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Houston Texans

Practice quotes: Friday


Head coach Gary Kubiak and the Texans are seeking win number 6 of 2009.

After Friday's practice indoors at the Methodist Training Center, Texans head coach Gary Kubiak and cornerback Glover Quin answered questions from the media. The following is a transcript of their respective interviews.

Head coach Gary Kubiak CB Glover Quin

Head Coach Gary Kubiak
(on the status of LT Duane Brown) "He practiced. I think we're good to go. Obviously if he has any issues then (OT Rashad) Butler will play but Butler's had a good week of practice too. (CB Glover) Quin is out. He will not play in this game. He is out, but the big concern is (RB Steve) Slaton did not practice today. He's having some issues with his shoulder and we thought it was getting a little better, but it kind of regressed last night, so it's a game-time decision on Slaton right now."

(on the importance of having LT Duane Brown available to start) "Oh, it's huge for our team. This kid has not missed a snap since he got off the plane here in Houston, so we count on him bigtime. Obviously, anybody protecting your quarterback's blind side, I mean, he's very important to this team. I see him over there smiling, so I feel good about him getting ready to go."

(on if RB Steve Slaton's injury situation is an issue for the team) "Oh, it is. It's an issue. It's something that's been bothering him, and obviously we've been trying to work him through it. It seems to have gotten a little worse here in the course of the last 24 hours, and if it's bad and he can't go, then (RB) Ryan (Moats) picks up his load. So we'll see, but he was not able to work today."

(on how he would term RB Steve Slaton's injury) "You know what, he's just had an issue he's got in his neck, getting some numbness and some stuff going on, so it's a big concern right now, like I said. I did not want him to take reps away from a guy like (RB) Ryan (Moats) who might be playing today."

(on whether RB Steve Slaton's injury is new) "No, it's something that's been bothering him, but it just kind of got a little worse in the last couple of days."

(on if RB Steve Slaton's "numbness" is concerning) "Yeah, obviously, if Steve tells you that he's getting some numbness and stuff and trying to hang onto the ball, trying to do the things he's got to do protecting the quarterback. If he can't do his job, (RB) Ryan (Moats) will do fine."

(on if RB Chris Brown would start if RB Steve Slaton can't play on Sunday) "Yeah, no doubt. Yeah."

(on RB Chris Brown's performance recently) "Well, he's been very good the last few weeks. He's been excellent in pass protection. He's a veteran. I've been real impressed with the way he's come back from the bye week and the way he's played for us, so he'll be big in the game."

(on CB Brice McCain) "Well, Brice has gotten some time, so it's not like it's very new to him, so he's shown some very good signs. He's a good cover kid, he's shown good signs of being able to handle that, and now he's fixing to play a bunch, so it's a big opportunity for him."

(on where CB Brice McCain will play) "I think you could see him in both, yeah. I think you could see him in both – nickel (and) outside."

(on who will start in place of CB Glover Quin) "(CB) Jacques (Reeves) will start. We'll rotate, somehow, someway, depending on how much nickel we get, they could be rotating."

(on how the team has replaced TE Owen Daniels) "Well, you never replace O.D. as a player. The only way you can replace him is with a lot of people picking up his slack. Obviously we've had two or three adjustments to make as an offensive football team, losing our two guards and losing O.D. But I think we've been able to find those yards, but it's been in a little different manor. We have confidence in (TE) Joel (Dreessen) and the young kid (TE James Casey). He's doing a good job."

(on replacing the points OD is scoring) "No, that's true. You're never going to replace him as a leader. What everyone has found out over the last three weeks is how big of a leader he's been on this football team. We knew that. Those guys are doing the best job they can to try and succeed."

(on if he has ever considered trying WR Kevin Walter out at TE) "No. Kevin does a good enough job outside. Kevin has really played well the last few weeks. We've got the people to make the plays; you just have to find a little different way of making them, so it's been an adjustment for us and will continue to be. So we're going to need those guys to step up."

(on if exams on Slaton's shoulder indicated anything) "I'd be out of line to speak on something like that. It has been a problem that we've been working with for about three weeks; it's just gotten a little worse."

CB Glover Quin
(on when he was hurt) "I got a little banged up on Sunday. I took minor hit to the head. I had a few concussion symptoms. It's nothing major, just taking precaution right now. It happened on the drive that they had the go-ahead touchdown."

(on if he suffered a concussion)
"I wouldn't say it was a, if it was a concussion it was real light, a slight concussion, a mild concussion, something like that."

(on if he's disappointed he can't play)
"I'm very disappointed. This is the type of game I want to play in, a hard-nosed, physical game. This is where I want to be. But they're taking precautions. So I'll sit out this week and hopefully I can come back next week."

(on what he thinks about head injuries and concussions) "It definitely plays on your mind. Now you have to look at the situation
like it is. I have a family at home and it's not worth going out and risking re-injuring it even worse. You can sit out a week and hopefully get better and come back and be completely ready to go than trying to come back too early and risk taking another shot and doing some further damage."

(on what his symptoms are) "I had minor headaches earlier in the week. I never did get like nausea or throwing up or anything like that. I just had a slight headache."

(on if he was unconscious) "No. I laid there for a minute and shook myself. Then I got up and I wasn't all there on the next play. But I got through the play."

(on how he got hit) "I just caught a knee."

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