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Postgame quotes: Texans vs. Titans


The Texans lost 17-14 to the Titans on Monday night. Afterwards, the Texans and Titans players and coaches answered questions from the media.

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Head coach Gary Kubiak(on what he said to K Kris Brown after the game) "I haven't talked to Chris yet. I just talked to my team. I haven't talked to him."

(on feelings at end of the game) "Well, it's very disheartening. It's a great football game. Give them credit- they're a hell of a football team and they played a great game tonight and we played pretty good ourselves. And we had our chance to keep going in the game but we didn't get it done. We didn't finish right there and stay on the field. So, I know we're all very disappointed. We worked very hard and expected a different outcome, but didn't get it."

(on thought process on 3rd and 4 at end of game) "There's eight seconds left in the game. I'm not going to take a chance at throwing up an interception or getting a sack by the tailback, by no means. (K) Kris (Brown) has kicked many 48, 49 yard field goals at this place easily. That wasn't the problem with leg or anything, it's just a matter of getting him in the right spot and that's what we wanted to do, and just end the football game. But we didn't."

(on his post game message to the team) "We've got to keep at it. We've got to let it go. We're coming back Wednesday and we play probably the best team in football right now, and it's going to take a great effort next week. That's part of the National Football League, there is no time to feel sorry for yourself."

(on watching game tapes and getting ready for the Indianapolis Colts) "There is not a tape we don't watch. We've got a short week this week to get ready for them, but they are a familiar opponent. We've just got to double up, work a little harder, stay a little later. We'll get it done"

K Kris Brown
(on how he feels) "I don't know what to say. There are a lot of adjectives I can use right now. Disappointed. I don't know what to say right now."

(on his one made and two missed field goals) "It's all on me. It's totally me. The frustrating part for me is we have 44 guys out there busting their tail and one guy out there not doing his job. That's the reason we lose the game. That's hard for me to take. I need to figure out what the heck is going on and I need to figure it out pretty quick."

(on if it is more not connecting on the kick than doing his job) "In my position, it's pretty easy to figure out whether or not you're doing your job or not and I didn't do my job tonight. I need to figure this out pretty quickly."

(on how the kick felt through the approach and contact) "Everything felt good, just when it came off my foot, I knew it was no good. It was just a bad kick."

(on if he felt it was a chance to make up for the missed FG in Indianapolis) "I let Indianapolis go a long time ago. The thing is, no one is going to feel sorry for you in this league, so I had to let Indianapolis go a week ago."

TE James Casey
(on his thoughts and emotions right now after a loss like this) "You know, when you lose like that it's hard be kind of positive and hard to forget about anything, but at the same time you can't just hang your head and feel sorry for yourselves because your still in the hunt. One thing we can guarantee is that we're not giving up, we're still in the hunt, and we're going to come back and watch the film, learn from it, and me personally just have to find a way learn and what I can do more to help this team next week against Indianapolis. Whether it's practicing harder or working out more, I'm going to do whatever I have to do. We are going to come back, we're going to keep fighting, keep our heads up, and go out there and give Indianapolis a battle."

(on his thoughts about how he played tonight) "Personally I think it felt good to get out there and contribute, but again when you lose like that it's hard to feel good about anything. Stats don't really matter at all when you're losing. It would be nice to make a couple plays down there to help us win, but we didn't and we lost the game. We have to find a way to fix and get prepared for next week."

(on his thoughts about the short week and next week's game coming up) "It is a football game and you want to get out there as fast as possible to get back and redeem yourselves. We have a lot less time to hang around so I think it will be good for us to get out there and play again."

(on feeling bad for K Kris Brown) "You know, it hurts, it hurts everybody to lose a game like that. That kick is really magnified because it is the last play of the game, but there is a lot of plays during the game that could win or lose a game, and you can't just blame it on one play at the very end, just because it came down to that. We could have made a play in the first quarter that wouldn't even have caused us to have that kick. It's a team effort and you never blame it on one guy. We just have to, as a team, to find those plays during the game to help us win the game."

LB Brian Cushing(on his general thoughts) "Tough one. You give everything you've got and you just come up short. I mean, two weeks in a row, similar finishes, it just seems like you've got to squeak one of those out one of these weeks and it just hasn't gone our way yet, but we can't feel sorry for ourselves, we've got a game in six days against arguably the best team in football so we've got to come ready to play."

