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Postgame Quotes: Texans beat Cowboys

The Texans beat the Cowboys Thursday night in Arlington at AT&T Stadium. After the win, head coach Gary Kubiak and some players answered questions from the media. The following is a transcript of their respective interviews.

Head coach Gary Kubiak Cornerback A.J. Bouye Quarterback Case Keenum Outside linebacker Sam Montgomery Wide receiver DeVier Posey Safety D.J. Swearinger Running back Cierre Wood Quarterback T.J. Yates

Head coach Gary Kubiak Gary, did anybody get hurt?

I just walked past Kap and I think we are okay. They are over there x-raying Daniel Muir's hand and Trevardo (Wiliams) rolled an ankle late in the game, but other than that I think we are okay.

How do you feel about getting through preseason without any major injuries? You see all these other teams losing players.

Well, I'll say it's about time. We have had our share here over the course of the last few years. But, we still have some of our challenges with Antonio and Ed and Wade. So, we have our challenges from that standpoint. But, it's been a good camp; I think tonight showed how much our young guys worked in camp. We had guys miss time and we just kept on pushing as a team. And these young guys, boy did they play good tonight. You could just tell that they were very far along in their progress. I think we have 75 guys in there that can play in this league. Unfortunately, they can't all play for us this year.

* *

Gary, how do you look at your backup quarterback spot?

Well, they both played pretty darn good. If you look at it, it's been that way the whole camp. They have both their job. It's really just a matter of us sitting down and deciding which way we go to start the season. I want to keep them competitive all year long, regardless of which way I go. Because I think, boy has it both made them better and made our team better.  But, we will sit down and talk about it as coaches; I'm in no hurry here. Probably make that decision before we start our preparation next Thursday. But, statistically they have both been incredible.

* *

Both be here, have three quarterbacks?

I have to do that in the morning, but it's a dang good chance. Those two guys played like that, I don't think we expose them to anybody else.

* *

Did the guys separate themselves generally enough to make your job easier the next two days?

I think a lot of the young guys played well. I really think it's a credit to how far they have come. I know upfront, offensively we played really well. If we can take some of these plays back to call back. We ran the ball extremely well. I'm watching guys; obviously both backs did some good things. Our young tight end played very good. Andy Cruse goes in there and plays extremely well. If you just look across the board, there are a lot of good guys, guys doing good things. Boy, it's tough, but it's a good problem to have.

* *


What do you say about Kennum, he didn't have an interception?**

Yeah. They protected the ball throughout camp. We go against a dang good group everyday and our guys have protected the ball pretty good and that's a key to our success. Hopefully, we continue to do that.

* *

How tough will it be for you to tell one of those two guys that they are going to be free?

Extremely tough. But we will get through it.

* *

What is that feeling like, when you shake hands preseason with players?

It's a tough night because first off I think they went out and had a lot of fun. They got to play a bunch, they had a good time. They finished the preseason the right way. They all feel good about that, but yet they are all sitting there thinking okay now what's my future. I tried to tell them last night, don't worry about what's next, just enjoy tomorrow. We will get through it, but it's the hard part of the business. You've been with guys for six weeks and they give you everything they've got and you got to say it's not going to happen here, right now. That's the tough part.

* *

What did you like about Case?

He had a few bad plays. But he always comes back and makes a big play. He has a very short memory as a player and that's a good thing as a quarterback. Because you may make a mistake with the ball or too, but he comes back and makes really nice plays. So, I think that's been the biggest progress and the fact that he knows the offense exceptionally well.

* *

What about T.J.?

Same thing. First off, T.J. played with Andy and EZ; two young receivers that he had to go get right every play. So, T.J. is out there with all young players. I told him part of my evaluation process was how could you handle all those young guys. And boy, did he get 'em all going and played extremely well.

* *

What about Posey?

Felt good about it, I think we played 14 plays; I wanted him to touch the ball. He started off with a penalty, that wasn't a good one. He got tacked a few times, so I think he feels confident that he's ready to go. And he's going to be able to help Joe and I don't think that was something we were counting on when Cam started, so that's a big plus.

* *

Was there any thought on playing Hopkins this evening?

Yes, there was but in all honesty he hasn't passed the final test. So, he would have liked to play 10 or 12 plays, but he's not finished yet.

* *

What about DeVier?

I felt good about him. He played real good and like I said, got him some touches, got him tackled, all the things that go with coming back.

* *

You didn't have Deji Karim?

You know, I think I know what I have there. He's been consistent in camp, he's been good for Joe and we needed to see how those other two would react with carries. So, that was the point right there. It was nothing against him or anything.

* *

So you guys give Posey a healthy dose tonight.

No, I think the dosage keeps him moving forward. I think he's in preseason game two when he started against San Diego. If he comes back and plays 20-25 plays this week, three weeks from now he should able to play all we need him to play. I just think his confidence will keep going forward.

* *

With Hopkins not passing protocol tonight, are there any reservations that he will be ready?

No, he's fine. I think if we weren't here in Dallas and we were back with our Doctors in Houston, he would pass it today. So, I don't see any problem.

* *

How much momentum can be gained, just going into the regular season after a taste of victory?

It feels good to see a group of guy's battle and have a good preseason like we did. The slate gets wiped, we start over. Once we get going next week, it's time to go. We settle with our 53, I like taking this week to kind of get these vets to get away from the pressure they go through week in and week out. We have had a good week, they have conditioned extremely hard and worked out today at TCU. So, I feel good about their week and getting back going.

* *

A couple of your draft picks missed games like Chris Jones and Brennan Williams, what did you see from those guys when they came back to play this game?

