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Practice quotes - Monday


Texans head coach Gary Kubiak discussed the acquisition of safety Michael Boulware after Monday's morning practice.

After Monday practice, Texans head coach Gary Kubiak and several players spoke to the media with only six days remaining until the regular season opener at home against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sept. 9.

Head coach Gary Kubiak (on if it makes him feel old when he is coaching his friend's kids) "Yes, but that's part of it. He's a good football player. He's going to be around for a long time. It's important to him. He loves to play. Now, it's time for him to really grow up. It becomes a lot of self-motivation for those young players."

(on when safety Michael Boulware will be ready to play) "I'm expecting him to be there on Sunday. I think the key is he can help us on special teams right away. There are some parts of our defense that he's very familiar with. It was an easy overlap when we worked with him yesterday. There are some things he has to catch up on, but he should be able to help us as a special teamer right away."

(on if Boulware has any injury problems from Seattle)"Yes, he had a little issue going into the last preseason game, but he worked today fine. It was no problem."

(on what he likes about Boulware) "He's a physical player. We need a big box player that can go in there and mix it up. That's what he is. He's a former linebacker, plays well in the box. He's got a nose for the ball. He's had some interceptions in his career. I like what he stands for. I know a lot of people that know the kid and I think he'll fit in good with our group."

(on how quickly Kubiak can work a new guy into his system) "It's really up to the kid, probably, as much as anything because he has to make a special commitment as far as catching up with everybody. We knew that there would be parts of what they do defensively that are the exact same things we do. The question as far as him getting on the field and helping this defense is probably going to be how quick he catches on with the other things. He should help us Sunday. He should be a factor on special teams right away."

(on if he is worried about what happened to Boulware last year) "Players go through that. First off, when you're making switches for players, there's probably a reason why you're doing it, both teams. I know what he's been through but I also know he's played some good football and I know he made our team better by being here. We have to have that type of presence and we needed some help at safety. It was a no brainer."

(on what he thinks when says he's rectified his mistakes from previous years) "That sounds like a guy that's hungry and that's what we want. He knows he's in a situation here where he can help us awful quick if he can catch up real quick. We'll see what happens. What he brings is what we're looking for. Now, how quick he's a part of our football team as far as really contributing on the defensive side of the ball, time will tell. I can't answer that today."

(on defensive end Anthony Weaver) "He's ready to go. He'll play this week. We could have played him against Tampa Bay. We decided to hold off. It looks like he's holding up fine. We have to be smart as coaches on how much he plays."

(on if he has his starting lineup set) "Yes, it's set. It's just those three new guys that we talked about on Saturday, with (Steve) McKinney at center, (Danny) Clark at SAM linebacker, and Travis (Johnson) at the nose. Other then that, just like we've been doing."

(on what he's biggest concern about the Chiefs) "Well, the whole thing concerns me. I know you look at them in the preseason, and they were working at the quarterback position. They did not have their back. I saw a team that wasn't totally intact, but it's intact now. I know what we're fixing to face with one of the best backs in football and the quarterback they'll be playing this week is a very sharp, good player. He was playing extremely well for them last year. I know what team we're fixing to face, a big, physical team that runs the ball well. Gunther (Cunningham) and Herm (Edwards) do as good a job with defensive football in the National Football League as there is. We have our work cut out for us."

(on if his history against the Chiefs matters at all) "It's different because Herm (Edwards) has been there. Other then the preseason, I haven't played since Herm's been there. Gunther (Cunningham) has been there for a long time. David Gibbs, their defensive backs coach, I know a lot of those coaches. They do a heck of a job and they'll have their football team ready to go.'

(on if it benefits the team to have guys here since day one) "I think it does because you have a group of guys that know what this organization has been through, what this franchise has been through. The day we feel like we've turned that around and turn the corner, I've told them many times, I think those six guys will still be standing because of what they stand for and they're very important to the future of this team."

Safety Michael Boulware (on how practice went today) "It went alright. I definitely have some things to learn and I have to get to know my teammates, how their playing. I definitely have to know the defense a lot better. I definitely have a ways to go."

(on Coach Kubiak saying he could help them this week on special teams and the rest is up to him) "I hope so. I believe I can have a big role this weekend on special teams, something I'm familiar with from being in Seattle. I have to learn how they want me to play it. I think I can do a job out there on special teams for now and hopefully, I can be a factor on the defense as well."

(on what his strength is) "My biggest asset right now is my ability to play the run. I definitely am a bigger guy so I'm a bigger threat the box. Also in the past, I've been known to get my hands on the ball as well, so from time to time, I can make a play, too."

(on if Kubiak told him to be a physical presence on the field) "Definitely. This defense is built on being very physical and stopping the run first. I'm definitely going to have to be physical when I am in there against the run and also be disciplined in the pass as well."

(on if he looks at this as a fresh start) "I do think it's a fresh start and a new beginning for me. I'm really excited about the opportunity. I thank the coaches for giving me the opportunity and for being patient with me."

(on how the scheme differs from what he did in Seattle) "There are some similarities from the defenses, but definitely terminology, different language. That's going to be the biggest thing. Obviously different personnel as well and knowing where my help is going to be is going to be key."

(on what is the biggest thing you are looking for from yourself early on) "I just want to help the team any way I can, not trying and do too much. They have a good team down here and I don't need to try and change the team, I just need to try to help the team."

(on if he thinks he can compete for a starting job) "I hope so. I definitely have a lot to learn, but anytime somebody is not starting, they are trying to compete for a starting job, whether it's me or any guy on this team. It's definitely what my goal is."

(on if he has something to prove to people in Seattle) "Not necessarily. I'm here. I'm a Houston Texan now. I'm here to please the people around here, not the people in Seattle. I'm here. My focus is here. That's it."

