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Postgame quotes: Texans vs. Bengals

















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HEAD COACH BILL O'BRIEN(Transcribed by Nida Chaudhry)

(on the way Houston played)  "Not good enough. Didn't play good enough, really in all three phases. I just told the football team that. We've got a lot of things we need to correct, get in there tomorrow, get back to work. Still a lot to play for and we need to get back to work tomorrow and get these things corrected."

(on where QB Ryan Mallett struggled) "I'll have to watch the film. I've got to watch the film to really pin point it, but it's a team loss. It's not one guy. That whole locker room, coaching staff, everybody. We lost the game."

(on what Cincinnati did to stop the run game) "Again, I'm just telling you, I've got to watch the tape, but they definitely stopped the run. It looked like they had some fronts in there that we were ready for. I think we saw everything, we practiced against everything that they showed and we just didn't do a good enough job of getting it done in the running game coaching wise and playing wise. We just couldn't run the ball." 

(on not having the spark they did against Cleveland last week) "One week is so much different than the next. Every week is different. I don't think it really matters if you played well one week or not. Everything is different. This is a totally different team than Cleveland. Cincinnati, give them a lot of credit. they came in here and they beat us."

(on disappointment in loss) "I hate losing. I hate it. I hate it with every fiber of my body, so I guess that answers your question."

(on Cincinnati stretching out RB Alfred Blue) "It looked like they set the edge really well and our guys were fighting. I told our football team, you know, we're fighting all the way until the end. It wasn't a good day for us, probably especially offensively, but we're fighting until the end and we can never lose that fight. We can never ever lose that fight. No matter how long I'm the head coach here. This team always has to compete until the bitter end and I believe that this team will do that. We've got a bunch of good guys in that locker room, but we just couldn't get it going today, especially offensively."

(on defense in the second half) "Those guys, they played hard. There were times where we could've gotten off the field on third down a little bit sooner in the drive, but overall I thought they played hard.

They scored a touchdown, which was a great play by J-Jo (CB Johnathan Joseph) along with the rush on that play, so I thought our defense hung in there the whole game."

(on CB Johnathan Joseph's pick-six giving the team momentum) "Then we drive the ball and we kick a field goal. We get it down in there and we're not coming away with touchdowns and it's not good enough. It's not very good complimentary football. We didn't take advantage of momentum that the defense gave us offensively and we have to do a better job there."

(on QB Andy Dalton's performance) "He's a good player. He's a good quarterback, he can run, he's an accurate passer, and he's a very good quarterback."

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RUNNING BACK ALFRED BLUE(Transcribed by Omar Majzoub)

(on the game) "It was a tough loss. We got to improve on some things. We need to correct the mistakes that we made on the field and get ready for the next game."

(on if this loss hurts more because the game was close) "Every loss hurts, man. Whether it was at the

The Texans face the Cincinnati Bengals in the Week 12 Salute to Service Day game at NRG Stadium.

end or the beginning. It's a tough loss. Losing hurts. We just need to correct the mistakes."

(on playing better in the second half) "It's just the defense wearing down. When you keep running on them, they start to wear down and a lot of the running lanes open up better."

(on the Texans struggling to run the ball) "It was just gap discipline. The defense played good D out there."

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TACKLE DUANE BROWN(Transcribed by Omar Majzoub)

(on the Texans' inability to establish the run) "We knew coming into this game that we had to be able to run the ball and keep ourselves out of third and long situations. We knew it wasn't going to be easy. They historically have a pretty good run defense. They have a great front seven and that's just how it is. We had to do what we had to do to try and get it going. We weren't able to do that and we put ourselves in tough situations. With that being said, we still had plenty of opportunities. We just got to make plays and make plays up front. We have to convert those third downs. When we get in the

red zone, we have to score touchdowns and not settle for field goals. We have to protect the ball. That's what it comes down to. That was our goal for the week, establishing the run, and we weren't able to do that."

(on how the lack of a running game affected the offense) "That's just something that we have been pretty good at throughout the year. When you look at the games that we have struggled in, that's probably what it has come down to for our offense: not being able to run the ball. We have to find a way to get that going. It's not going to be easy the rest of the year. People are keying in on that, but we still have to be able to establish the run even if it's not 150 or 160 yards. We still have to have an effective run game to keep ourselves in those third and manageable situations. We weren't able to do that today."

(on the play of QB Ryan Mallett) "I think he handled it well. I can't critique the quarterback. I just can tell you the job I did and the job we did upfront. We have to get the running game going. I thought we did decent in pass protection, so that's all I can really comment on."

(on the safety) "They just overloaded that side. We had nothing there. We had nothing over there basically."

(on the momentum swings in the game) "It's tough. Our defense did a great job of getting us the ball back right there. We knew we had to get it out. Not being able to get it out and them getting the ball back is tough. Our defense did a great job of getting out of tough situations and getting us the ball. We have to compliment that. That's something we have been stressing all year: complimentary football. When you don't compliment that or capitalize on those big turnarounds, it's tough. It's tough to win."

(on the Texans outlook moving forward) "We just continue to take it one game at a time. No one's giving up anything. No one's walking around pouting. It's a tough loss. It's a very tough loss. We put ourselves in a tough situation in the big scheme of things, but we just have to look forward to next week. We need to fix what we need to fix and go out there and get it done."

