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Practice quotes: Thursday


Kubiak praised the stellar play of defensive end Mario Williams.

Texans coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media on Thursday following the team's afternoon practice.

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak

(on an update on injuries) "The injuries – let's see, who would that be speaking about, basically Ahman (Green)? He practiced today, took more reps than he did yesterday. We'll go back and evaluate what he did and see how he comes out of it in the morning. That's about all I've got for you."

(on QB Matt Schaub) "Matt (Schaub), he's out of his sling; I think I said that yesterday. And of course he's not doing anything and we'll basically we're trying to shoot for maybe possibly next week, we'll see. But he's not going to be ready to play. We'll get Shane (Boyd) up and go with Sage (Rosenfels) and Shane."

(on what move he will make to free up a spot for QB Shane Boyd) "I don't know; that's a good question. But we'll see. We'll probably do it sometime Friday or Saturday morning, so naturally we'll have to do something to get him available, so we'll see."

(on LB Danny Clark) "Danny Clark got an injection today. He's doing better. We held him out of practice because of the injection. We'll see tomorrow, but at this point today he did not do anything, so we'll see tomorrow."

(on when he will determine the starting right guard) "Probably tomorrow after practice."

(on if he knows who it will be) "No. I'm evaluating them as we speak."

(on if the competition is between G Kasey Studdard and G Mike Brisiel) "Well, I think what's probably going to very well happen, who's going to start I don't know, but I think right now what's probably going to take place is I'm going to play them both, some how some way. Regardless of who starts, the other guy is going to play. They need to be evaluated in the game also."

(on if G Mike Brisiel could also play center) "Yes, he'd probably be the most logical guy to move, but it all depends if we suit Drew (Hodgdon) up. If I'm able to suit eight offensive linemen, then Drew can be the backup center and Mike (Brisiel) doesn't have to worry about that. But depending on Ahman (Green), I'm going into a lot of situations right now, but depending on what happens at running back, that always has to do with whether I can suit seven or eight offensive linemen."

(on if RB Darius Walker might play) "Darius (Walker)? There's a chance. He did a good job today. He's had two good practices back to back, and hopefully he'll step up tomorrow and have another good one. But he's getting better."

{QUOTE}(in how he would avoid complacency if he were with the Bucs) "Well, I don't see it. I tell you what, they're an excellent football team, I mean they are really playing extremely well. I'm very impressed with their team. Special teams, they have tremendous speed. Offensively, Jon's (Gruden) got them going, they're running the ball well, (Joey) Galloway's making big plays. The quarterbacks have been unbelievable with the ball. I think between the two kids, they've only thrown maybe three interceptions all year if I'm right. And then defensively, over the course of the last 10 years Monte Kiffin's defenses have been the best, and this year he's probably got one of his best going. They've given up 180 points. They've given up 76 points in the first half this year. That's six points a half. All those numbers stand out. This team's playing exceptional."

(on if you can overemphasize the need to play well in the third quarter of games) "Well, I mean, we've talked about that, right? Because we've talked about the turnover issues and, I don't know, I don't think you can overemphasize it. When you're having the problems that we've had, you better emphasize it. We tried to mess with practice a little bit today to prove a point to them that we had some concentration lapses at certain periods in the game and that was part of our practice scheme today as coaches, to let them know that, but it's something we've got to work through. If we don't talk about it, we're not going to get better at it."

(on what he feels best about with his team) "Well, I like the way they're playing as far as their effort. I think we're playing extremely hard. We've had ourselves in some great position as a football team. We haven't responded sometimes when we've been in that position, but our effort and our attention to what we're doing's been good. But we've got to learn how to play well when the stakes get higher and we get ourselves in those positions; that's something we've got to learn to do."

(on what worries him most with his team) "Well, the issues of having to move a lot of people around has probably been the toughest thing. We've had a lot of guys miss time, and you lose some continuity in what you're doing. The fact that our back hasn't been on the field this year except for, what, three games, three-and-a-half games, that's a big concern."

(on having a game four days after this one on next Thursday) "You know, we need to do that kind of stuff. This team needs to learn. If you want to be a good team in this league, then they're going to have to give you a schedule like that during the year. You're going to play games like that, so that's another good thing we need to go through. We're playing a great team this weekend, and we've got to walk off the field and turn it around in three days and play again, so that's something good. I know it's hard but I think this team needs all that stuff it can get to learn how to do it the right way and how to win the right way."

(on if RB Ron Dayne is healthy) "His ankle's bothering him. He did practice today, but I think he'll be ready to go."

(on if he ran the ball less late against Tennessee because RB Ron Dayne's ankle injury) "No. He told us about his ankle in the game, but I didn't think it affected him; I thought he was still running OK. But he did practice today."

(on the biggest improvement in DE Mario Williams) "It's just everything. He's a pro. He knows how to practice. If you watch the kid out here, he enjoys himself. I mean, he works on the scout team. Mario (Williams) found the love for the game, and I think Mario looks at himself and says, 'Dang, I could get a lot better. I could be a great player.' I think all those things, the light has come on for him from that standpoint and Mario enjoys being here, he enjoys working, and if you're going to last a long time be a great player those things are very important. You can see it happening for him every day."

(on if the change has been gradual) "I think it's been gradual. You know what, I think what he went through last year was the best thing that could ever happen to him. Being the first pick, having the pressure, hearing all the talk – as tough as that was on him, that's the best thing that could've happened to him because now things are easy for him. All that stuff's behind him, he just plays and enjoys playing the game, so I think it helped him."

(on if he reminds players that team Pro Bowl voting is coming up next week) "I think players are smart. They know. And he's had a hell of a year and you never know until players go to vote and those things take place, but I'm sure he's got to be looking at himself as having a fine year, let's see, but playing well this week and Thursday night would be a big feather in his hat if he's got a chance to do that."

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