(on Titans QB Vince Young's scrambling) "Well you've got to expect that. He's a very versatile athlete. You know that's his key asset, that's his key weapon, if he doesn't see anything he's going to tuck it and run. You've got to be careful with both of those guys and it is frustrating but then again you've got to expect it."

(on the rivalry aspect of the game) "We expected that. It is a rivalry game now; it really is. You could see how close it was and they are a lot better football team than people think. That 0-6 start was interesting. They are still the same 13-3 team they were last year. They've got talent everywhere. You've got to give credit to them, but then again we were right there in it and it could have gone either way."

(on the close calls made by the referees) "Just playing football. We're flying around, they've got pads on, too. Some of the calls are questionable but it's the refs job to make those calls. Like I said we are just playing football, and we are going hard to the football and it's plays like that, if you don't make them, they could squeak it out and run so you've got to protect your own back, too."

(on moving forward) "We know what type of talent we have. We know what kind of capabilities we have, and this is a very young, good football team. It's just been so disappointing with the way we've lost games, but hey, it happens. We are not going to sulk. Like I said, six days to our next game, we've got to get ready."

WR Andre Johnson
(on if he is tired of losing) "Of course. You never enjoy losing, other than that I don't have much to say."

(on K Kris Brown taking the blame for the loss) "Kris is a competitor. He works real hard. It has happened to him two weeks in a row now, so of course he is going to feel like that, but you never want anyone to feel that way."

(on if he got the coverage he wanted) "Yeah I mean, we know their defense pretty well by now. They are going to throw a few wrinkles in to try and confuse you, but we basically saw what we wanted, we just need to make more plays."

(on moving forward and the Texans' playoff chances) "We just need to win. That's all that matters. If we win the rest of our games, we get in. If we don't we will be packing our bags at the end of the season again. I don't really think about that (the chances of making the playoffs), we just have to win."

WR Glenn Martinez(on how the loss feels) "It's definitely heartbreaking. You put yourself in position to at least put the game into overtime or even come away with a win and don't come down with that, it's definitely heartbreaking."

(on his play on special teams throughout the night) "I did okay, but the only stat that counts is a win or loss and we didn't get that W."

(on moving forward) "There is a lot of season still to be played. We lost, but we are going to pass that on and move on to Indianapolis next week."

SS Bernard Pollard
(on the toughness of the loss) "It's always tough to lose like this, and nobody wants to come into a game and wants it to be this close. But its just the NFL and they're really good athletes like we are. We want to close some things out, but we didn't complete some things, its just little mistakes in all phases of the game. We got to get better, we honestly do, we got to get better if we want to get to where we want to go. We honestly got to get better. There's no pointing the finger, there's no doing none of that. As a team we have to get better."

(on if the team still can get better) "We definitely can, there's six games left. There is no reason why we can't come together and fix the things that are causing us to be in certain situations in the game. I honestly believe that this team has the players, and the coaches are doing a great job, but we just have to minimize mistakes, that's all we have to do."

(on QB Vince Young creating problems with his legs) "Definitely, he definitely created some problems. But at the end of the day we have to be able to contain him and we have to be in our right gaps, we got to do what we got to do. And I think a couple times it broke down but coming back, looking at it, you can't turn back the hands of time. We lost the game, and you never want to be in that position. So we're going to get it together. Like I said we got six games, and we're going to rally up the troops. And we got Indianapolis coming in, we're going to take it game by game."

(on if it's a blessing in disguise that the Texans have the 10-0 Indianapolis Colts coming in) "Well, it's not about blessings in disguise, its about us showing up as a football team. We have to show up day in and day out, we have to minimize the mistakes. We have to be one, all eleven guys on all phases of the game have to go out there and we have to try and do everything that we can to keep both sides of the ball in the game. We didn't do it today."

CB Dunta Robinson
(on his thoughts on the loss) "I just think we did a lot of uncharacteristic things. I know I dropped the interception and that usually doesn't happen. We dropped a lot of balls on offense that we usually don't drop. We just didn't play as well as we're capable of playing and against a hot team you got to bring your 'A' game and we knew that coming into this game."

