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Practice quotes: Saturday


Head coach Gary Kubiak talked to the media Saturday after practice about injury updates as the Texans head into their Monday night game against Jacksonville.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on the possibility of QB Matt Schaub playing Monday) "Well, that's what we're going to figure out. (QB) Sage (Rosenfels) will start. Sage is the starter in the game. We went into this week not expecting (QB) Matt (Schaub) to really be in that position. He's made a lot of progress. He's gotten better each day. What we're going to do is go back and evaluate his practice. He took all the reps today with the scout team. We're going to evaluate it - me and Kevin and Rick, we'll all sit down. If we feel good about his practice, then he will go into the game as the backup. But if we don't feel good about it, he won't be the third; he won't suit up. He'll either be in a back up role or he won't suit up."

(on if the playing surface matters in whether or not QB Matt Schaub will play) "No, I mean, it's strictly just evaluating him (QB Matt Schaub) and watching him work. Is he doing the same things that he did before the injury and that type of stuff? I mean, he's not himself but he's awful close. He's made a lot more progress than we thought he would make. I'd say we're a week ahead. So, let's go back and look and see where we're at going into the game."

{QUOTE}(on if Ryan Moats is 100 percent) "Yeah, he's (RB Ryan Moats) fine. He's ready to go."

(on what he expects of RB Cecil Sapp if he plays at running back) "Well, he's (RB Cecil Sapp) been a productive halfback. He has for me in this league. Now since he's been with us, he hasn't worked there. He's just a big banger. He's a zone runner. I mean, that's what he's done. He understands protections. So, it's the most logical move for us to make at this point going into this game but you could very well see him on the field."

(on DT Amobi Okoye) "He's (DT Amobi Okoye) better than he was last week. He's still not 100 percent but he's definitely better than he was last week."

(on who gets DT Earl Cochran's playing time if DT Amobi Okoye isn't 100 percent) "They kind of split it all up, really between (DT) DelJuan (Robinson) and those guys - just a rotation. They split it up. But (DT) Amobi (Okoye) should be able to carry his load this week. I think he played about 25 plays last week. His normal load is probably 40, somewhere in there. So, he should be able to carry his load."

(on what he wants people watching this game to see about the Texans) "Well, I mean, it's an opportunity for our whole organization and for these players here. We don't have many guys that have been Monday night games. Pulling into work this week, seeing those trucks is a little different for them in what they go through. But I just want them to see us as a group of guys playing hard and making some progress and making some plays. That's what it's all about. We stepped up and made some plays last week. We need to make more plays against Jacksonville this week."

(on if playing against Denver so well last year in prime time helped prepare the players for this week) "Well, I know they were really excited to play in that game last year. I know this week, just watching them work this week as we get closer, they've been really into what they're doing. They've had a very good week of practice. I'm excited for them. I know they're looking forward to it. We'll have to play well."

(on if QB Matt Schaub is in the backup role, if his playing time will depend on how QB Sage Rosenfels plays) "Well, I won't name him (QB Matt Schaub) the backup in the game unless I know that he can go in that game and play. You know what I mean? So, it's been a day-to-day process and what we've done each day is take the film and just cut his plays out and really study his plays and compare them to what he's done in the past. We'll do the same thing this afternoon. If I name him the backup, then he's very capable of going in the football game."

(on if he is impressed with LB Xavier Adibi's play after sitting out for so long) "Yeah, I have been very impressed because we worried about him (LB Xavier Adibi) early in the season. All of the sudden he got an opportunity and just, everything, he's just been amazing. Really from a standpoint just day-to-day, he's very upbeat and sharp in what he's doing. He found some fun out here again. I don't think he was having a lot of fun those first eight or nine weeks with the troubles he was having. So it's exciting to see the progress he's making."

(on if he feels that LB Xavier Adibi has a bright future now that he's healthy) "Oh, there's no doubt. He's (LB Xavier Adibi) very athletic, he can run around. He lacks some size but guys can play that position at that size as long as they have people up front keeping big guys off them."

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