Well, in watching Chris, I thought Chris did some pretty good things. Brennan has missed so much time. His knee has been bothering him, we've been draining it.  I think it bothered him tonight too. I know it's a concern that we got to go take a look at. But we just wanted to get him some snaps of pro football because he has just missed so much time. So, that's a health decision that we have to make.

Cornerback A.J. Bouye

On how the younger players performed:  "As a unit we showed we are ready to compete.  We are not afraid to go against anybody.  I think we did a good job showing that."

On his performance in preseason:  "I think it went pretty well.  Just trying to show this team that I can compete, really, and that I am willing to lay it on the line. It went really well."

Quarterback Case Keenum

"I feel really good. I think we were running the ball really well. The offensive line  did a heck of a job and Cierre (Wood) came to play today. Being able to run the ball opened up play action and a lot of that stuff…It started with the offensive line. It was a really good game."

"I'm going to look at the film. There were a few third downs we didn't convert and a few passes that I'd like to have back. But I think overall, moving the ball and scoring touchdowns is what I want to do and I think we did that for the most part."

On the WR/TE depth: "I think a lot of those young guys from the top to the bottom have been really good about being where they needed to be at the time when we need them to be it. It's good to have Posey back out there today. Even the backs from the backfield, I think they've been a big part of this preseason. Our job is to get the ball in the hands of the guy that can make the plays at the right time."

On the first pass to Posey: "Yup. We planned it. We do a little preparation during the week…It was a play where Posey did a good job of working and really made a good catch. I led him a little too far. It was good to have him out there."

On waiting to hear about second QB job: "I don't think I have really have to deal with waiting or any of that stuff. It is what it is. I'm going out to prepare to play San Diego. I think TJ's going to do the same thing. We're all following Matt's lead. That's just how it goes. That's what football players do. You just never know."


Outside linebacker Sam Montgomery

On how the younger players performed:  "I think as a unit we did a really good job.  We beat the young guys.  I think a lot of our guys on this team have the potential to play all over this league.  Just being in the NFL.  A different speed, a different style of play.  But it is still the same game when it comes down to it.  With experience, with time, I think we will all be better."

On his own performance during preseason:  "I think I started out real low but I think I climbed up the mountain pretty high.  I do different things, just fighting and fighting and fighting to keep on.  Then to come out here and play a whole game, on special teams, its something I've never done before.  And to come out here and do a pretty descent job of it, as well as playing the position I was given at linebacker, I just feel like I did a pretty good job setting my responsibilities


Wide receiver DeVier Posey

"There was a lot of hard work to get to this point. It was a small celebration. It was good to be one of the guys again."

On being involved early: "I had an idea. I was expecting it. I knew I was not going to play much. I was just trying to do well with what I had."

On playing again: "It's been a long time. I've been really fortunate to miss any real time. It's a testament to our training staff and how we worked together. They push me. I just wanted to come in and work hard…The part of my job that I had to do this offseason was to get healthy. I just wanted to show them I could do my job."

* *

Safety D.J. Swearinger

On his numerous pre-season snaps:  "I think I have played a lot of snaps.  But it is great for me to get a lot of reps. The more reps, the more experience.  It is good for me." 

On the possibility that he will be able to play a lot of snaps for this team: "Whenever my number is called.  I know I am going to get a lot of special teams reps and down reps.  Whenever my number is called, I will be ready."

On his mastery of the defense:  "I think I have mastered it to a tee.  When we are playing dime and I'm in at free safety, I know what the d-line is doing, the linebackers and the secondary.  And that is one of my goals.  To know what the entire defense is doing, not just myself.  I think playing multiple positions has helped me a lot."

On the hits he has delivered in preseason:  "As a safety, you have to deliver that punch every time you come down on the run.  Or if a receiver is coming across the middle you have to deliver that punch.  It sends a message to the other team, and gets the energy going with your own team.  It is good to be able to lay a hit."

On the time between now and the first regular season game with the Chargers:  "We have a little time off, but we can use it to our advantage. Get more film in.  Get more treatment.  And do a little extra.  It will be good for us."

Running back Cierre Wood

On his TD celebration: "That's called the South Dallas Swag. I was in Dallas. I had to pull that out. It's not my dance because I'm not from Dallas. But us Cali people, we perfected it."

"I was just trying to show everybody what I can do. I know my abilities. I know my talents. The last couple games, I didn't get to show that much. My philosophy is when I go in there, I want to do something to catch everyone's attention…This game was no different."

"Everyone knows that cuts are going to happen. That's something I'm not worried about. If you're confident in your abilities, then you should have no problem. The nervousness was not really there for me. It was just another game to me."

"I believe I can play this game with the best of them. I just need my chance. These games are put here in front of me to showcase my talents to world, not just this team but the other 31 teams out there."

Quarterback T.J. Yates

"We both played really well again. It all starts again with our offensive line and being able to run the ball. That opens up our offensive and makes us so versatile. We can do pretty much anything offensively when we're running the ball like that. They are making it easy on us."

On working with a different group of receivers: "It's a little different. Most of those guys, I've been working them all camp and getting a chance to throw to them to figure out what kind of receivers they are. Once you get into the game with those guys, they are running full speed, they are anxious, they are getting ready. It's fun. They do a good job. We were moving the ball great."

On OLine depth: "Especially those two and three O-Lines, being able to run the ball like that and giving the backs open lanes to run free on those guys. It's a testament to the coaches, all these players all camp long just pushing, working hard, getting better. No matter where they are on the depth chart, those guys are still working hard."

On Posey's return: "That was really awesome. Everybody's rooting hard for him.  He's come back so quick from that injury. Everybody's seen him all summer long busting his tail and rehabbing every single day to get back quick and help this football team."

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