* *


(on his performance in the game) "I'm just trying to do whatever the team needs me to do: set the

edge, try to play football, try to get after the quarterback, and get a win hopefully."

(on his neutral zone infraction penalty on 3rd down) "I was watching the snap. The left guard had been tapping the center's hip the whole game then he would look to the right and snap the ball. He hesitated one time and looked twice, but I jumped on the first one. It didn't cost us anything, but five yards and we still stopped them in that series and gave up three points. But they still got to use more time off the clock."

(on if he feels in rhythm) "It's alright. I just wanted to get out there with my teammates and hopefully get a win. That was the biggest goal coming into this game. Whatever I can do and coach tells me to let him know."

(on how he feels physically) "I felt alright. I just wanted to get back into it. I'm probably one of the guys on here who has missed the most games this season, so I'm just trying to get back out here and get a feel of it. When it's the first time in the NFL, it's just really about getting a feel for it."

(on if he is playing at the level he wants to) "Somewhat, somewhat. Some things are holding me back still, but I'm just out here trying to do what I can do and have fun."

(on if he feels he is making an impact) "Sometimes. I can only do my job, which is set the edge and get after the quarterback. Sometimes you get that and sometimes you don't."

(on bouncing back from his injury) "It's an adjustment. You never know if you're going to have an injury or not coming into the league, so when that happened to me it was a setback. I'm just trying to do everything I need to do to get back to where I need to be to help the team out."

* *

LINEBACKER BRIAN CUSHING(Transcribed by Edgar Veliz)

(on QB Andy Dalton's quick release) "I think you are going to do that, attack us that way. When we have that kind of pass rush and those kinds of players. He's got good receivers too. So the quicker he can get the ball to those guys the quicker they can make plays."

(on RB Jeremy Hill's 30-yard rush) "It was a post-o. We were in sub-defense. I was on the sideline, far away but I will have to see the film to see what exactly happened. It was one play. It was one play out of how many that we could have obviously changed or stopped. We have to make more plays and play sharply overall."

(on his outlook for the rest of the season) "We have to take it one game at a time. I feel like we have to take care of our business and today we didn't. We have to play better and we just have to win."

(on the team's consistency) "I don't know. Obviously we didn't play great today. We had a good game last week but that was last week. You just have to play your best every Sunday because every team is going to play well. It is the National Football League and every team has good players, good coaches and every game is going to be a battle."

* *

DEFENSIVE END JARED CRICK(Transcribed by Omar Majzoub)

(on the game) "It's tough. We hung in there for the entire game. We're just going to have to pull it out. It's tough, but we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and comeback next week strong. We

need to get it right."

(on losing another close game) "All the close games are obliviously tough. You have to pull them out in the end. You have to win the game and find a way. We just didn't do that tonight. It's a tough one to swallow, but we have to come back strong tomorrow and get it right."

(on Head Coach Bill O'Brien's message to the team) "Same thing. We still have a lot to play for and we have a lot of fight in us. We're going to go out there and get better. We're going to do anything we can to win these next games."

(on the Bengals' success on 3rd down) "We need to convert. We did some good things on 3rd down a couple of times, but we have to get the majority of them. We did some good things today and we'll watch it tomorrow, but obviously, we wanted to come away with the victory."

(on CB Johnathan Joseph's interception) "That was awesome. That was a big play. That gave us a spark. It kept us in the game and got us back in it. That was a big play on his part. If we could get more of those in the game, that would be awesome. Great play on his part."

(on the lack of pressure on Bengals QB Andy Dalton) "He was getting rid of the ball quick. There's not a whole lot the defensive line can do when he is doing that. You can get your hands up, but that's about it. I thought we did our job. We were in our gaps and stuff like that. He got the ball out quick and when he didn't he got out of the pocket and did some good things. It's just one of those games where there is not a whole lot you can do."

* *


(on the offensive struggles) "We just weren't clicking today. Things didn't go our way. We had a pretty good gameplan but Cincinnati came out ready to play. They executed their gameplan better than us."

(on Ryan Mallett's performance) "He went up against a pretty good defense today. You can't take anything away from those guys. We just weren't clicking. We had a gameplan for these guys but it is the NFL, you can't win all of them."

(on the change of tempo of the offense) "I can't put my finger on it. Cincinnati is a solid defense all around. Those guys came out, we both came out ready to play, but they just executed their gameplan better than us."

(on head coach Bill O'Brien's comments about the team's performance) "That is motivation. I don't think anyone is going to take that negatively. I think everyone is going to use that as motivation moving forward."

(on the pass that was incomplete after a challenge by Cincinnati) "I was just trying to track the ball down. I didn't see the safety coming over. It is one of those plays that I have to make. I have to come out in practice and work on that."

(on the rhythm of the offense throughout the game) "I didn't feel it (a change in rhythm). Even in the fourth quarter I feel that we were still in the game. They are a solid team. You can't take anything away from those guys."

(on the remaining games) "We have to win-out to do everything that we want to do. Going forward a couple of teams have to lose, but we don't want count on that. We are just going to come out ready to play against Tennessee."  