(on Titans' QB Vince Young's 3rd down conversions on the ground) "It was devastating. Coming into this game we knew that he had been converting a lot of 3rd downs with his feet. So we emphasized it, but it's easier said than done, to go out there and try to stop it. We didn't get that done on defense. We were faced with a few 3rd and 4's, 3rd and 5's and he got them with his legs, that's what he's known for. It was critical, it hurt us, because it ultimately turned into points, but that was not the only reason we lost this football game. It was just a lot of things we didn't do."

(on where he sees the team right now) "I see this team as a team that won't quit. We still have six football games to play. Eventually it's going to go our way. We just got to keep fighting, keep hanging in there. We got Indy coming in, we got a team 10-0 coming in. We got to make sure that we're ready to play because they're not going to take it easy on us."

(on all of the tough losses the Texans have had this season) "It's been frustrating. You play so hard and it just is not going our way right now. But we're going to keep fighting, we're going to be in this position a couple more times this season and we just got to believe that we're going to win these football games. Like I said, we just got to keep fighting and eventually the ball is going to roll our way."

(on if he feels for K Kris Brown) "Yeah, you feel for a guy like that. Kris has been good for us for so many years. Back to back weeks he has missed a field goal and you know how hard he works, how hard he prepares, the kind of competitor he is so we know he's taking it hard. But like I said, it was a lot of things we didn't do in this game and that ultimately led to the loss."

QB Matt Schaub
(on how frustrating this game was) "It's frustrating how much we put into it and how hard everyone played. Everyone put a lot of time and preparation into the game, being on Monday night and coming off our bye. So it was an important game, a big game, and we were ready to play. I felt we played a really tough game."

(on K Kris Brown taking a lot of the blame) "I think there were plenty of times, throughout that game, where we could've avoided being in that type of situation. We had the ball inside the five there on the one series in the third quarter and settled for a field goal. We couldn't punch it in. We had plenty of opportunities to avoid a last second field goal."

(on if he feels for Brown) "I feel tremendously bad for him. He's a tremendous player and he puts a lot of time in and a lot of pride in what he does. He'll rebound. We're going to need him before this year is out to win us a game. I have no doubt that he's going to go out there and do that."

(on his view of being 5-5 and how things are going) "We just have to get ready for a quick turn around here Sunday against the Colts. We just have to be ready to go and play good against them."

(on if he sees this team bouncing back very quickly) "Absolutely. I think everyone is pretty eager to get back out on the field. After the way this one went, we're looking forward to getting out there Wednesday to prepare and get ready for the Colts, a team we know well, so we have to come out and play well."

DE Antonio Smith
(on Titans QB Vince Young's running game) "I think that was a big part of their game plan, on third down to let him find a bit of a gap, a hole somewhere, and he just happened to make the plays he needed to get the first down."

(on how tough the loss is) "It is a real tough loss because it went to the wire, we knew it was going to be a bang-bang game. We get up for them, they get up for us and when it goes down to the wire like that all I was thinking on the sideline was 'please let it get to overtime, give us one more chance out there.' But it happened how it happened."

(on if QB Vince Young's running ability changes the way they attack him) "We got pressure on him, that's the only reason why he ran is because we kept crossing him and missing him. But that's part of his game plan, to get you to rush, you beat a man downfield and he just ducks under you and runs. That's a big part of their game plan. We were coached to stop it, he just made some plays."

(on what he does to keep people in the locker room from getting frustrated) "What I always do is just go back to work the next day, train harder, work harder, do what you need to do to better yourself the next day. And if you're a leader, bring everybody with you, it's not just yourself that you got to motivate or keep up. If you see somebody down, 'Come on, let's get in this weight room' or 'Come on, let's go do some extra work.' That's just part of being a team and I think that's what you got to do to keep everybody from getting their head down."

(on if its an advantage that the Texans have the Colts coming up) "I think so, and I think especially after a loss like this. It amps you up, especially for a game like the Colts, being how we lost almost the same way this game as we lost to them. It's going to give us some extra energy, you just got to go after it and execute and not make the mistakes because if you do, no matter what you do, they're going to beat you,"

(on his altercation with Titans C Kevin Mawae) "I think what happened is sometimes you get players that play in a way that I don't think is an honorable way to play. When you have to come back and cut somebody, cut somebody that isn't looking, that's like you're going to end somebody's career or put somebody out of the game. You got to get understanding with that."

