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Practice Quotes - Friday


Wide receiver Jerome Mathis will back up starters Jacoby Jones and Kevin Walter on Sunday.

Head coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media after Friday's practice.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on how practice went today) "We practiced well. Our boys were locked in. It was pretty quiet out here today, which tells you your players are locked into what's going on. We're ready to go play, so we're looking forward to it."

(on who will start at wide receiver) "I'm going to start Kevin (Walter) and Jacoby (Jones). So we'll start them two, but we'll play all four of them, as I told you. We're going to have a rotation system, and it will take all four of them for us to be successful without Andre (Johnson) in there. So we'll get them all ready to go."

(on why WR Jacoby Jones gets the start) "I think he's earned the right. He's played extremely well. He was working as our third. We came out here and wanted to see how he responded to this opportunity in practice this week, and he's been very good. He's gotten better each day he's been out here, so the kid deserves a chance. And we'll go get after it."

(on the progress of WR Jerome Mathis) "I think his progress as a football player has been very good. I still think he has a ways to go to be a polished receiver down in and down out in this league. We're expecting him to step up, and he's got to play. So we'll find out."

(on the status of RB Ron Dayne) "He'll be a game-time decision. Ronnie's still a little sore. He did practice today. It was a little bit limited. I'll make a game-time decision with him."

(on if RB Ron Dayne can't play) "Then Samkon Gado goes. It's just one-for-one. And Ahman's (Green) fine."

(on if there are any updates on WR Andre Johnson) "Actually, they are going to visit with him today. The doctor is coming over today. They'll take the immobilizer off and see where he's at. But we're just keeping our fingers crossed that they'll walk out with some good news. "

(on if WR Andre Davis has been set back by being inactive the first two games) "Part of that has been that special teams-wise - he's not a kick-cover guy or something like that. He's a return guy. We need those guys to be able to cover some kicks. As you can see, that's what Jerome (Mathis) has been doing for this team. But now, he'll definitely play and could be a factor. Like I said, all four of them will be going, we'll see how they step up."

(on what he though about the atmosphere at practice) "To me, just doing this so long, Friday is a short day for players. I could just tell by how quiet they were today that they were very locked into what they were doing. But they have been. The group's been that way, and they're excited to go play."

(on why the team practiced outside) "I actually took a vote this morning. We go back and forth. I like to be outside. I like to get the players off the turf. We took a vote this morning, and about 10 old guys lost, so we came back out in the sun. They like being out off of the turf. I feel like our condition has been good. And if we can come out here and work, I think it's a good thing."

(on if he wants the team to treat the game like's any other Sunday) "We prepare every week the same way. The fact of the importance of it – we see every game as important. But I think our players can feel what's going on around the city. And that's fine. That's good. They've worked hard to be in that position, but they've got to go play well just like they have the first two weeks to have a chance to be successful. I just want them to have fun and go play – go play well."

(on the status of DT Travis Johnson) "Travis Johnson is fine. He played all week. He'll be ready to go. The safety rotation - they're going to all play once again. We'll go just like we did last week."

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