* *

WIDE RECEIVER ANDRE JOHNSON (Transcribed by Ellie Pardee)

(on his thoughts on today's game) "We just didn't make enough plays. That's pretty much it. We didn't do enough to win."

(on Coach O'Brien saying one player can't be blamed for the whole loss) "We just didn't execute the way we were capable of doing it. We didn't make enough plays and they made more than we did. They executed when they needed to and got the job done. That's pretty much it."

(on this game feeling like a missed opportunity coming off a win in Cleveland) "The crazy thing about it is, even though we were never really able to get anything going, we never were out of the game. It definitely feels like a missed opportunity. It was sitting right there for us."

(on how the Bengals covered him today) "They did a good job of mixing things up, like I said, but we just didn't execute."

(on having the mentality of having to win out from here) "Yeah, it is. We had that mentality coming into this game, so, when we went to Cleveland we had the same mentality. It hasn't changed. We know where we are as a team. We know what our record is; we know what we have to do if we want to get to the postseason."

(on knowing what takes to win in this league and seeing a missed opportunity) "It's bad man, you hate to see it happen. Like I said, we were never out of the game, we were right there. We just didn't do enough to win it."

* *


(on putting themselves in bad situations on third down) "Sometimes it was self-inflicted wounds. We had the right call on, we just didn't execute well on third down. Some of those times they made some great plays on third down. They had a couple of tough catches on third down, but you know, we got to be better overall. There's no doubt about that, but obviously, they played good enough to get the win today. Some of those third downs we'd like to have back."

(on staying on the field a lot) "Yeah, and no, but that's a part of the game. You can't get off on third down that's the result of it. It didn't really feel like that, but when you look up there at the time of possession we obviously were, but at the end of the day, it's our job to get off on third down."

(on if the defense felt fatigued) "I wasn't really saying from the fatigue stand point. I think everybody held up fine. Some of the guys came in, a couple of the guys had to come out for a couple of plays. Obviously, I came out for a couple of plays but I don't think it really played into the fatigue factor."

(on his pick-six) "We had an all-out blitz. I think we did a great job of disguising it and at the last second, everybody kind of walking to their positions. I think it was a great call, mixing it up and giving them a different look and things like that. I just made a great break on the ball and finished it off with some great blocking and the guys guided me into the end zone."

(on not controlling the momentum) "Without a doubt. Some of those third downs we'd love to have back. We had them back a couple times on third down, could've had our offense in a great position, we kind of bailed them out there. Us, as a defensive standpoint, we can't do that. In those crucial games like this, we've got to get the ball back to our offense and help those guys out some."

(on thoughts at this point in the season) "Just got to keep playing. You never know at the end of the day what's going to happen. You can't go there and think about what's happened in the past and the way it works out in the end. For us in the end, we have a few division games coming up. We don't have total control, but if we go out and do the things we should do and are supposed to do, we'll have a chance at the end."

* *

FREE SAFETY KENDRICK LEWIS(Transcribed by John Byczek)

(on improving execution as a team) "I think individually every person executing, taking care of their responsibility, doing what the play, design, scheme, just doing your job and execution will come. Do what you're supposed to do down in and down out, execution should be no problem. Granted they have players that get paid to do the same thing. They get paid to do it, too. They may beat us, but if you consistently do your job, week in and week out, day in and day out, you shouldn't have a problem executing."

(on improving the 11-man unit) "Yeah, as long as we play team defense, 11-man, one sound, on the same page, I believe that the top is where we should be. As long as we play together, communicate, stay on the same page, play team defense, taking care of your responsibility, all of those things turn into great execution."

(on frustration of losing close game) "Absolutely. It's very frustrating. At this point in the season, we really have to tighten up the areas we need to work on, wherever it may be. We just need got to tighten up and try to pull some wins together to finish out the season strong."

(on Cincinnati having so many third down opportunities) "It was execution. We executed the game plan. Those guys came out and made plays when they were supposed to make plays and we made plays. It's just that it worked in their favor today."

(on waiting for the opportunity to jump a pass) "Absolutely. We had him feeling like our rush was getting there, he tried to get out on plays so it was demanding us to play tighter coverage, knowing that the routes aren't going to be deep down field, shot plays, so we had to play tighter, closer coverage."

* *

QUARTERBACK RYAN MALLETT (Transcribed by Ellie Pardee)

(on the game) "We've got to play better. We didn't play well today, I didn't play well today. I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from five yards away. We have to play better."

(on if he is frustrated after today's loss) "Obviously, who likes to lose? Nobody, I don't think. We have to play better."

(on if he can pinpoint what went wrong for him today) "Just couldn't throw it to my guys."

(on how frustrating it was to not be able to get into a rhythm) "Obviously we want to get into a rhythm and move the ball better. We have to be better on first and second down. We have to run it better, we have to throw it better, we have to do everything better."

(on what the Bengals were doing to limit the Texans' play) "Nothing, we shot ourselves in the foot. I didn't help the team."

(on C Chris Myers saying the team needs to do a better job of establishing the run) "No question. If they're playing two high safeties we've got to run the ball better. We have to throw the ball better. That's about all you're going to get today because we didn't do anything very well."

(on what happened on the safety play) "They tackled him in the end zone. I don't know what you want, they tackled me in the end zone and they made a good play."

