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Houston Texans

Postgame quotes: 49ers at Texans


The Texans beat the 49ers on Saturday night in a preseason contest at Reliant Stadium. After, coaches and players from both teams answered questions from the media. The following is a transcript of their respective interviews.


HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK (Transcribed by Tiffani Walker)
(on WR Trindon Holliday's play and the game overall) "Its two weeks in a row.  And as I've told you all he's going to have to do that for this team if you're going to keep a returner.  He's practiced well, he's making big plays and you know that's a huge plus for us field position wise.  We still have a couple weeks to go, but he's definitely making a tremendous case for
himself.  As far as the game, I thought the first half of the game was basically our ones against
their ones.  It was very real, it was a very physical game and they're a big physical team.  They
took the ball downhill at us in the run game.  I think we have to tackle better, we have to hold up better against the run.  Offensively we had four possessions, had two scores and had one big drop that took us out of another drive, but we responded right there before the half.  So, I thought for our ones it was a very, very good half of football for a preseason game, second preseason game.  I thought our twos, defensively, we held up in the second half.   Offensively, we struggled.   Too many penalties and we were sloppy.   But (WR) Trindon (Holliday) makes a big play to get us out of there with a win.  Good things but a lot of things to correct before we go to New Orleans."

(on ILB Brian Cushing)  "He's fine.  He took his reps and he kind of got the wind knocked out of
him on that one play, but he's fine.  He took all his plays he was supposed to take.  So as of
right now we came up just a little banged up but nobody in particular that we're worried about."

(on WR Lestar Jean)  "He continues to make plays.  As a receiver it's very difficult because you
don't really know exactly when the ball is coming your way, depending on coverage.  For some reason this guy just continues to step up every time he gets a chance.  He's pushing to get on the field very quickly for this team and continues to make a good case for himself. And tonight was no different."

(on WR Keshawn Martin)  "He made a nice play, I think third play of the game we hit him.  I know he
had one more catch, I know for sure, I'm not sure how many he had.  He's had a really good camp.  I
put him in a tough situation this week.  I switched him from 'X' to 'Z', so I put a lot of pressure
on him.  He and (WR) Lestar (Jean) are going to have to know both spots and (WR DeVier) Posey, on
gameday because you only suit four, sometimes five guys.  He responded and I think he's doing some
good stuff.  I tried to get Posey the ball late in the game.  I'd still like to see him get some
touches.  But we missed him on a route.  But our young receivers continue to play pretty good."

(on starting to think about how many wide receivers to keep) "Every year I have been in this league
the minute you start putting the pencil to it too quick something happens.  I hope I have the
problem and I hope they're all standing here in two weeks and we feel like we've got to, you know,
'how are we going to let this guy go or that go?' then that means we're a dang good football team.  
So hopefully we can stay healthy and keep working."

(on WR Andre Johnson's play)  "It was good.  He made a great play, boy on that one play, tremendous
play coming back and getting the ball.  He had a catch earlier in the game.  He needed that because
of camp and missed time.  He ended up playing, I think, 15 or 16 plays, somewhere in there, a
little bit less than the first group and it was a positive outing for him. So we move forward with

(on QB Matt Schaub's play)  "He's been playing well.  It's been a process for Matt because he had
missed so much time.  I
think I see him getting better everyday.  I thought today was very comfortable.  He got rid of the
football and got hit a coupletimes.  But took his team right down the field and made a great play there right before the half to
get us in the endzone.  I
think his progression is heading in the right way."

(on the right side of the offensive line)  "I tell ya, it's hard for me.  I hate to say something
without watching the film.  We started (T Derek) Newton and I know we did some good things
offensively in the first half, so I'm sure he's doing some good stuff.  But we were rotating those
guys.  I think our young guards struggled with some penalties.  I think he had a couple of those
penalties in the third quarter with some of his plays, so we'll have to go look.  But it's going to
go down to the wire.  I think  (G Antoine) Caldwell has held his own.  He's had a good camp and
he's stayed healthy.  I keep saying this, but he's making a strong case for being our starting
right guard.  I think he's doing a good job."

