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Practice quotes: Friday


Kubiak said he brought the idea for the bike give-away with him from Denver.

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media after practice on Friday as his team prepared to head to Indianapolis to face the 12-2 Colts in the RCA Dome. Kubiak and the entire team participated in their second annual Holiday Bike Give-Away following practice, donating 170 bikes to local children for the holidays.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on if the Houston Texans Holiday Bike Give-Away is an idea he brought from Denver) "We started doing it when I was there just on the offensive side of the ball. I did it with my players and it kind of just grew and grew, and we started doing it here last year but we got the whole team involved, and I just think it's great. We've got little things we do in the locker room, and we've raised the money from turnovers and what ends up happening is either the money comes from them or comes from me. When they don't turn it over, then I put the money in, and when they turn it over, they put the money in. So needless to say, they bought a lot of bikes this year, and too many. I'd rather be the one buying them."

(on how much turnovers cost in his system) "We can't tell you that. There were a lot of bikes out there, though, right?"

(on if the system provides a win-win situation) "That's right. That's the way it's supposed to work. If I have to pay for the bikes, that's a good thing, but unfortunately they paid for them."

(on if he has reached a decision about QB Matt Schaub for Sunday) "Yes. Well, I shouldn't say I made a final decision. I'm going to make it Sunday morning, but my gut right now tells me I'm going to make him the third guy and I won't play him unless it'd be totally necessary."

(on if QB Shane Boyd would be the backup to QB Sage Rosenfels) "Yes, I'll list him as the two, (QB) Matt (Schaub) as the three. Matt worked with the shoulder harness that he would play with if he was playing today. I want to go back and see what that looked like, but right now we'll proceed this week no different. But I'd like him to suit up."

(on what he did not see out of QB Matt Schaub this week) "Well, my biggest concern is if he plays, can he protect himself? That's the number one thing, and just watching him in practice around the piles and the guys rushing the passer, I didn't see that he's ready to quite do that. So I don't want to put him in harm's way right now, but I think he's awful close."

(on his running back rotation) "Well, we'll go (RB) Darius (Walker) will start, and it looks like (RB) Ronnie's (Dayne) going to be ready to go. He practiced a little bit today, but I'll make him work out for me Sunday morning and I'll either suit two or else I'll suit (RB) Joe (Adimchinobi Echemandu) also. But the two will be Darius and Ronnie."

(on if it will take a great effort from the defense to win on Sunday) "Yes. We're playing the best QB in the game, arguably the best QB in the game along with Tom Brady, so we'll have to play great defense. Usually the key against this group is how well you play in the red zone. They're going to move the ball. They're going to make plays. But if you can find some ways to shut them down in the red zone and make them kick some field goals, it can help you, so hopefully we play great red zone defense."

(on if this game is still significant despite being out of the playoffs) "Well, you're talking about a team I think that if you go back and look, I think they're 32-5 over the course of the last four years at home. That's about as dominant as any team in the National Football League, so to go in there and win is the biggest challenge you've got. But it's our division; for us to get to where we want to go some day, we're going to have to figure out how to go in there and win, so I just want to see us go in there and play with poise like we've been playing the last couple weeks. But it is a monumental challenge. We'll have to play as good as we can play."

(on if Indianapolis is the loudest place he has played) "Yes, it's definitely the loudest place at this point that I've been in so far in the league, and it won't be any different this week. They're gearing up for the playoffs, and it's a great test for us."

(on any other lineup notes) "(LB) Danny Clark will be a game-time decision. I'll make one on him. He ran around a little bit today, but we'll see."

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