(on what he learned about himself today that he can take forward) "Just keep fighting. That's one thing about this team, we don't stop fighting, we go until the very end. Even with four seconds left and we're down 10 points, we didn't stop fighting. You've got to love that about the guys on your team because I know I do."

(on what the team mentality is on making the playoffs) "Whatever it takes."

(on if his hand was hurt today) "My hand's ok."

(on if his accuracy is something that can be addressed with mechanics or if he was just off today) "I've got to go look at the film to see if I was six inches off with the step or just one of those things."

(on if it felt like he was off today) "I felt pretty good. I just missed a few early, a little high, so I've just got to finish my throws."

(on if this is what they prepared for during practice) "Absolutely. We didn't execute. We didn't execute well, I give credit to them, they played good defense, there's no question. They stopped us, but we didn't see anything we hadn't seen."

(on if he checked out of plays often today) "Nope."

(on the interception he threw today) "They made a great play, great play. He made a great play, he got out there and I didn't see him and he caught it."

(on the confidence of this offense and if they can get it back next week) "It's a tough loss, we have to make the decision that what we're going to do, I know we're not going to quit. That's one thing I can tell you that we're not going to quit. We're going to go to work tomorrow and look at the film and get ready to go next week."

(on being able to reach the red zone today) "We have to score touchdowns in the red area. We can't kick field goals and that's on me, that's on everybody. We have to score touchdowns."

(on the passes that went a little too high, if that was him being amped up) "No."

* *

SAFETY DANIEAL MANNING(Transcribed by John Byczek)

(on the good defensive effort) "We lost. A loss is a loss. Now is not the time to be saying that. We got five more games left and we don't want to think about, 'Defense played good.' We've got to win these games. We know the defense could play good but we could be sitting at home, not in the playoffs."

(on the boost CB Johnathan Joseph's interception gave the team) "It was timely. We needed a big play. Everything was pressed and Joe stepped in and made a great play. Great disguises, everybody was disguised, great call. I felt like they were going to set us up. They were running the ball and they came out and gave us the same formation and Andy (Dalton) thought we were coming and Jo made a great play."

(on QB Andy Dalton playing so well) "He got rid of the ball. He got the ball out of his hands. The game plan, we wanted to disguise it, but we had to get into our coverages early because he was getting rid of the ball. He had some manageable third downs and he was able to run the ball and some plays to keep us honest."

(on wearing QB Andy Dalton down) "Mixing zone and man coverages, things like that. Guys were pretty much just making plays."

(on RB Jeremy Hill's run late in game to set up field goal) "They had a good run. I think we got hooked around the side and got pinned in and he was able to get out the back door."

* *

DEFENSIVE BACK DARRYL MORRIS(Transcribed by Edgar Veliz) 

(on covering WR A.J. Green) "He is a good receiver. It is a team game. The pass rush comes in, linebackers communicate and it makes it easier for me."

(on his contributions to the defense) "It is a blessing. The front seven was getting a great pass rush today. Andy (Dalton) was getting rid of it quicker than he wanted to, I was in a position to make a play."

(on if he was more comfortable as the game progressed) "Definitely. Coming off the injury, getting back in the game, getting in the flow of it I was able to get comfortable."

(on his celebrations throughout the game) "I'm not really sure what I did. I just go with the flow. It was a dance that everyone has been doing. The kids have been doing it. I was having a little fun; I wish we would have been able to win."

(on being the starter for this game) "The coaches trusted me in that position. I thank them for that. I just want to go out there and compete for my teammates, put the best performance together I could for them. I don't want to let those guys down. They worked hard to get to the quarterback and things like that. I was just trying to do my job to the best of my ability."

(on adjusting to QB Andy Dalton's quick release) "I played tight coverage. I had to be ready for the quick throws. He got it out quick, of course with (Jadeveon) Clowney, J.J. (Watt) and Brooks Reed guys coming off the edge he was trying to get rid of it quick."

(on Cincinnati's third down efficiency) "We had good calls going in, we just fell short."

(on returning to action) "It is a blessing. It is a blessing in any role, special teams or even on the sideline it is a blessing to be in the NFL. Getting a chance to play like that, it is definitely a blessing but I also left plays out there that I need to work on and get better this week."

CENTER CHRIS MYERS(Transcribed by Omar Majzoub)

(on the game) "Just not consistent. As an offensive line, that's all I can really assess as of now until we watch the film, but we have to be more consistent in the run game. That starts from the first quarter on. We can't not the run the ball and establish ourselves on the ground. We can't expect it to happen all the time. That's on our head as an offensive line, but that's just me being hard on ourselves. Until we see the film, that's all I can say for now."

(on the Texans moving the ball better in the second half) "When we're able to get first downs and run the ball, we get the defense stuck in there one group of personnel. We are able to move the ball down the field. But when we get down in the red zone, we can't come away with field goals. We didn't have a touchdown today and you can't do that and win in this league. "

(on QB Ryan Mallett) "We need to go back and watch the film. He is our field general. He put us in the right place here and there and moved us down the field. We just need to go back and evaluate the film. He handles the offense well. He handles everything in and out of the huddle well. He is very communicative about talking to tight ends and receivers. In that sense, it's all going smooth. We just have to get better executing each play."

