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Practice quotes: Monday


Members of the Texans talked to the media after Monday's practice about the status of wide receiver Harry Williams.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on WR Harry Williams' status) "I'm going to let the doctors and (head athletic trainer) Kevin (Bastin) take care of that with the release because I don't think I'm one in position to talk much about that."

(on how he feels about WR Harry Williams never being able to play football again) "Well, you know, it's hard. In this business you root for kids and you watch that guy and what he did last year. You know, Harry had made this team. Harry was fixing to be a big part of this team and have a chance in his career that he had really earned. To go out there on that field and see that kid laying there and what he went through, I think it's just the reality of how tough this game is and what can happen to you on any given play. I just thank the good Lord that the kid is going to be fine. That's number one, but I know it's a very, very difficult time. Amazing mom, I talked to his mom. He's got great support. Harry is going to be OK, and that's what's important. I know we are all disappointed that he won't be able to play, but that's not what's most important."

(on when they got the news) "I kind of heard it late going back on the plane that night, that they thought that was going to be the issue. So, that's when I first heard."

(on if WR Harry Williams has been told about everything) "Yeah I think they've talked to him about that. I think he's well aware of that."

{QUOTE}(on where they are on cuts) "The only guy we released is Jameel Cook and we have to make either one or two more moves by tomorrow afternoon. So, we'll work through tomorrow's practice and stuff and then make those decisions tomorrow afternoon."

(on some of the younger guys playing in the game Thursday) "Naturally, we are going to have to see a lot of them. We have some guys banged up that we've got to get back healthy before we get into Pittsburgh. We've got some tough decisions to make. I think, naturally, we are going to see a lot of young players play. We'll make the decision as far as exactly how we are going to do that probably sometime Wednesday afternoon. Obviously, you are going to see a bunch of faces you haven't seen much of."

(on if they have cut any other players) "No, I think we have until three o'clock tomorrow to make, I think there are two more moves for us to get to the numbers. So, we'll do that sometime before three tomorrow."

(on the major area of concern for the team) "There's a lot of concerns. There's not one area of concern. There's a lot of issues that we have to improve upon. But we've had our preseason just like everybody else and there's not much time between now and next week. We just have to get ready to go play. We've done a lot of good things; we've done a lot of things not so well. I'm sure everybody has got that same issues. But the key is that hopefully we are good and healthy coming out of Thursday night and get our group together and go take our shot. I mean, like I said, it's time to go play and hopefully we'll improve on the things that haven't been so good and hang on to the things that have been good."

(on how he feels he has done with keeping players fresh) "I think we've been very fortunate throughout camp, as far as where we are at right now today and before we get ready to go play Pittsburgh. I think we've been fortunate. That's a different number. I like the way we went about our business. I think I'd still do some things differently next year, even so. Our first month, we could very well have some very warm football games and we've been able to work in the heat. It was pretty warm the other night so I feel good about that."

(on going through a major injury twice in the last two seasons) "It's very, very difficult. I've been walked out there twice in the last two years and saw two kids go through that. You just have so much respect for these guys that play and what they go through to play. You understand what the consequences could be with just one wrong hit or something. It's very hard. Two great young mean. It's interesting, I heard from Cedric (Killings) Thursday on my way to Dallas, talking to me about how well he's doing and everything. So I got a chance to talk to him and then go through it again with Harry (Williams) two days later. You know, we are all better people from being around those two guys. They'll be fine, they are great young men."

(on if the starters will get any time in the game) "I haven't made a decision. We are going to keep working. We'll make that decision probably Wednesday night sometime."

General manager Rick Smith

(on WR Harry Williams' injury) "It's a scary thing. The first thing that goes through your mind is the rest of his life. That's what this league is about. That's what people don't really understand what these guys subject their bodies to. It is a sacrifice when these guys put on a helmet and go out every time on the field. That's why we appreciate it, and certainly our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, but it's a scary situation."

(on the release of FB Jameel Cook) "Well, he'll (FB Jameel Cook) be on the waiver wire today. So, he's been released today, and (WR) Harry (Williams) went on injured reserve today. Of course, we signed (FB) Jon Abbate. So, we've still got a couple of releases to get down to the 75 limit on Tuesday. We're on our way to doing that."

WR Andre Johnson

(on WR Harry Williams telling the team to go about their business this season and what that means to him) "It means a lot. Coach Kubiak talked with him, and he said that all he talked about was his teammates. So, that's big on his part. We're behind him 100 percent. We're rooting for him. I just can't wait to see him walk through those gates to come watch us practice. I think that will be a great day for this team and a great day for this organization."

(on how WR Harry Williams' play on special teams was going to force Texans to keep 6 wide receivers) "Yeah, like I said, he was a guy who was showing up every week. Every time you looked at a play, it was like, 'Great job, Harry.' He was the first guy down on kickoffs. It was just a sad thing to see him lying out there not moving. It's scary. You hate to see one of your teammates—you hate to see anybody lying down like that. It's just something that just happened, a freak accident. I just hope he gets well really soon."

(on if he is ready for the season) "I'm getting better. I haven't really been out here much, but I think that as everyday goes on, I get better and better. I'm just taking it one day at a time. I haven't had any pain or anything like that, so that's a good thing. I haven't had any setbacks, so when opening season comes around I'll be out there."

(on if it was a blessing to not have been hit as much this preseason) "It probably is. I haven't been tackled or anything like that, but once the season starts, everything is just going then and I just have to be ready."

(on the running back situation) "I think we have a lot of great running backs. We don't know who's going to be the guys. That's up to the coaches. We have (RB Steve) Slaton, (RB Chris) Taylor; all of those guys go out and make plays for us. There's going to be some tough decisions made. Like I said before, there's a lot of competition around here. The most that's been here since I've been here, so there's going to be some hard decisions that have to be made."

(on decision to be made on the running backs) "Like I said, that's out of my control. That's up to the coaches. I can't make that decision. I don't know who's going to be back there. The guys who are back there on opening day, those will be the guys we'll roll with."

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