Player quotes (9/29)

QB David Carr

RB Jonathan Wells

(on developing the running game) "I think the running game definitely helps the passing game. That keeps us in third-and-short. We've been doing very well this year on making third-and-short. If I can go out and make some positive runs on first and second down that definitely helps the offense."

(on the running game Sunday) "We made plays when we had to make them. The run game, we did pretty well for what we were given. We made some opportunities out there but we just have to keep going."

(on being involved in the offense) "It was a relief. I've been waiting to get on the field and play running back, but you know just getting a win was big for me. I was just tired of losing. You want to come out and get some 'Ws' and hopefully try to put some together in a row."

DE Gary Walker

(on Raiders quarterback Kerry Collins) "Kerry Collins is a starter in this league. He's a backup up there, but he's a starter in this league. There's no drop off right there. That guy has proven himself. He's been to championship games, Super Bowls. His resume speaks for itself. He's a proven guy in this league."

(on the Raiders running backs) "Those guys, all of them do something different. (Tyrone) Wheatley is fast and strong and big. Then you've got (Justin) Fargas, he's probably the fastest of the bunch. Then they've got a great fullback blocking for them. They've got great skill positions. They've got a good offensive unit."

(on facing Oakland's running backs) "You want to know who's carrying the ball. Tyrone Wheatley, he's 240 pounds. You got to keep the pads on when you tackle him. We're going to do what we do and try to do it for 60 minutes."

(on having a pep in his step after an injury-plagued 2003) "I'm feeling a lot better. I'm getting back into it. The body is holding up. I'm getting a little age on me now so I've got to do a little extra. But I'm feeling good."

(on preparing each week) "It doesn't really matter who you play in this league. It doesn't matter. This is the NFL. Every week you play an NFL team that has plenty of players on the team. Regardless of who you play you approach it the same way."

(on taking things a step at a time) "We just need to worry about one week, one game at a time. All that consistency stuff, all that doesn't matter. As long as you get a win, a win's a win. Every week we go on the field we play to win. It's been 20-something years since a team went undefeated in this league. It's hard to win on Sundays so you have to take the same approach regardless of who you're playing, what their record is or what. You just have to go and play football."

(on pressuring the quarterback) "We just got to try and get pressure on the quarterback. Our job is to try and make him throw the ball before the routes develop. We just got to try to keep putting pressure on him and help our guys out back there that's covering."

FS Marcus Coleman

(on playing against Jerry Rice) "I know (Aaron Glenn) and I caught Jerry when he was in his prime… God, I'm old. To be able to go in and play against a guy that's going to be know as the greatest at his position and a Hall-of-Famer says something in itself regardless of how old he is. Anybody that has a shot at him is going to try to do their best on him."

SS Glenn Earl

(on his first NFL start) "It wasn't as bad as I thought it was or as good as I thought it was. I made some mistakes, I made some plays. I'm glad to get it out of the way. It's the first one, hopefully the next game I'll settle in and play a little better."

(on starting three rookies) "The whole rookie aspect you don't really think about you're just trying to ban together as a defense and play. I've got a lot of guys helping me. Aaron Glenn is talking to me every play. I lucked out in that respect. You basically just follow the game plan you prepared during the week and try to execute on Sundays."

(on the win at Kansas City) "Winning makes everything better. Every little miscue kind of gets over shadowed by the win. I'm glad to be able to contribute to us getting us getting our first win and this next week's a pretty big one. Hopefully we'll come out on top."

(on being hard on himself) "I actually left the game thinking I didn't do well. Every body's perspectives different I think to be a good player you have to be your worst critic. I definitely am. I make a couple of good plays and I look back and think those could have been great plays if I did something different but I guess that's just how it will always be."

(on watching more film) "I watched a lot of film in college but here basically everyone watches film so to differentiate yourself between another guy you have to watch a ridiculous amount. I'm trying to get into that, it's easier said than done though. You get very little time to yourself at this level so it's hard to spend that completely on football but you basically have to. It's something to get used to."

DE Robaire Smith

(on not slacking after the win) "If we go out here and just live off what we did last week and not come out our best on Sunday then the last game, there won't be any purpose to it."

(on building momentum) "It's sort of like me playing defensive line and getting that first sack. Once you get that you start rolling. We just got to take it and continue to build on this."

CB Dunta Robinson

(on Jerry Rice) "The guy's a monster and he always has been. Like I said, for somebody to play football for 19 years, I can't even think that far right now. It's amazing."

(on seeing Rice on the field) "I think I'll watch him and get mesmerized during warm up. When the clock starts it's time to play football and you know you have to put all that behind you."

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