(on why the offense struggled) "I can only speak for the offensive line until we watch the film. We just can't expect to win when we don't establish ourselves on the ground."

(on the team struggling on offense) "As of right now, until we watch the film and just offensively speaking, especially the offensive line, we can't expect to win if we aren't going to run the ball like we did last week or have done throughout the season. We have to be able to establish ourselves early and often. Everything else kind of falls in after that."

(on why the offensive line struggled) "As of right now, no. Communication was alright throughout the game. We just need to go back and see exactly what was wrong on each play."

(on the inability to capitalize on momentum) "Yeah, when there are huge changes in momentum and that kind of play happens with our defense giving us a chance in there. We just need to capitalize and take hold of the game offensively. We didn't do that. We said earlier in the season, we are just inconsistent as an offense right now. We will be able to come back and watch this film to get ready for next week."

(on Marcus Luttrell) "I have met him once or twice personally. I'm sure he has met a lot of guys, so he may not remember myself. Just in general, every single service member that was here today and all of those around the world. Being able to have days like this that are some kind of token of giving back to them, means the world. Whenever you see them on the big board throughout the game and getting recognized, it's a pretty cool feeling. Being able to shake everyone's hands before and after the game, it's a fun trade. Me personally, I love it. Being able to see them on a one-to-one basis and see them as people. I love what they do as much as they love what I do playing football."

(on saying thank you) "That's all you can do. It's never enough, but it's always appreciated. Whenever you do see a service member, like I try to do, doing whatever you can for them is key."

SAFETY D.J. SWEARINGER(Transcribed by Edgar Veliz)

(on the outcome of the game) "We lost. Point blank period. We just lost."

(on the efficiency of Cincinnati on third down) "You have to tip your hat to the Bengals. A.J. Green did his thing and they made some good third down plays. So we have to hit on it tomorrow and bounce back."

(on the size of the wide receivers) "They threw a lot of high balls. A.J (Green) is one of the best receivers in the game. I tip my hat to him. They did a great job of isolating our guys and made some good plays. Our guys made plays also but they got the better of us today."

(on the execution on third down) "We executed some and on some plays we didn't execute. We just have to do better in practice on executing those third downs. We have to stress it more on the practice field and get that corrected."

(on the CB Johnathan Joseph interception) "We called a blitz. It was a good job by the coaches calling the blitz. We executed that play well. That was a good play by us."

(on adjusting to a new role) "I have to take advantage of my opportunities. When I get out there on the field I have to do what I did today, play ball."

(on making adjustments to get a larger role in the defense) "I have to do my job like I did today."

(on the close game) "It is extremely tough. Anytime you lose, anytime you lose this way. We were the last guys on the field when they got the three points at the end so we have to do better at the end of the game. At the end of the game, in two minute situations you have to do a better job."

(on the 30-yard run by Jeremy Hill) "It was a good run by 32 (Hill). We just didn't tackle. It was a good run by 32." 

* *

DEFENSIVE END J.J. WATT(Transcribed by Edgar Veliz)

(on the team's mentality) "Obviously we are frustrated with the loss. We are going to come in tomorrow, watch the film, try to figure it out and then put together a plan for next week."

(on Andy Dalton's quick release) "I think they did a very good job at that. All day long, they got the ball out of their hands extremely quickly. It doesn't matter what you do up front when they get the ball out that quick. So give credit to them. They put together a good game."

(on not taking advantage of third and long situations) "It is very frustrating."

(on the 30 yard run by Jeremy Hill) "I have to watch the film and see. We will figure that out when we see the tape."

(on the defeat) "It is very tough. Losing sucks. You all know how I feel about it. As an athlete that is the worst feeling. So we come back in and figure it out, work on trying to get one (victory) next week."

(on being led out of the tunnel by a service member) "It is very cool. Those guys are the real heroes. That's the real deal. Obviously right now, it puts everything in perspective. You lose a football game, you didn't lose a life. So we are very fortunate for our service men and women. It is nice to honor them with games like today. I wish we could have put on a better show for them. Men and women who serve are the real heroes. There are no questions about that."

(on the team's morale after Jonathan Joseph's interception) "Anytime you put points on the board as a defense, that's huge. Momentum, obviously points, it is just a massive play for your team and you want to capitalize and we didn't. That's tough. Maybe we need to score more points."

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* *

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS(Transcribed by Laci Theriot and Stephanie Weaver)

(opening remarks) "Again, I was pleased with our guys' resiliency there. You know, In the fourth quarter the game got tight, and I thought all the three phases really played good football in the third quarter, and that was really key to win the football game and get the stops on defense and move the ball down and get the field goal there, offensively, which was big. Again, obviously, the turnover in the third quarter gave them seven points quickly. We fought back out of it and that's the good thing. Defensively, I don't think they scored an offensive touchdown today so that was big. We have to keep it up, build on that, we let them convert a couple third downs particularly in the first half, you know, we have to do a little better job of that. But keep getting better at pass rush, you know that weighs, and had a couple of penalties creep in today in the kicking game, which set us back a little bit. We obviously don't want to fall and lose the football game. We are in a good spot. But again, it is tough on the road, we know that. We handled some injuries today, hung in there, and played good football."

