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Houston Texans

Practice quotes: Friday


After the Texans practiced outside Friday at the Methodist Training Center, head coach Gary Kubiak answered questions from the media. The following is a transcript of his interview.

Head coach Gary Kubiak
(on today's practice) "We just changed our routine. We did a lot of walkthroughs and tried to double up our reps from a mental standpoint. I just changed up our routine a little bit."

(on why he changed the practice routine) "I don't know. We'll see. I'm hoping that some change in what we're doing, getting some more mental reps on Friday, some of the mistakes we've been making in football games, hopefully we'll find a way to cure some of those. So, just a change-up."

(on FB "Santa" Leech) "Santa Leech? He's interesting every Friday out here. But he practiced well, he did his job."

(on the team's injuries) "We're good. (DE Tim) Bulman will be the only guy that'll be down. But Q (CB Glover Quin) will be ready to go, all the tests checked out fine, he's good. And (DE) Mario's (Williams) ready to go so we'll have everybody back except Tim."

(on RB Arian Foster) "He's going to play offensively in this game. He has not done that yet. It goes back to trying to get three guys involved and we're going to find a way to come out of this game with him playing some reps and see how far he comes. He's practiced well, he's done well for (TE) Joel (Dreessen) on special teams, and now it's time to see if maybe he can take another step with us offensively. We've been impressed with the kid's work, he's come a long way. He had a lot of things to overcome early, when he got here, but he's become a good worker so we'll see."

(on if he's worried about playing RB Arian Foster, an undrafted rookie) "Concerned? Yeah. You're concerned because you got a quarterback back there that we got to protect and that's where (RB) Chris (Brown) adds value to our team, y'all know that. And then you got some young guys. But it's time to find out where he's at and he deserves the reps after what he's done on special teams. He deserves an opportunity."

(on how many times he would like to see RB Arian Foster run the ball) "I wish I could tell you. I hope I come out of the game and he touches it five times and gives me a reason to give it to him ten times. So let's see, but we're going to make sure he touches it and we'll see where we go from there."

(on if Pittsburgh and Baltimore losing gives him hope) "You got to worry about yourself. It doesn't matter what other people are doing in this league. If you sit around and wait for other people to fail for you to be successful then you're never going to be successful. So like I said, it's about worrying about us and obviously it's been a rough month and we're trying to find a way to win a game this weekend and get going back in the right direction."

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