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Houston Texans

Practice quotes: Friday


Texans coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media following Friday's practice, discussing who he plans to use in place of injured receiver and kick returner André Davis.

Head coach Gary Kubiak(on if he has named who will play at kick returner in place of WR André Davis) "It's going to be David (Anderson) and Jacoby (Jones), and Jacoby will start."

(on who will play as the third receiver) "It all depends on what we're doing. They're all going to play. They're going to rotate, but David's (Anderson) our Zebra and Jacoby (Jones) can play all three spots. But they'll all be out there."

(on the injury update) "Injury update? Nothing has changed. (Dominique) Barber will be out this week and André Davis, naturally, will be out. Other than that, we're OK. We have some game day decisions to make on which way we go with a few guys. Other than that, we're OK."

(on WR David Anderson's flu issue) "Yeah, he's alright. It seems like we have one or two guys a week. Even some coaches have been sick. (Offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) got sick on us Monday. It just seems like it's going around, but David's OK. He missed Wednesday. He was a little puny yesterday, but he's fine today, so we should be fine."

(on if making Texans history with three consecutive wins has been thought about this week) "It's been mentioned around, but we're just trying to win one each week. It's an important game for our team. We've done some good things. We have a lot of things we have to clean up. We're playing a team that's very explosive that this place has never beaten. It's just another challenge, but that's the National Football League."

(on if he is surprised that RB Cedric Benson has struggled as a pro) "Well, I think one of the toughest roads in the National Football League is being a very, very high draft choice because there's a lot of weight on your shoulders and a lot of pressure. Usually, if you're a really, really high draft choice, you're probably going to a team that at the time is struggling or something, so you're really asking even more. So those guys that make it through that are special guys, but there are guys that struggle early and then come on and play well. I know he's been working out good for everybody and I know he's doing a good job for them. I know what he's very capable of."

(on if he thought about bringing RB Cedric Benson in when RB Ahman Green got hurt earlier this season) "Well, those names come up all the time with (general manager) Rick (Smith) and the scouts. That's always a question, but we liked our young guys and we knew we were going to go with Steve (Slaton). And fortunately, Ahman (Green) is back now."

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