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Houston Texans

Practice quotes: Friday


Texans coach Gary Kubiak gave an update on rookie linebacker Xavier Adibi's status after practice on Friday.

Texans coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media on Friday after his team returned to practice following a day off for the Christmas holiday.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on how the team came back today after the break) "It was good. We practiced very good today. We came back and locked into what we're doing. They know what type of football team they're playing and they know how well they're going to play, that team (Chicago), just because of their situation and what they have at stake. But like I said, that's what we need to end with. We need a challenge like that."

(on if he looks forward to playing a team that is playing for something) "Yeah. Well, I always tell you all that every snap that we take is important to this organization (for) where we're trying to get to. We've done some things this year. We've done some not so good things. We get to finish against a football team that's fighting for its life from a standpoint of what it takes to make the playoffs in this league. So they'll get a taste of that intensity, because I'll promise you that'll be there."

(on what stands out about Chicago's defense) "Just how hard they play. That's (head coach) Lovie (Smith). That comes from Tony's (Dungy) back ground. They play extremely hard, just rally to the ball. They've been on the field a great deal this year time-wise but yet they've still played extremely well and they've really been leading the charge the last month for their football team. It'll be probably our toughest test this year."

(on if it has hit him that this is his third year as Texans coach) "It's hard to believe that much time has gone by, but that's the way it is, I guess. I'll reflect on it next week, not today."

(on if it is too hard to talk about) "You don't want me to get emotional, do you? (laughs). I'll reflect on it next week."

(on if the Bears' defense blitzes much) "They will come get you. They pressure quite a bit. They create a lot of tough situations for your running backs as far as picking up blitzes. On any given day, a team can change, but they are a pressure-oriented defensive football team."

(on the Texans being good against the blitz and if QB Matt Schaub has adapted to that) "Well, he's a smart player. He knows where to go with the ball when people come after him, how to get it gone when his protections break down or what's going on protection-wise. That's a credit to him. But also, it's a credit to the guys up front and to the backs. But we'll be tested as much as we've been tested from that standpoint this weekend, because this team will not stop coming at any point. When they leave the locker room, they'll be pressuring us, and they'll probably be pressuring us when we walk back in, too."

(on if it helps that they've had consistency with the personnel on offense) "I think it helps when you have a lot of places to go with the ball. I think if people pressure you and they know you're only going one spot with the football, you're a little bit easier to defense. You know, we have a lot of guys that can make plays, so you have to go where the defense dictates."

(on if WR Jacoby Jones will return punts) "Yeah, he's going back there. He needs to get better, but he's going back there."

(on LB Xavier Adibi and S Nick Ferguson) "I would say they're both game-time decisions. They were both very limited in what they did today. They did practice, but they were limited. We'll work them both out Sunday morning and we'll see."

(on what he has seen from Bears CB Danieal Manning) "Any time somebody gives you a chance, along with (WR Devin) Hester, I mean, you do what he's done, that's incredible. That one-two punch is the best there is in football. You know, you can get beat on special teams in this league just like you can on offense and defense. We had that happen to us last week, so it will be (special teams coordinator) Joe's (Marciano) biggest test as a coach and our group also."

(on what he has seen from TE/LS Clark Harris) "He's done a good job. He really has. To be put in a tough situation he was in his first playing time in Green Bay, he's handled everything pretty darn well. I really think with a good offseason, he's someone who can help us also offensively. We've stayed away from that up to this point, but we'll pick that up in the offseason."

(on what he meant by his last response on TE/LS Clark Harris) "I mean he can help us. He can play tight end. He's got some skills. He can run. So we'll put that on his plate also. We didn't want to do that right now, but we'll get him in our meetings and make sure he knows what he's doing from an offensive standpoint."

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