(on WR DeVier Posey)  "He's fine. You must know some things I don't know."

(on how well the preseason is going after two games)  "I like the progression.  I think our
preseason is very real, I've said that a few times.  We are playing some darn good teams.  
Carolina, we go there, San Francisco, and obviously next week will be pretty difficult.   But I
think you want your preseason to be hard, you want to be challenged.   This was a good physical
challenge for us as a team and we came out pretty clean.  We suited 81 guys tonight, and it's
probably about as clean as we've been this second game of the preseason.  Hopefully that luck
continues as we put this roster together."

OLB CONNOR BARWIN (Transcribed by Matt May)
(on playing defense the same way they would in the regular season) "No, I don't think were
disguising or showing that much of our defense. Wade's idea is we do what we do; we go out there
and run our defense. We are getting good at our core stuff, the calls that we make all the time and
those are the calls we have been making in the preseason."

LT DUANE BROWN (Transcribed by T.D. Durham)
(on getting things going on the offensive line) "It was extremely important to have an awesome
front seven. (The 49ers are) a very stout physical defense. They came in here not with the mindset
of a preseason game and just a regular season game. I
think that really helped us out a lot. It helped us gauge where we are and what we need to work on.
And bulk us up a little bit.
Preseason, we kind of get into slow-mo depending on how teams come in playing. They came in here
with a different mentality. That will definitely help us out going on."

(on the importance of establishing the run) "Yeah, we have to establish the run, we hang our hat on
that. This is a very tough group. We have a very stout front seven. One of the most talented in the
league. It was a great touch for us. We didn't get the yards we wanted to, but it was a great touch
for us."

(on QBMatt Schaub's performance) "Awesome man. I knew he was ready to go. It was great to get him
going because we couldn't get the run going like we wanted to. This is a balanced offense and we
make big plays from the passing game. And he did that. He laid it down the field in that last draft
before the end of the first half. He gave us the momentum we need."

(on what the offensive line needs to improve on) "I think individually we have to work on technique
and continuity and chemistry. To continue to build that no matter how long we play. Preseason is
always a test in the time to get your feet up under you and get your chemistry together. Just to
continue to establish it and  stay physical. I think we're trying to feel them out a little bit
more than we should have instead of just attacking. That's something we'll carry with us into the
next game."

FB JAMES CASEY (Transcribed by Matt May)
(on watching WR Trindon Holliday play) "It's great, to see how far he (Holliday) has come and see
what he is starting to do. That's two returns in two games and that is hard to do at any level, to
do that in the NFL and the preseason is amazing. The punt return is one of the things where they're
expecting him to fair catch but he didn't fair catch it and he took it down the sideline."

ILB BRIAN CUSHING (Transcribed by Zac Emmons)
(on defending San Francisco's running attack) "They came downhill, they were a physical team. For
the most part, they ran the ball pretty well, but for the most part I thought we held up alright.
Obviously, we could improve a little bit, but it wasn't like they were really gashing us. When we
needed to get some big stops, we did."

(on if there are any major concerns coming out of tonight's game) "No, I don't think so. We'll be
alright. Like I said, it is preseason. We're not perfect or exactly where we want to be, but we're
heading in the right direction."

(on the first-team defense's overall performance) "We're playing hard and we're playing well. We're
not giving up too many yards or points, and like I said, I think we're going in the right

(on how he feels physically after the game and the reports that he was cramping) "No, I'm feeling
good. I didn't have cramps or anything; I was just a little sore. My ribs were a little sore, but
for the most part I'm good. Everything came back good."

(on DE Tim Jamison's performance) "I thought it was good. That's a guy that we know can play, and
stepping in for a big role like (DE) J.J. Watt, I think he's the perfect guy because he's going to
play with a lot of effort, he's going to play all of the quarters they're going to ask him to and
he's going to be consistent."

