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Practice quotes: Friday


Coach Gary Kubiak said that defensive tackle Travis Johnson could be a game-time decision.

The Texans finished their last practice Friday before taking on the Titans at Tennessee. After practice, head coach Gary Kubiak talked to the media about the team's injury updates going into the game.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on DT Travis Johnson) "He (Travis Johnson) took minimal reps today. We'll go back and watch him on film, evaluate him and try to make a decision. It could be a game time decision."

(on if the extra week helped the team injury-wise) "Really, the guys that would have been out last week when you look at (Mark) Bruener and Ahman (Green), it really hasn't changed from that standpoint. Last week, our questions were Travis (Johnson) and maybe Jacoby (Jones) a little bit going into last week. Right now, they've both practiced all week but I've got to evaluate and look at Travis hard and how he's practiced today and try to make a decision there."

(on if DT Jeff Zgonina would start if DT Travis Johnson doesn't play) "Yeah, he definitely would."

(on who would be back up DT Amobi Okoye and DT Jeff Zgonina if DT Travis Johnson can't play) "Frank (Okam) would be up. He's done a good job. He's earned the right, really, to get on the field, the way he's been practicing. So I'll have to make that decision."

(on if the game against Pittsburgh seems like it was a long time ago) "Yeah, it does seem like a long time ago. We've been practicing for a couple of weeks and I think we're antsy to play. Everybody has got two games under their belt and it's almost like we're starting over. But our attention to detail has been good this week and we are playing an excellent football team. So we better be ready to go."

{QUOTE}(on if the team's mindset has progressed throughout the week) "I really think it's been good all week. When they've been out here and in meetings with us, and been out here on the field, I think it's been good. I think the tough thing for them is the minute practice is over there's a lot of questions about everything else that's going on and I'm sure the minute they get home there's a lot of questions and issues. But that's the hand we've been dealt and nobody is going to feel sorry for themselves. We're going to just keep plugging and doing our job and hopefully we can put a smile on the face of a lot of people in this city this weekend and go out and play well."

(on if he has a roof update) "A roof update? No. I'm out of that one for now. I'm worried about the football right now."

(on if they have had to make adjustments this week because of the circumstances) "Yeah, I think everyday has been a different day from a routine standpoint. We've had to adjust some times. We've had to do some things like change our walkthroughs and stuff because we can't use our stadium. That's been an adjustment on every body's part but it's been no problem. We've been fine."

(on if they are looking forward to playing) "Yeah, this is what we do and when you're not playing every seven days there's something wrong. So, it will be exciting to get back out there."

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