(on overcoming highs and lows this season and consistency) "No. We are going to keep turning corners. There is no ride in the NFL. We have got to keep going and keep cooking, and we will get better."

(on how he felt about K Mike Nugent standing out on the field a while before he could kick)  "I wish he wasn't standing there for so long, actually. It seemed like eternity. I am happy for Mike. Mike has done a great job since he missed the kick. Sometimes, you know, you when you sink all the way down, you have to keep your eyes up. We've have a couple guys have to do that this year it seems like."

(on what he and the Bengals did today against Ryan Mallett that the Cleveland Browns did not do against the Texans last week) "I don't know, we didn't reinvent the wheel today. I thought we did a good job of defending the running game, and kind of making it third and longer yardages for the most part, and I think that was big. They did job of good running, and finding a way to stay ahead in the count. As I said last week, we have to keep doing a good job of that."

(on what special the Bengals did to neutralize a player like DE J.J. Watt) "J.J. is a very fine player, we all know that we had to play good, all the way- everybody; tight-ends, backs, everybody had a responsibility, quarterback- to help take care of J.J."

(on emphasis of quick drops) "There is emphasis on a bunch of different things all the time, and it's gotta change based on plan, based on coverage, and so forth, you know. You have to keep your hands up all the way down the line."

(on his thoughts on the play by T Marshall Newhouse) "Well again, it was another big game for stepping in for Marshall today.  You know, Andre was fired up and ready to go.  He comes back of the ankle and has a bicep injury.  I'm pleased that Marshall was able to go in there.  We adjusted a little bit and things worked out."

(on QB Andy Dalton's performance in his hometown) "Hopefully now that all can be over the hump.  Hopefully he's s over the hump with that now.  He can come home and play here.  Take back the one throw and push forward.  It's good for Andy to be able to come here."

(on the play by the defense) "Well again that was big you know.  They're holding them to field goals when they got into scoring zones.  Those are big plays not giving up touchdowns.  Today was obviously a close football game.  We thought it would be a close game.  Those positions played a big part.  I thought we did a good job limiting them just to field goals."

(on the Bengal's time of possession) "Well you know that's good.  It's harder for their offense to score when we are on offense."

(on if QB Andy Dalton's mentality was different today since he was in his hometown) "No, not at all."

(on WR A.J. Green exploiting the defense) "You know, the quarterback has to come out.  He's got to read coverage.  He's got to deliver the football based on the progression and the coverage which is not necessarily exploiting anybody.  He's got to do his job based on the plan all the time."

(on the play of WR A.J. Green) "I thought he did a good job today."

(on if he had any update regarding T Andre Smith's injury) "No, I don't."

QUARTERBACK ANDY DALTON(Transcribed by Crystin Pactor)

(on if the win was more significant because it was in his hometown) "Yeah it is. It's cool to come back and get a win back at home. It's even more special today because today is my dad's birthday so it's cool to get a win here and have it timed up where we playing in Houston. It's a special day."

(on if he got to talk to his dad yet) "I did yeah. I saw him as I was walking off the field. I just told him happy birthday and he said it was an awesome birthday so it was cool. I am glad we got to have that moment."

(on if this win was important to get beyond the past two playoff losses) "Absolutely. I think the last couple of times we have come here, the last couple of times I have been in this room right here, it hasn't gone in our favor so it is good just to get that behind us. We don't have to worry about anybody talking about that anymore. Those are the first couple of years and we have moved on from that and so we have to keep doing whatever we can to win these games."

(on showing maturity on the road as they get closer to playoffs) "Yeah, this is the time of year where you have to be playing really well. As you know in this league it's the team that gets hot right now and carries it into the playoffs. We are putting ourselves in a good position and we have to keep winning these games and find a way to win every one."

(on how much it has meant to the team to have A.J. Green healthy) "It's been big. For him to have a performance like he did today at least that's what we expect from him. He's so talented we feel like he matches up with almost anybody so it was big for him to get going today."

(on if his game jersey is going to anyone) "It's going to my dad. I thought I would give him a little present after the game."

(on maintaining time of possession on long scoring drives) "I think we really had control of the time of possession and that was big. We would have long drives, scoring drives, starting on the five yard line, whatever it was. It keeps our defense fresh when you can control the ball like that. Obviously we want to score more when we get down there but it was a big part of the game."

(on how many times he has saved a special jersey) "This is really the first one. It's just cool that it timed up with his birthday today."

(on if he saved jerseys at TCU or Katy) "There you only get one jersey so it's not like you can just take them."

(on how big it was that he was able to shake off the interception) "I think it's how you respond after that. I let everybody know that it was obviously my fault. You know we can't lose any energy and can't lose anything that we were doing because I feel like we had been moving the ball well up to that point. Now you have to find a way to get a completion or throw the ball away. So bad play on my part, but we responded well and we were able to put good drives together at the end to win it."

(on what the win says about the team) "I think it just shows that regardless of where we're playing, what we're doing, we have a focus on what we are trying to accomplish. Regardless of what's happened before it's what's up next. For us, now we have five games left and that's how we are taking it, it's a five game season. What we did today and we have done previous it doesn't really matter. We kind of control everything."