(on if there was one specific play that caused his ribs to be sore) "I think there might have been
a play or two, but for the most part, I'm good. Nothing that I'm concerned about."

(on whether the soreness was something that he had coming into the game) "No, it's something that
happened in the game, but I continued to play afterwards. I'll be a little sore, but for the most
part, I'm fine."

WR TRINDON HOLLIDAY (Transcribed by Kara Cook)
(on what happened on the punt return) "Well coach (Special Teams Coordinator Joe Marciano) had
already told me to just line up on the 10. We normally fair catch on the 10. He said that the
punter was going to give us a knuckle ball and it's going to be kind of low so it would be
returnable. So I was just kind of waiting on it, caught it and just made something happen."

(on how he felt when the only thing between him and the goal line was the punter) "I was trying to
set the punter up but he didn't move so I just told myself I was going to beat him to the outside."

(on how special it was to return for a touchdown two times in two weeks) "It was very special. Just
coming out every week working hard and then seeing that it pays off in the end."

WR LESTAR JEAN (Transcribed by Kara Cook)
(on his performance) "Yeah, I was just out there having fun. I'm just happy that God put me in this
position to play football."

(on how it felt to get game reps with QB Matt Schaub) "It is very important, and I was just honored
to be out there with great players like (RB) Arian Foster and Matt Schaub and a great offensive
line. It's just a blessing for me."

(on what was going through his head when he scored his first NFL touchdown) "It was a lot. I was
trying to think of a celebration, but I couldn't even think that quick on my feet. But I was just
happy that I was blessed to be in that position because there are so many people in the world that
I know who just wanted to do that and I was just the one to do it. I'm so happy that God blessed me
with that opportunity."

(on how much pressure there is on him to score during a game) "It's a lot of pressure, but I feel
like it's going to take care of itself. Just go out there and have fun. If I make the team or if I
don't, I just know that I had fun and I just tried my best."

(on if he knew coming into the game that he'd get some first team reps) "I just knew that when (WR)
Andre (Johnson) was done playing that I was going to get in. So I didn't know if the first team was
going to be in or what."

WR ANDRE JOHNSON (Transcribed by Emily Anne Kuoni)
(on his play during the game) "You can always tell the younger guys, and I do the same for myself,
I just go out and make the plays, and the mistakes you make, you can fix that just by watching it
on film. I just try to make the best of it all, but some of these that I had, I'll see the film on
Monday and correct anything I did wrong."

(on the play of WR Lestar Jean) "I've said it before, and I continue to say it, we have a lot of
young guys that can go out and make plays for us, and those guys are going to be a big part of us
getting to where we want to go. It doesn't surprise me to see him or Keshawn (Martin), it doesn't
surprise me to see any of those guys make plays because they do it in practice. When
they get their opportunities, they're ready to go."

(on his 43-yard catch) "It was a double move. I saw the corner on the other side of the field, and
he was kind of lagging behind. He saw me running across the field, so he stopped the pick up. But
he waited to try and intercept the ball, and I guess he just thought the ball was going to come and
fall in his lap. But I jumped out in front of him and scored."

(on how it felt to make the 43-yard catch) "It felt good. It just felt good to be back out there. I
was very anxious to get tackled, that was the biggest thing. I just wanted to get hit. And I feel
like I've been OTAs the whole time, because they don't let anybody touch me at practice. My biggest
thing was just getting tackled. After I got the first tackle I felt like I was back on the floor."