DE Mario Williams
(on how hard this loss is) "You can answer that. It's devastating, but we just have to bounce back now. It happened. We definitely don't want to go in that direction, but I think we just have to stay focused and stay as a team—don't get divided. We as a team lost that game. No matter who thinks they did something wrong. We just have to be there for one another and don't put each other in a bad situation."

(on K Kris Brown taking full blame) "Well unfortunately, he was the last person on the field, but it shouldn't have come down to that. He was the last person; everybody is going to look at him because he was the last person, but if we would've made that extra play here and there, offense and defense, it would've never come down to that."

(on if he's worried about where the team is headed) "I'm not worried about it."

T Eric Winston
(on how do you react to this loss) "The same way you react to the other ones. We can gnaw on it for tonight, you got to let it go tomorrow, and you got to get to the Colts."

(on his thoughts about K Kris Brown and the rest of the team) "It's tough. It's one of those deals, its not just him, but it always seems like it with the way the games go and stuff like that. We could have made other plays. We had first and goal at the nine and we could have punched it in to make it 21, but you can always do the what-ifs and stuff."

(on the team being 5-5 and the season being far from over) "One out and you're in, bottom line, one out and you're in. We got Indianapolis in our house. I felt like we gave everything we wanted up there in Indy and didn't play very well, so you may think it's an advantage for us. We go to Jacksonville. We always feel division games are games we can win; obviously we have a streak of non-division games after that. You look back at all the games that we lost and we're just losing them right at the end."

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Head coach Jeff Fisher
(on performance of team) "That was a great win for our football team tonight. Those were two good football teams battling it out. You get the sense this game could have gone either direction; unfortunately for them, they don't get the chance to tie with the missed kick. I just can't say how much it means to us to be able to come back in here and get back on track again with the divisional win. So it's special. (QB) Vince's (Young) work was great. He managed the game well. CJ (RB Chris Johnson) was busy; we kept him busy. We knew it was going to be a hard day in the run game because of the way the Houston Texans had improved over the last six weeks. All in all it was very fortunate to be a part of that win. I would assume that was a good solid game for the Monday Night Football audience."

(on QB Vince Young using his legs more) "He's been using his legs since he came back, but he knows when a team elects to play man-to-man and their cornerbacks are running, he's going to pull it down and run. He did a good job of it."

(on the effectiveness of the option play) "We just ran it a few times, but it was enough. It was effective. They adjusted the third time we ran it, but we tried to stay somewhat conventional and yet try and keep them off-guard and it was effective for us."

(on stopping LB DeMeco Ryans) "Houston has a very solid defense. The linebacker crew, I think, is one of the tops in the league. (LB Brian) Cushing is playing better and better each week. We had a lot of carries for not a lot of yards, so someone was doing something effective. Our offensive linesmen were doing a good job protecting today as they have done in the past."

(on K Rob Bironas' game-winning kick) "I knew he was within range and that there was a little breeze, but that was our best chance to win the game. We couldn't punt the ball away. He felt confident about it. I knew it was just barely inside his range and if it had been short it would have been my fault."

(on QB Vince Young's efficiency in the third down) "He's been effective there. His third down efficiency has improved a bit in the last couple of weeks and I believe it's due to his run threat. If they are concerned about his run threat then he can make plays with his arm. We had a motion on our first third down play that was complete that I think was a good decision."

(on performance of defense) "I think our defensive linemen played well. They played well against the run. We were very pass conscience. They've got a terrific wide receiver in (Texans WR) Andre Johnson. We even knew it was coming and we couldn't stop it. I thought we got adequate pressure on passing. We got some help from the secondary linebackers, but we were able to pressure them which gave us a chance.

(on third down stop on a slip-screen to Texans RB Steve Slaton) "The guys have done a good job preparing for those things. You have to have a defense that takes several things away. The first concern is (Texans WR) Andre (Johnson) and I thought the guys did a good job with him.

