiet and guys were trying to get some good work in." *

CB Phillip Buchanon

(on if he thought any team "won" today) "No, not really. This is only the first day so everybody is taking it kind of cool right now. We're just relaxing; trying to get into a groove."

(on what he said to the Bronco players out on the field) "I told them to just take it easy. Just don't anybody get hurt out here today. Let's just take it easy and have fun."

WR Jerome Mathis

(on how his speed matched up against the Broncos DBs) "I really didn't get a chance to show it. I ran a lot of intermediate routes so it was kind of hard to show the speed. But coming out of the break, I had like a three yard cushion on some of them. I did okay for the first day, but still there's a lot more room for improvement."

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