(on the first team offense) "When we were going against their first team it was like a regular
season game. They're a very good football team. They're coming into a very physical football team,
it was about which team was going to oppose the will on each other. So I think it was like a back
and forth thing. They tried to come at our defense with their running game. They have a bunch of
great backs, and our defense held up for the most part. Offensively, we scored a big touchdown
right before the halftime and it happens, you can't really tell what will happen just by playing
two quarters. You have to see what happens in the full game. But they're a very good football team,
and I think it was a good test for us, and we got a chance to see where we're at as a football

CB JOHNATHAN JOSEPH (Transcribed by Channler Hill)
(on how much more confident the team feels about what they're doing) "Our confidence is at an all
time high. But at the
same time we're aware of everything that is going on around us. We're conscious about getting
better at different little things. About being a great defense. What it takes to be a great
defense. And for us, that's coming to work each and every day. When you're on the game field,
you're going out there and executing well. Just like we did today, coming out with the hard fought
battle and limiting those guys to however many yards they had. On third down, I think they were
about 20 percent. And if
you can win the third down battle, you have a better chance to win the game. "

(on how proud he was of the guys filling in) "From those guys from the front seven to the
linebackers, they've taken guys from the defensive line, (Jesse Nading), to the outside linebackers
and moving them to inside and those guys. So all those guys on the front seven have kinda been the
next man up for about a year and a half running, a year now, so my hat goes off to all those guys I
don't really want to call names out because I don't want to leave anybody out. But each one of the
guys crossed the line of scrimmage deserves credit. Sunny Harris just came back from an injury and
just stepped back in today and played with the ones. It was kind of a good thing to see that we
have that depth along the defensive line."

QB MATT SCHAUB (Transcribed by Joshua Moon)
(on the tempo of the game today) "It felt like a preseason game right there.  Guys worked hard.  We
had a lot of guys that played and played well.  That's a good football team we played.  Yards are
hard to come by offensively, but we just kept
chipping away and found plays there in the second quarter. "

(on what he thought about the offenses performance today) "We just stayed true to our plan.  We
know what we are.  You can't deviate from that just because there's tough sledding early on.  They
were pretty stout up front.  Our guys kept working. We found some plays there in the second quarter
and were able to just keep staying at it and found some big plays."

(on the offensive line's performance) "They worked their tails off.   That was a really good front
that we played.   They brought a lot of good stuff and those guys really handled it.  It was a
bunch of veteran guys up there communicating well and they did a good job to keep a good pocket."

(on getting back on the field with WR Andre Johnson again) "It felt good to be back in the huddle
with him again.  It's been a while since both of us were out there together.  We were talking about
that before the game.  He made a big play there like he always does. It was great to be back out

(on if he thinks the team is where they need to be at this point in the season) "I think we are
definitely working at it.  There is definitely room for improvement.  I think all and all that we
are on the right track.  Obviously this week coming up is a big week for us.  We play a lot more as
a starting group.  We have to go on the road and play a good football team.  We are on the right

(on what he thinks of WR Trindon Holliday's performance so far)  "It's exciting to see.  He's got a
bunch of guys out there working for him to give him some creases.  It doesn't take a very big
crease for him to get through with his speed and his quickness. It's fun to watch him go to work.
The more he does it, the more comfortable he's getting.  It's fun to watch."

(on WR Lestar Jean's performance)  "We've seen that from Lestar.  He's been doing a great job.  
He's going to be a big time player for us in this league. He's been playing real consistently well.
 The more he does that, the more comfortable he gets. He could be a really good asset for us."

DE ANTONIO SMITH (Transcribed by Olivia Williams)
(on the 49ers offense as good practice) "I think so, I think we needed that. It was the first time
we faced a team to come down here with the power plays and stuff like that. We've been all camp
going against zone and side-to-side running. I think it was
a good test."

(on nine-on-seven being good practice) "We've been doing some pretty head-smashing nine-on-seven
here at camp but I think the thing is that our team runs the zone and they're pretty much a power
team, so it's a different type of way to play the blocks. You know I think that here was a good
test to have it 'cause I think that they got a little bit too many yards in that first half on the
first team. So I think it gave us an opportunity to know how to play it so we can do better next
time. "

(on pass rushing) "Yeah man, we love pass rushing on this team and if you don't get there quick,
somebody else will. That's one thing I like about this defense is that everybody has the
opportunity to get to the quarterback. It's just hard sometimes when you gotta anticipate the
movement of the quarterback as well as trying to sack them."