(on how satisfying it is to win in Houston) "I'm excited for the team. We didn't have good luck here last year and we let one slip away at home in week 2. It's good to buckle down and win a game, especially on Monday night."

(on QB Vince Young's performance) "He's a year further in the system. He's had the luxury of watching (QB) Kerry (Collins). He understands things—he made a lot of checks in a difficult place. To me, that shows—all of the pass completions and the running for first downs—all those things aside, what he was able to do on the line of scrimmage with the play clock with the crowd noise, I thought was a great job tonight."

(on if it feels like the 2006 season) "No it's not at all. We just have to win a game. We've got to buckle down, it's a short week, and win the next one."

WR Kenny Britt
(on how QB Vince Young made the right play on a late game pass to him) "That's what he's getting paid to do and that's what he comes to do every day in practice."

(on what has turned the Titans' season around) "I believe we are walking around with a chip on our shoulders and we know that we can beat every team that we lost to in the beginning of the season. So we just wanted to turn it around and just work hard. And the coaches believed in us. With the coaches believing in us, we believe in ourselves."

LB Keith Bulluck
(on how the Titans defense held the Texans offense to 17 points) "I'm definitely pleased with how the defense performed. First I want to say that I have a lot of respect for this Houston Texans team. I remember when they were an expansion team and from where they came from to now is a 360 turn around. I say that all the comments I made were in competitive nature. Our defense did a great job of stopping (Texans RB Steve) Slaton. It is impossible to stop (Texans WR) Andre (Johnson). You can only really contain him. At the end of the day we only won by three so we will definitely take it."

(on how this Titans team resembles the team from three years back that went on a late season hot streak) "We're playing real good. Tonight we pulled off a game that was a close game, whereas in the first six (games) we might have lost that. Things might have not gone our way. I think we're playing real good and we have a lot of confidence going with this team right now and we are just going to keep playing and keep taking it one by one. We got four and right now we are going for five."

K Rob Bironas
(on how confident he was going into his kick to win the game) "I don't think there has been a game where I missed two. We rushed that first one. We didn't run the sequence as a unit. We got things straightened out there on the sideline and went out there and did what we had to do."

(on the team's confidence level at this point in the season) "It's a good win. We were a good team at the beginning of the season. The first six games we started off with losses after sixty minutes of play, but we are starting to put things together now. We've come up short on different plays, whether it's the ball bouncing the wrong way or just coming up short on making plays but we're now making the plays, the ball is bouncing our way, and we're doing what we need to get the victory after sixty minutes."

(on if he thought the kick was good after the ball left his foot) "That was one of the earliest ones I put my hands up for. It's always gratifying to go out there and get a second chance. You have got to give props to (LB/LS Ken) Amato and (K/H Brett) Kern for snapping and holing, the offensive line for blocking, and VY (QB Vince Young) for getting the offense down there to get us in winning field goal position."

TE Alge Crumpler
(on the reemergence of Titans QB Vince Young) "Most definitely, I mean the man is set for a long time. I know he took things as special. I know he listened to everything that was said. But all he could do is take advantage of the opportunity. That's what (QB) Kerry (Collins) did. He had an up and down road too in a long career. I remember following Kerry when was with the Panthers. When he came here last year he had the opportunity to come in here last year and be humbled and he played exceptionally well. I thought he was playing well this year, but it was just an opportunity for Vince to come in and play his style of football that our offensive coordinator (Mike Heimerdinger) caters to him. It put our offense in all cylinders and our defense is starting to play well. Our veterans are coming in and we are playing week to week football, good week to week football. "

(on the possibility of winning every game the rest of the season) "I'm glad that people are actually starting to talk about it again. Our focus right now is beating Arizona."

CB Cortland Finnegan
(on feeling vindicated tonight) "We felt like we gave that game away the first time we played with the mental errors in the secondary. We were able to make enough plays and the offense played well. It's a sweet feeling to go home with a win beating the Texans."

(on the play of the Titans defensive line) "We felt like we needed a game plan and to scheme very well so we could hold them from the backend to give ourselves a chance to get some sacks. Some of them are coverage sacks and some are just guys beating double teams and single team. I just want to credit those guys for working hard and executing the game plan."

