Player quotes

C Steve McKinney

(On Chad Beasley) "Yeah Beasley is a good physical guy. I think he's going to be a good player. He just needs more experience. I think him getting in there and having a chance to run with the ones and getting some good playing time on Saturday night, those are really going to benefit him. It's a good opportunity for him to show the coaches and other teams around the league what he can do."

(on Zach Wiegert) "Yeah I've spoken with Zach, and he feels like he'll be back for the regular season, which we hope he will be. If he's healthy we definitely want him out there."

G Chad Beasley

(on being able to play both tackle and guard) "I'm bouncing around. I started out in Cleveland at tackle and we had a similar situation where we had a bunch of injuries along the offensive line and I moved in to guard and actually got a few starts there. So I'm excited about it. It's a good opportunity and I hope Zach progresses well and gets better quickly but as long as I can I'm going to take full advantage of the situation."

(on being hurt last year) "Yeah, I had a fracture in my heel"

(on the biggest adjustment for him) "I think the biggest thing is the communication with the guys that I'm playing with now – nonverbal communication – knowing where a guy is and how he likes to step and footwork. Just getting on the same page with those guys is probably the biggest adjustment."

(on when he found out he'd be running with the first team) "No, it was this morning coming out to practice."

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