(on play breakdown) "You can't tell until you see it on film. I think what it was is that they had
that change up with the running in the gun position. So normally when they're in gun, you're in
pass rush mode and they snuck a couple runs on the inside."



HEAD COACH JIM HARBAUGH (Transcribed by Melissa Montemayor and Amanda Worthy)
(on severity of RB Brandon Jacobs injury) "He's going to miss a little time but I don't think it's
anything. The ACL is good,
the patella is good so it will be some time but we'll see. It's not of the 'you don't come back
from' variety." (on an update on RB LaMichael James' injury) "Things look good x-ray wise. It's
calming down for him."
(on how would he assess this game as far as the maturation process of where he thinks the team
should be) "That's a great question but I don't really have the answer for you. Was it us? Was it
them? Was it things I've been instructed not to comment on so I won't comment on them so don't even
ask me. I don't know. I don't have a feel for that right now. I wish I did, I wish I had a better

(on concern of the offensive line's protection of QB Alex Smith) "They were really both missed
assignments and nothing that
I'm really going to go into detail about."

(on if the officials gave him an explanation of their call on the final seconds of the first half)
"That they [the officials] made a mistake. Per instructions, I will not be commenting on the

(on what he liked about this game and if there were any bright spots he saw in the team) "Yeah I
think there were bright spots like guys competing and going against a good football team. There was
good play. We'll see how much of it was penalties or how many penalties there really was or wasn't
but there's always good and always some bad. We just need to keep climbing and I think that's the
thing we're going to need to do right now. Maybe we'll have more answers after really assessing
this. Right now, I really don't have a feel for it. Was it the Texans? Was it the 49ers? Was it
other things?"

(on if he views this game as a step back from last week) "No. I don't have that answer for you. Is
it a step back? I mean, it's a step. It's our second game and part of the process we are going
through.  We'll assess it and see. Step forward or step back, we'll figure it out."

(on his statement last week that QB Colin Kaepernick had emerged as the number two quarterback and
if tonight's performance has swayed his opinion of that) "I don't come out it feeling like anything
has changed because of the way Colin played. I thought he played pretty darn good."

(on his thoughts on RB Frank Gore's first appearance tonight and if he looks ready to go) "Yeah, he
does. He's having a good camp which we're as surprised as ever. I think we're right on track with
Frank (Gore)."

(on if RB Kendall Hunter was one of the bright spots tonight) "He is. He ran effectively and had a
nice kickoff return. He had one pass protection issue but I think it was a good night for Kendall."

(on if he was impressed by LB Eric Bakhtiari) "Yeah. Eric was playing all out every snap, and I was
very impressed. He had a couple that he would like to have back, but it's a good step forward for
him. It's a good competition for a lot of our guys that were in there so that's tough to look at as
a step back.  I mean, I just have a hard time agreeing with that. Good play. Good competition. Good
step. We'll learn from it and move on."

(on if   it getting WR Randy Moss involved early was part of the game plan) " He's part of what we
do and all of our receivers are just - you're running on every play. Everybody alert. Everybody
running.  You can't really script it to say who's getting the ball, or give Randy more balls than
anybody else.  Maybe some teams do, that's not the way we do it.

(on if he had a nice angle on the QB Josh Johnson to WR A.J. Jenkins) "Yeah. Pretty good. Good
throw, good catch. A.J. (Jenkins) got a step, made a nice catch, and kept speeding by us. Made a
great route on the next play that should have been a touchdown, but we did some good. Again, good
competition, good night to compete. Good things to be learned and gleaned from this."

(on his opinion of the Texans defense only allowing one field goal) "Yeah, they're never in until
they're in. Our guys realize they do a lot, and they tightened up toward the red zone, and held
them to field goals. Big interference call later in the game, third quarter I believe it was, there
was big yardage on that drive. So, I don't know, it's interesting. Still don't have the pulse on
this game. What was it exactly? Us, them, some crazy wild calls? Were they accurate? Weren't they?
We'll see."