(on the reemergence of QB Vince Young) "You know when you're humbled by things in life you would decide to take a back seat and evaluate your situation. He's done a great job of that. He's humbled himself and he's come in and worked harder than he ever has. When we execute in all three phases it gives ourselves a chance to win."

FB Amard Hall
(on how big is tonight's win) "It's a big deal. It's a big game for us. It's a big game for them (Texans) to continue in the playoff hunt with everything on the line. I knew it was going to be a magical night and we came out with the win."

CB Nick Harper
(on first game back from a broken forearm and taking his first hit) "It was actually the first play when they motioned (RB) Steve Slaton out of the backfield. I mean, he ran at me. He ran full speed ahead at me and went right into my arms and it held out. That
gave me a lot of confidence."

(on how his teammate S Vincent Fuller gave him advice on coming back from an injury and taking his first hit) "He said it was going to take one or two licks and then you will put it in the back of your mind. I was able to get those one or two licks."

(on facing the Texans) "You can't say anything about them. They are a good football team. We knew they were going to make some plays but we knew we had to make more then they did. We knew it was going to be a defensive battle and it came down to that."

TE Bo Scaife(on what was at stake this game) "We were excited to be in here. We knew to come in here it was a must win for us, too. We knew what it takes and we did that."

(on what the team's confidence level to win on the road) "I think the confidence level has always been there, we just wasn't doing the little things right. We know our team has talent and have a lot of great players board to board. So it's all coming together now."

(on the play of QB Vince Young) "Obviously we want to come down here and win. I'm happy for him it's his hometown and we both played down here. So for us to come down here and get a win in front of the fans it feels good. I was looking forward for him to be back in the huddle. All that he endured in the past year hearing people say he can't do this or that. Now he is being humble and modest about it and he is showing everything on the field now."

(on the possibility of making the playoffs) "A lot of things have got to happen for us. All we have to do is control what we do."

LB Stephen Tulloch
(on what the Titans defense was on the last Texans drive) "We have to hold. We have to do whatever it takes to win. We put the ball in the offense's hand and they went down there and handled business. (K Rob) Bironas made a good kick and the outcome is Tennessee 20, them (Texans) 17. That's what is all about."

(on how the character of the team is starting to show) "The character has always been there. When you lose it motivates you to get better and that's what we did. We're getting better. We're definitely not where we need to be yet but each week we want to get better and that's what we're doing. We're taking strides and now our main focus is Arizona (Cardinals)."

(on not allowing the Texans to get the win at home on Monday Night Football) "It's tough for them. That's what it takes to win. I'm proud of the guys, proud of the organization and we're not quitting. We're going to keep fighting. It's a one game at a time season and we're going to do whatever it takes to win."

RB LenDale White
(on how the Titans are 4-0 with QB Vince Young as starting quarterback) "Last time we started with VY and he came in he made a splash. My rookie season we went eight straight or something. Vince is not new to jumping in and winning. It's very exciting, obviously our owner Bud (Adams) knew what he was talking about. It's just fun. I am more happy to be winning these games more than anything and Vince is doing the job for us."

(on how he witnessed QB Vince Young carry the Texas Longhorns back into the 2006 National Championship) "With me seeing that a couple of years ago, me sitting here now and in the fourth quarter when the game is on the line, just knowing him and knowing what he is capable of doing, I never panic. Having a guy like that in the huddle you just sit back and know that everything is going to be ok and usually it works out right to our advantage."

(on how the atmosphere was during the 2006 National Championship) "It was amazing. That was my third straight national championship game that I had played in so I'm use to that feeling. I had won two up to that point. It is unfortunate that we had lost to him (QB Vince Young) but the atmosphere was crazy. Snoop Dogg, Warren G and everybody was in the house, Mathew McConaughy. It was unreal, it was a great time we just didn't come out on top but I'm over it now."

QB Vince Young
(on making big plays with his legs, especially on third down) "They went man coverage and sometimes the defensive line got out of their lanes a little bit and they gave me a lane to pretty much use my legs down field."

(on the Titans winning four straight since starting 0-6 ) " I'd say everybody is playing football, taking care of their assignment and basically executing the play [Titans offensive coordinator]Mike Heimerdinger has been calling. Our offensive line has been doing a great job giving me some time to get the ball down field and I just go through my one, two, three reads and if it's not there I get a chance to use my legs."