(on if two road wins is the turning point to finding team consistency) "We just have to keep playing like we know we can, keep executing like we have been coached to do. There has been a big point of emphasis on all that. Now we got another road game this next week and we have to continue to do what we can. Again, it's all about winning by one point and finding ways to win."

(on his role in containing Watt) "I think knowing where he's at, knowing certain arm angles on when you can get the ball around him, and different things. I mean he got the one, batted one down early in the game, but other than that we did a really good job up front. That's what you got to have in these games. He's such a dominant player and you have to try and do whatever you can to shut him down."

(on what his dad's name and how old he is) "His name is Greg and it's his 55th birthday."

* *

WIDE RECEIVER A.J. GREEN(Transcribed by Ryan Cantrell)

(on setting a career high in catches) "We didn't have any special game plan today, but Andy played great and the offensive played great. It wasn't just me today, the defense played well and really we played well in all three phases of the game."

(on the amount of space he had today) "Yes, they didn't press me today at all. Last week they pressed a lot, but today they didn't press at all."

(on nobody really being able to guard him today) "They have great corners; I just went out there and tried to win every play. Coach Urban has challenged me to be great every game, so that is what I am trying to do."

(on if all of the Bengals receivers were healthy at the same time, how good would the team be) "We have a good group of receivers with (Brandon) Tate and James (Wright) too. It allows us to rotate and keep fresh legs out there."

(on QB Andy Dalton get criticized previously, but playing very well today) "That's part of the nature of being the quarterback; Andy is going to take too much criticism. It's a collective effort when we don't play well, but when we are able to keep him clean, he is the best out there."

(on being able to come back from his toe injury and play so well) "We have a great training staff here, and I try to take care of my body the best way I can. Overall, just hats off the Bengals training staff though, and them helping me get back on the field so quickly."

(on setting the tone with that first scoring drive they had) "It was major because we didn't have too much going for us before that. It was a great drive for us and it got our juices going and allowed us to get back into a rhythm."

(on not getting pressed, did you think that they would press you at some point) "No, they have a great pass rush and were trying to get pressure up front. Their corners didn't want to get beat behind, so they never pressed me."

(on the interception by CB Johnathan Joseph) "That was just J.J. being crafty and just sitting (on the throw). That is my fault, I need to come back and break it up and try to shield him. I felt him coming, but it was just a really good play by him."

(on the balance of the offensive attack today) "That was very critical. Especially going into this long stretch where the elements aren't going to be as nice as they were today, so we have to get our running game going."

(on winning two big road games) "It's tough enough winning one game on the road, yet alone three. We have won two already though and I think we are on a great track and we need to continue this." 

(on what winning two consecutive games on the road means) "It doesn't say anything about us until you get that playoff win."

(on the play of the offensive line) "They played great today. We had a couple guys go down and it was just about the next man up. They played great and it's hats off to them."

(on T Marshall Newhouse against DE J.J. Watt today) "Coming off the bench and having to go up against J.J. Watt is not the easiest thing to do. Hats off to him today. He played well; he was ready and accepted the challenge today."

* *

RUNNING BACK JEREMY HILL(Transcribed by ReShun Gilmore)

(on the win and performing well) "It feels pretty good. We're starting to find a groove and I think that's very important. It's very important for us especially. I think for how consistent we've been all year. We're finding our spots at the right time in the season. We're finally getting our groove back. We wouldn't have liked to have that turnover, but other than that we did a good job taking care of the ball and keeping our defensive playbook position as far as skill position wise. I like how we're playing right now. We need to continue to work hard and improve on our mistakes, but we're playing pretty solid right now."

(on T Andrew Whitworth's comment of this game being "personal") "Most definitely. For all the veteran guys, especially playing in this building it was very important for them to come back here and get a big win. Houston got a big win on the road, so we knew they were confident in themselves and we felt like they had a groove as well. We knew they would come out and play well and hard with some momentum. We just need to go out and start fast and that's what we did."

(on if T Marshall Newhouse subbing in for injured T Andre Smith was big) "Most definitely. I knew he played a big role. Everyone has a lot of confidence in him and after the Cleveland game, everyone knew he could bounce back and that's what he did today. He did a good job on (J.J.) Watt. I don't think Watt had any sacks today, so he did a good job. So, if we can continue to get any production from him that would be huge for our offensive line."

* *

LINEBACKER REY MAUALUGA(Transcribed by Lance Jaramillo)

(on his interception of QB Ryan Mallett) "I was at the right place at the right time.  I was just playing the call that was called.  I went to my hook drop, saw the ball thrown and hey, it's there.  If I would have kept my balance I would have scored. I'm kind of upset about that, but everyone said if I lost a little weight I would have been able to get up quicker to make my way to the end zone.  I'll work on that."

(on helping to stop the run)  "Just the guys getting ready to play.  I think we had a great week of practice, we ignored the outside noise about how bad we are and whatnot. We just came to play, played a good Texans team and we walked off the field with a W and that's all we can ask for.  It's bittersweet for us and myself because I've lost twice here and it hurts and sucks coming in to this locker room and everyone's head is down.  To get off that field with a W it meant a lot for myself and I think I speak for everybody on this team that we're just excited and moving forward from here and getting ready for next week."

