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Practice quotes: Friday


Running back Ahman Green was placed on the injured reserve list today, while recently activated guard Mike Brisiel was tabbed as the starting right guard for Sunday's game against Tampa Bay.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on an update on RB Ahman Green's status) "We're going to place Ahman (Green) on IR today and then Shane Boyd is going to take his spot. I'll tell you guys like I told the team, we've worked our tail off with him, (head athletic trainer) Kevin (Bastin), (general) Rick (Smith), everybody in the organization, trying to get him to the point where he felt good enough to get back on the field and play. The response with the knee has been very, very slow and it's day-to-day. In all fairness to him and the players and everybody, we're going to move on. We're going to get Ahman well and we're going to get Darius (Walker) going here and we're going to get Ronnie (Dayne), Darius, and Adimchinobi (Echemandu) expect them to play well, but we're going to move forward."

(on if RB Darius Walker will be up this week) "Darius (Walker) will be playing this week. Darius is up. He will be part of our active roster this weekend."

(on the situation at right guard) "At right guard, Mike Brisiel is going to start at right guard. Kasey Studdard is going to also play. They're going to both play. It's a great opportunity for both those kids, but we're going to play them both."

(on how disappointing this is for RB Ahman Green) "It's extremely disappointing because I think we all understand what he means to our football team. To say that it's disappointing today, it's been disappointing from Week 3. It's been tough. To me, it's difficult on players and stuff to see him trying to get back on the field and we get close and we're not there. Those are tough things to deal with. We know where we're at, we know what's happening this last month, let's move forward and let's get him well."

G Mike Brisiel

(on when he joined the Texans) "I've been with the practice squad since out of college, so that was two years ago. I've been two years on the practice squad."

(on if he's nervous to be starting his first game) "Shoot, my dad used to always say if you're not a little bit nervous, you're not ready to play. So everybody's going to have a little bit of nerves."

(on when he found out he will be starting) "I just found out today."

(on how he feels) "It's exciting. It's a big-time opportunity for me."

(on if he was surprised) "Not at all. I mean, I prepare every week to go in like I'm going to get a chance to play, so this shouldn't be any different."

(on how this compares with other moments in his athletic career) "Well, you know, you work so hard for something and then to feel it, you're on the doorstep of it, it's really big-time. And it's a good feeling, but I've still got a lot of stuff to work on and improvements every day, so can't stop here."

(on going from the 'outhouse to the penthouse,' as he said a few days ago) "It's definitely a big step, so I'm just excited. That's all I can say , really."

(on whom he will call first to tell the news) "Shoot, probably my parents. They'll be excited to hear it."

(on if he feels overjoyed) "I just dreamed of this day for so long, and now it's here. I've just got to make the most of it."

RB Ahman Green

(on being placed on injured reserve) "It's frustrating. I tried my best rehabbing and running around and know from watching film and practicing the way I did, I felt good, it's the fact that it's just not quite there. And that's the frustrating part, and where it boils down to is just not knowing whether we're dealing with it. I kept feeling the way I felt prior to games and when I go into games and then bam, a couple plays in and I'm out, and I don't want to do that to myself, I don't want to do that to my team. And I want to make sure I help my team by letting them know, being honest with them how I feel, so they could be ready for the game in terms of having guys on the field that are healthy that could get the job done."

(on if this is torture for him, as he said a couple of weeks ago) "Yes, to sit and watch my team play without me, knowing what I could do and knowing how when we're all on the same page how we work together, yes. To watch that and knowing I'm helpless, pretty much helpless right now, it's tough."

(on if he knows how long he will be out) "I have no idea. I just know right now, the things that we are doing right now, I think in the long run it's going to be beneficial."

(on not being able to prepare for game speed) "Correct. Game speed, you can't simulate it. You would like to so I could really feel it but I don't want to take that chance and be out longer, so I'm just trying to listen to the doctor and continue to do what we're doing."

(on if he will continue to rehab without surgery) "Yes."

(on if he worries about playing in the future) "No, I don't. From the way I feel right now from the games I missed and being rested right now, how I feel, it's just a matter of time of knowing what this time next year it's going to feel like. And I can't think about that right now, I've just got to take it one day at a time and do what I'm doing."

(on if he plans to be back with the Texans next season) "Yes, I don't see why not. I'm here for four years; this is one year, I've got three left. I don't plan on nothing else but getting back out here in this red and white."

G Kasey Studdard

(on the decision to start G Mike Brisiel) "He deserves it, man. It's a great opportunity for him, great opportunity for me. I've got a chance to play, too, so I'm just going to go out there and take advantage of it to the fullest."

(on if it's hard to prepare with not getting the starting nod) "I look it at like you do every week, just go out there and just prepare and when you get your chance, go in there and do your thing."

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