(on his improved play) "I just want to be a quarterback and lead my teammates and continue to earn the respect of of my teammates as well as my coaches. The offense did a good job today. The defense got the last stop for us. Took the drive down and [Titans K, Rob] Bironas hit the big kick. When things come together like that we can win ball games."

(on the Texans changing gameplans for his running ability during the game) " They took it to cover two a few times and things like that. But when our offensive line gives us a chance to get the ball down field and if it's not there, take care of the ball and use my legs and try to make something happen again."

(on the Texans and LB Texans Brian Cushing taking questionable shots on him)"I wouldn't say that. In the spur of the game guys are just trying to make plays and I talked to (Texans LB Brian Cushing) after the game and I told him "good game" and "don't listen to me during the game I'm just caught up in the game like you are." He respected that and I told him continue to keep working because he could be the rookie of the year on defense right now."

(on his touchdown throw to Titans WR Kenny Britt)"Great call by (Tennessee Titans Offensive Coordinator) Heimerdinger as well. [Titans RB] Chris Johnson pulled two guys with him and when the safety bit down he let Kenny Britt break free and get behind him. I just went through my reads and if it's not there low, check it down or use my legs and I gave him a shot in the endzone."

(on using the option) "That's big for us It gets us down field. (Titans FB) Algie Crumpler does a great job of giving us the edge. It's a big play for us when you get [Titans RB Chris Johnson] and me coming off the edge, if you take(RB) Chris[Johnson] I'll use my legs and if you take me I'll pitch to CJ.

(on the offensive line) " [Titans C] Kevin Mawae and [Titans T, Michael] Roos did a great job on (Texans DE) Mario Williams tonight. Especially giving me time down field. It always starts up front and us skill guys have to make it happen behind them."

(on crowd reaction to him being in Houston) " It was a lot of love and a lot of boos. The fans were trying to give me a hard time but at the same time I was zoned into the game. I understand what they're trying to do; try to take me out of the game. At the same time I respect the Houston Texans and I definitely respect the fans out here but at the same time I'm playing for the Tennessee Titans and trying to win a ball game for us."

(on what he was most impressed with for his team) "Third down. Just moving the ball and keeping long drives. Keep(Texans QB Matt) Schaub off the field because they're an explosive offense."

(on the team's win streak) "Preparation, defense making plays and giving us the ball back, myself taking care of the ball even though I had a fumble tonight. Taking care of the ball is the biggest key and getting on big drives and things like that and converting on third down."

(on his fumble) "The guy made a good play behind me. I didn't have the ball high and tight but that's something I'll be working on all this week."

(on his improvement as a quarterback) "The development I had sitting back and watching [Titans QB] Kerry[Collins] helped me become a better quarterback. How to play the game NFL. It helped me out a lot. I definitely wanted to play and be out there competing with the guys and things like that but I definitely understand where [Titans] (head)Coach (Jeff) Fisher is coming from. I took my time and asked questions."

(on keys to being a successful quarterback) "Just be patient. If it's there, take advantage of it. If it's not there, get the ball to our guys underneath and use my legs as well. It's just all about being patient and if it's not there we'll punt the ball away and let our defense go out there and give the ball back to us."

(on winning in Houston) "A win is a win. Not going to take anything away from the Texans. They played a great game today. Their defense did some things and kind of changed it for us, we got it corrected on the sideline but you have to like games like this. It's terrific. The fans are into it, we're into it and they're into it. Let the best man win and that's what happened today. Much respect to the Texans as well. It's definitely fun to play at home because I got a lot of family members and a lot of fans who helped pretty much raise me and made me into the man I am today but it's not all about me it's about the Tennessee Titans. That's the big key."

(on his groin injury) "On one play I stretched out. I was throwing the ball downfield. I'm fine. I got it stretched out on the sidelines."

(on winning for Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams)"It means a lot. He's been watching me since college and high school so the respect he has, I want to play my heart out. I was definitely sorry when he lost his wife. I always gave her a hug when I saw her. I really feel he needs a championship and I'm working hard to get that to him."

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