* *

SAFETY REGGIE NELSON(Transcribed by ReShun Gilmore)

(on game planning for QB Ryan Mallett) "Actually we didn't. He did a good job of managing his team and he's going to be a great quarterback one day. He did a good job of keeping his poise and getting the ball out of his hands and getting it to Andre (Johnson) and the rest of the receivers."

(on if he feels the defense has hit a groove) "We definitely want to win away games. Those games are big and we know that. Our focus is just to come in here and try to rattle (Ryan) Mallett and get him off his spot. Pressure him and I think the defensive line did a good job of pressuring him. We did a good job on the back end, so my hat goes off to him. "

(on what this victory means for the veterans) "I mean we just want to win period. Its big coming in here and winning. It crushed us when they beat us in the playoffs back to back. It stuck in the back of my head and it doesn't sit too well. We definitely wanted to come in all week and we did a good job and Andy and the offense did a good job."

* *

TACKLE MARSHALL NEWHOUSE(Transcribed by Lance Jaramillo)

(on blocking Texans DE J.J. Watt) "Just not let him make the splash plays because that's what he kind of waits for.  We ran a lot of plays at him, away from him; we were kind of all over the place pass blocking and all that stuff.  We just wanted to be consistent and solid and not lunge on him and all that stuff.  He's a great player though.  He makes you honest every play, every snap in the first, second, third and fourth quarter.  I think I did pretty well for myself.  I hold myself to a high standard.  After all, we got the win and I'm happy."

(on using the two-point stance against J.J. Watt) "It was a mix and it just depended on the play and where the ball was going.  Occasionally it was to make sure I stayed back and make him make the first move."

(on what makes DE J.J. Watt so great) "It's a motor and he's a crazy good athlete.  For that position, there isn't a lot of guys who are as good an athlete.  It makes you honest and makes you play every snap with great technique."

DEFENSIVE TACKLE DOMATA PEKO(Transcribed by ReShun Gilmore)

(on the defensive effort against Houston) "It was huge for us. It seems like our run defense is starting to get better. We're all playing with discipline like I said before. It's a one gap defense and if everyone stays in their gap and does their job, we'll be just fine. Big shout out to our defensive coaches for getting the game plan in and guys just went out there and got it done."

(on game planning against QB Ryan Mallett) "That was our plan, to shut down the run and force the young quarterback in Mallett to try to win the game for them. It played right into our hands and that's what we wanted them to do. It all started with stopping the run. Let's just keep it going. That's two wins in a row on the road and let's makes it three next week."

(on QB Ryan Mallett) "With a young quarterback, the run game is his best friend and we took away the run. We kind of put a lot of weight on his shoulders. We played really great defense today and he's a young, good quarterback but today wasn't his day."

WIDE RECEIVER MOHAMED SANU(Transcribed by Ryan Cantrell)

(on this game being a little more personal) "Getting to come here and seeing this atmosphere you could tell that it was personal. We had to come here and get this win for Andy (Dalton), with it being his hometown we needed to get it for him."

(on if QB Andy Dalton said anything else about this week specifically) "No, he didn't say anything else about it. He didn't have to. I didn't realize how close Katy was to Houston, but coach Jackson said something about it last night and we took that to heart."

(on what Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson said about QB Andy Dalton's return to Houston) "He just told us that your quarterback is from here and you need to protect him and help get this win for him this week."

(on what the game meant to QB Andy Dalton) "I could tell what it meant to him this week. He has had a little bit of a rough patch down here, so the way we were able to get the win today and in the fashion we won today, it was really exciting."

(on the touchdown catch) "It was a quick throw with Andy throwing it out to me and I was able to catch it. I took an angle on the guy and was able to use my body to my advantage and get to the goal line."

(on winning on the road two weeks in a row) "It is a task, but we were able to stay to stay together and remained poised. We were able to execute on all three phases of the game. We were just out there having fun."

(on how good is this Bengals' team) "We are as good as we can be right now. We still have a lot of stuff that we left out there that we need to finish on and we still need to get better."

(on if all of the Bengals receivers were healthy at the same time, how good would the team be) "That would be a lot of fun for sure. We talk about that a lot; hopefully we can get Marvin (Jones) back, if not this season than at least for next season."

(on the combo of himself and WR A.J. Green) "We just try to go out there and feed off each other and do the little things right to make plays for the offense by blocking downfield when the running backs are running and just have our presence out there."   

TACKLE ANDRE SMITH(Transcribed by ReShun Gilmore)

(on his injury) "I don't know. I have to get an MRI and we'll see where it goes from there."

(on playing on the road) "We come on the road proven. So, playing on the road against really good defenses and good teams and to come out with a victory again is big."

TACKLE ANDREW WHITWORTH(Transcribed by Lance Jaramillo) (on QB Andy Dalton getting a win in Houston) "It's something we talked about during the week.  We have some guys that are from here.  In years past we kind of owe this football team and they've had our number.  This is a great win for us all around.  This is a personal game for us.  This team's robbed us probably in seasons where we felt we were better than them, had to come to their place and didn't play as well and didn't get a chance to go on in the playoffs.  This was a personal game to us to prove we wanted it more and we want an opportunity to go to the postseason more and this was one more step towards it."

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