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Practice quotes: Friday


Head coach Gary Kubiak spoke the media after Friday's practice about the health of Ahman Green.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on the running back situation) "(RB) Ahman (Green) did practice today. I have to go back and evaluate how he practiced. Most of his work was with the scout team, but he did practice throughout the practice. He's going to be a game time decision."

(on no gut feeling if RB Ahman Green will play) "No, I can't tell. I'll talk to him and see what I thought about his work today. We're probably looking at a workout Sunday morning before the game to see if we think he can help us, but the other kids are ready to go. They've got all the work. (RB Ryan) Moats has got all the work. (RB) Cecil's (Sapp) got a little bit. So, they're ready to go."

{QUOTE}(on how much the team needs RB Ahman Green "Well, we need everybody. But if he says he can't go and he's not close to 100 percent, then we have to give those other guys a chance. That's just part of it. But we could definitely use him if he was healthy."

(on anything else health-wise) "No, we're OK. 34 (S Dominique Barber) is ready to go. There will probably be a game-time decision on how many guys we suit up. Other than that we're OK. (WR) Kevin (Walter) is back to full speed, so (RB) Ahman (Green) should be the only question going into Sunday morning."

(on how much T Duane Brown has grown as a player this season) "He's grown a great deal. He gets the chance now to go into a place that will be about as difficult to play, noise-wise and as great a player as he's had this year (Vikings DE Jared Allen). So, one of the things that has helped him is what we've done with (T) Ephraim (Salaam) the past few weeks. I think it's kind of, I don't want to use the word taking a load off of him because I don't think that's the key. I think it's just playing fresh and playing a good 50 plays for us. Plus, Ephraim has brought a little bit to our team. So, he's becoming a fine player for a young tackle. It's a big test this week."

(on what the formula they are using with T Duane Brown and T Ephraim Salaam) "We're kind of three to one. Basically (T) Ephraim (Salaam) goes every third series. I never know how the reps are going to end up when it's all said and done. But Ephraim has been going every third series. And Ephraim reminds me we score every time he goes."

(on if that is just letting T Duane Brown catch his breath) "I just think it's having him take a look at himself coming out of games. Normally you're sitting there as a coach grading 65 snaps and for (T) Duane (Brown), 45 of those have been graded very good and 20 of them have been graded not good enough. So, that's what we're trying to get him to do is be a full-time guy and I think its helping."

(on when T Ephraim Salaam reminds him that they score every time he's in) "Every day. I'm not sure he's right; I have to go back and look. He just reminds me of that."

(on if rotating T Duane Brown and Ephraim Salaam will be the plan on Sunday) "Yeah, we'll continue to do that. And (T) Ephraim (Salaam) is playing in a lot of short-yardage, goal line, things like that. So, he's getting his reps."

(on how big it would be to get the first road win) "It's a big game for our team. We've had a very poor month and we've fought like heck to get ourselves back in position. Now, we have to go do it against a very good football team in their home stadium. So, we just have to play solid football and get ourselves in position to make that play to win a game. So, they understand what they're up against and I like the way they worked today. Let's go take our shot."

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