Running back Ahman Green (on if he's excited to start the regular season) "I'm ready. We got through the hard stuff, which was training camp, and getting beat up and getting your body acclimated to football season. So now we're ready to get this thing started."

(on what he knows about the Kansas City Chiefs' defense) "They're fast. They're young. And they're playing a popular defense right now, cover two, with the MIKE backer flying out of there. So it's going to be definitely a hard-hitting game and a fast game because their linebackers and their d-linemen, they like to control the game."

(on what the team mindset is heading into the season) "Our mindset's basically one game at a time. One practice at a time, one game at a time. Everything else will come from our hard work in practice and hard work in the games."

(on if he has made good progress with the offense) "I believe so. Every game, we accomplish one more goal than the last game. And that's all you want during preseason. You basically want guys to stay healthy and guys to get better from every point of the game- offense, defense, and special teams.

(on how much of the playbook we've seen in the preseason) "I honestly don't know. I just run what's called in the huddle. I don't know. Not much. Once the regular season comes around, which will be a week from Sunday, you'll start to see nuances of this offense when we gameplan certain teams."

Wide receiver Andre Johnson (on if he played against safety Michael Boulware in college and if they tangled much) "Yeah, I did. But no. He was a linebacker when he was at Florida State and when he came into the league he switched over to safety. I'm excited about having him here. I think that he can help us out a whole lot."

(on if he's studied Kansas City's defense yet) "Yeah, I've seen some film on them. I had a chance to watch some film last week when we were going against Tampa. But they're a good defense. Fast. They all get to the ball. Just like any other team, you just have to go out and execute your offense."

(on if the team's overall attitude is different this year) "Definitely. Like I said before, the attitude has changed around here. Just being around here, you can tell it's changed. Guys expect more from each other, and when you have an attitude like that, it'll take you a long way."

(on if he feels less pressure because of wide receiver Jacoby Jones) "I think, not just him, I think we have guys like (tight ends) Owen (Daniels) and Jeb (Putzier), you know, Kevin (Walter), a lot of those guys can go out and make plays. So the more people we have that make plays, the better our offense will be."

(on if he used to feel like the "Lone Ranger" as a receiver) "Not really, I never really felt like the Lone Ranger. At times I just got more opportunities than the other guys got. Now we have a quarterback that can spread the ball around and find the open guy, it's going to be a lot o fun."

Defensive tackle Travis Johnson (on if safety Michael Boulware can hit from the safety position) "Of course, he went to Florida State. We don't put out nothing less."

(on when he watches running back Larry Johnson on tape, what comes to mind) "He's Larry Johnson. His last name is Johnson, so he's got to be something special. He's a hard-nosed runner. He's one of three or four guys to rush for over 1,750 yards in consecutive seasons, with Eric Dickerson and Terrell Davis. He's a hard runner. He didn't get those 1,750 yards just doing nothing. You can't bring him down with arm tackles, you really need to hit him the mouth and bring him down."

(on what's the mindset going up against a team where everyone knows what they are going to do) "It's your will against his or is the man in front of me going to beat me. It's a question if you're going to let the man in front of you out work you."

(on what he thinks about quarterback Damon Huard) "You said the right word, it's pedigree, really. Those Huard guys have been around the game for a long time. He's a smart quarterback. They probably want Brodie Croyle to eventually be the future, but at the same time, he's made some mistakes as far as putting the ball in different places they didn't want him to. With Damon Huard, when you're dealing with a veteran like that, you're dealing with a mind that has been around the game for a while. You have to outplay him, but at the same time, you don't want to try and overthink it too much."

Safety Jason Simmons (on how he feels after being banged up) "I feel good. I'm ready to go."

(on what he thought when the team brought in safety Michael Boulware) "We brought in another safety. We're trying to add not only depth, but talent to our secondary."

(on if that's tough for him when they bring in a guy who will compete for his position) "Everybody here was competing with me. I've been competing. I'm competing to play well. Everybody is supposed to be a competitor. There's nothing wrong with competition."

(on Kansas City's offense) "We're still learning it right now. I know a little bit about them, but we're still studying them right now. I'll tell you what; I'll have a better feel by Friday."

(on Chiefs running back Larry Johnson) "I know he's one of the best running backs in the league. It's one of those things that you know that you have to tackle this guy. You have to get him down. I know it sounds simple but it's not an easy thing to do."

(on if it takes more than one guy to tackle Johnson) "Hopefully not. It has been taking more then one guy, but with us, hopefully it doesn't. Hopefully one guy can bring him down."

(on how the mindset of the team has changed from previous years) "I think one of the big feelings is we always worked hard. The thing is, now we go in expecting to win instead of wanting to win. That's one of the things that all the good teams do."

Defensive end Anthony Weaver (on how much rust is there) "I got some reps out there in individual drills. There is still a lot of rust. I plan on getting back to where I need to be in the next couple of weeks."

(on how the upper body strength is going) "Good, I'm ready to go."

(on how important it is for the team that he is back where he is supposed to be) "I'm just another piece to the puzzle. You can see by the way these guys are playing in the preseason that they are ready to go. Hopefully I can just come out there and help the defensive line a little bit more and maybe get us going to a whole new level."

(on what he thinks after watching running back Larry Johnson on tape) "He's explosive. He's one of those guys that has it all, speed, power. We have to be ready for him. The guy carried the ball 418 times last year; you know they plan on running ball. We have to be prepared to stop that and I think if we can do that, it will enable us to get some pass rush and shut them down."

(on the team's mindset when both teams know they are going to run the ball, and they run it anyway) "You just have to prepare to go out there and be physical. You know what their mindset is going to be. They are going try and come here and bully you around. It's our job to go out there and set the tempo, not adjust to them, set the tempo and be the bully."

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