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Practice quotes: Saturday


Texans head coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media after practice on Saturday.

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak(on what he wants answered from Monday's game) "I think we have a lot of questions going into the game in various spots on our team. This is the game we are going to play our guys the majority of the time, so I just want to see us go out and play good football. We are playing an excellent team. One that a lot of people are picking to win the NFC this year, so it's a good measuring stick for our football team."

(on LB Brian Cushing's progress) "He practiced today full time; took all of the scout team. I think if it was a regular season game, I think we'd be a gametime decision on him. Obviously we're not going to do that this week, but he's made a lot of progress. (DT) Travis (Johnson) practiced today with the team. He will be a gametime decision. He looked pretty good moving around so we'll see where he's at on Monday."

(on the level of progress of CB Deltha O'Neal since being acquired) "It's been slow, but it's been okay. We got Deltha when we had a little crisis in camp with (CB) Jacques (Reeves) going down and all these young players. He's come in and it's taken him a little time to adjust to what we're doing, but he's been practicing well. He did some good things in the game the other night in the second half so we'll take another look at him this week."

(on his thoughts on the young secondary) "Well it's as young as I've ever been around in the NFL. I've never been on a team with two rookie starters when you say nickel up. That's where we've been since day one. But that's our hand and (defensive backs coach) David (Gibbs) is doing a great job bringing those guys along. We're going to have to have them play above and beyond this year for our football team to get to where it wants to go. So we've got to handle the situation as a staff and as players."

(on where they need to improve) "They've done some pretty good stuff the first week. I thought they did some really good stuff last week. The biggest thing we didn't do well last week in the secondary was probably tackle. To ask these young kids to go out there and lock up some of these NFL players right away, that's a tall task, but that's where our team is at right now so we've got to be able to get that done."

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