(on what were some of the lessons he would like to take into next week's game) "Well, I think there
will be a lot of lessons collectively, individually. You know, a game that the first half there
weren't a lot of possessions, I think there were only three possessions, maybe a fourth right
before the half. Biggest lesson – that's a grind it out kind of game. Assignments and disciplined
football is the key to winning those kind of games."

RUNNING BACK FRANK GORE (Transcribed by T.D. Durham)
(On what he saw in the Texans defense and in his own performance today) "They have a good defense.
They have an active defense that can move real well. They can play physical if they want to. I was
just happy to get out there and play with my guys and get into full contact."

(On the 49ers offensive line) "You could tell they were doing a good job. From last year, they are
feeding off of last year and they keep grinding. They're getting better. It's our second year in
this offense and you can tell that we've grown."

RB KENDALL HUNTER (Transcribed by Lance Jaramillo)
(on his performance tonight) "'It's just a compliment to the offensive line.  Nothing would have
been possible if the o-line wouldn't have got their blocks and opened the seams for me."

(on the open holes he saw) "It's just the offensive line. The line opened up the holes and I tried
to crease it." (on the Houston Texans) "They're a good team.  It would have been better if we would
have won."

LT JOE STALEY (Transcribed by Lance Jaramillo)
(on their motivation for tonight's game) "We have a chip on our shoulders.  We want to build on
what we did last week. Now we'll watch film and see what we can do better.  I felt like the tempo
was good.  We drove the ball really good but once we get in the red zone we have to come away with
touchdowns instead of field goals."

(on the Houston Texans' defense) "These preseason games you don't give too much of the game plan.
You kind of run your base plays and the same thing for the defense.  You don't want to give out too
much of your game plan.  We found some success and we'll try to build on it going in to next week."

(on the scuffle with Houston Texans DE Antonio Smith) "We're just competitive guys.  We were upset
he got the sack on us and we went to protect the quarterback (Alex Smith)"

(on first team offense) "I felt we were able to do some good things.  Our drive stalled down late
in the red zone.  That's something we want to improve on going in to next week.  I felt we were
able to move the ball successfully.  We had a lot of long drives.  We just have to come away with
touchdowns.  We saw that last year, too many field goals.  It's a point of emphasis for us so we'll
watch the film and see what went right down there."

QB ALEX SMITH (Transcribed by T.D. Durham)
(on the importance of the game and the first quarter of play) "It was just the second preseason
game, just obviously looking to take the next step. Got off to a good start last week and did some
good things tonight. It was kind of an up-and-down for the starting unit. Put two long drives
together, I think they were both 10-plus plays, but didn't finish either of them off. We'll learn
from it, look at the film."

(On getting hit hard a few times during the game) "Yeah, most were self-inflicted. Offensive line
played good. First play was a miscommunication with me and the other 10 guys in the huddle and it
resulted in the hit. Something I'll laugh at. I'm obviously not trying to take those kinds of hits,
especially in preseason. And down the line there, just trying to make a couple plays there, getting
out of the pocket. (The Texans) are good; they're good up front. But I thought the offensive line
played great.

(On the miscommunication in the huddle) "Yeah it's hard to explain, just stupidity on my part. Just
miscommunication on my part."

(On the play where he got hit near the head) "It was kind of a quick play there. I felt like it was
high. It's hard for me to say though. That stuff is happening so fast I don't really have a sense
of that. In fact, I didn't even know that a flag was thrown until much later. And then I realized
that we got the roughing the passer call. I saw him at the last moment then ducked out of the way.
It's kind of reflexes at that point."

(On the emotions of seeing teammates go down in preseason play) "It's scary and it's tough no
matter what. You just hate seeing it in preseason. Guys going out there, working and trying to make
the team. You want everybody, both sides, to come
out healthy. It's tough to see guys get injured and beat up this early."

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