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Practice quotes - Thursday


Kubiak addressed his plans at wide receiver without Andre Johnson on Thursday.

Head coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media on Thursday as he continued to prepare for Deep Steel Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on who will start Sunday at wide receiver) "We're going to play all four of them. I'll make a decision tomorrow exactly who's going to start, but we're going to play all four of the kids. We're going to rotate them. It's going to take all of them for us to be successful, but we'll lock in who will be the starters tomorrow. Kevin (Walter)'s definitely one of them, I'll tell you that."

(on if there's any reason that he's holding off on naming the starters) "Well, I think it's important to how we practice. I want to see how we handle things- how Jacoby (Jones) handles getting more reps, how Andre Davis steps in, Jerome Mathis. I'm comfortable with any of them, I'll tell you that. Who goes, I don't think that's as important as all four of them playing well."

(on how practice was today) "It was good. Our attention's very good. It's good to get out here in the heat. I know we don't play in it this week, but I think it's good for our team. Our condition level's been good throughout the season and I like our attention to detail today, and that's the way we'll have to be to have a shot."

(on if DT Travis Johnson looks healthy) "I think he'll be ready to go. He's practiced these two days and unless there's any setbacks between now and Sunday, I think he'll be ready to go."

(on if RB Ahman Green and RB Ron Dayne are OK) "Ahman's fine. Ronnie, there's a little bit of question on Ronnie. He did practice some today. He did not put on his pads with the rest of the guys, so we'll push him tomorrow and we'll make that decision. If not, Samkon (Gado) will go."

(on what the question is on RB Ron Dayne) "Just got some bruised ribs, and coming out of the game just in general, beat up. Eighteen tough carries and 15 of them in the fourth quarter. But he did do some things today, he just didn't get in the banging with everybody else."

(on how S Michael Boulware is coming along) "You know, he's doing really well. He's definitely a different player this week than he was last week. He's got a good grasp of what we're doing. I think you could see him become more and more a factor in what we're doing."

(on if RB Ahman Green will be 100%) "Yeah, he's fine. We really only work him two days a week anyway, and I wouldn't have worked him much yesterday at all. He came out and was a little sore from the game. I'd rather get Samkon (Gado) those reps anyway, so it's just my decision, but he's fine. He took everything today."

(on if it was hard to keep WR Andre Davis inactive because of his special teams ability) "Yeah, it's really hard because then we've been playing with nine defensive linemen, and I think we've played well up front because we've been fresh. So if you're going to make that call of nine defensive linemen, we've got to pull from some place. Wide receiver's a place we've been doing it. We're getting by with four backs on game day, so regardless, you're taking a chance someplace and fortunately we've been OK."

(on if there's any further information on WR Andre Johnson) "No, just that you guys know he won't play this week. I mean, we were hoping for a miracle and we've still got time for one, but it doesn't look good. You know, like I said, the good news is he's going to be fine. The question is how long's it going to be? Is it going to be a week, three weeks, five weeks? I don't think we know until they kind of get him out of the thing that he's in right now and really test him out, and the plan is to do that tomorrow."

(on a report that says that WR Andre Johnson will miss five weeks) "Well, I think that would definitely be the worst scenario. And I'm very optimistic, especially with a guy like him who's a really hard worker and very well-conditioned player. If anybody should make it back quicker than the doctors think that he can, it's probably that guy. So I'm going to be on the optimistic side."

(on if he's scared that WR Andre Davis has more catches in one season than all the other receivers in their combined careers) "Somebody else told me that this morning. You know the game won't be too big for him. When he plays, he'll be fine. Does it scare me? No, it doesn't scare me, because I believe in the group and that's the key. These guys are really working hard, they really practiced well today. Is there a focus on them? Yeah, there is, but you know, we're not going to beat the Colts unless we all go out there and really play well and above and beyond and over our head, and they've got to be part of that. It's not just them; it's about the team."

(on if it's time for WR Kevin Walter will step up catch-wise) "Yeah, I think that could definitely happen if the ball comes his way more. But I look at last week, he played really well. I know he caught one ball, but that's when it was supposed to go to him and the coverage told Matt (Schaub) to go to him in that situation. He's a kid that I'd have a hard time explaining to you, or I could sit here all day and tell you how much he does for the football team in his effort and how he plays the game, and he played really well last week. Do we need more out of him? Yeah."

(on if QB Matt Schaub's tendency to spread the ball around makes it easier be without WR Andre Johnson) "Matt's a system player. If we call a play and it says to go here, it doesn't matter who's playing that position, he's going to put the ball in the right spot. Now that guy's got to get his tail open. I will say this, when Owen Daniels gets involved, our team seems to play better and we'd like to get him involved more. He played well last week and like I said, the production's got to come from somewhere and so it's got to get spread out amongst O.D. and those four guys, and we'll see."

(on if there was a game that QB John Elway missed and Kubiak came in and won against all odds) "Every time he missed they said we had no chance. When I got a chance to play, it was probably a lot of, 'Oh, crap.' But that's part of football and I think what it does is it makes everybody just reach down a little deeper. Everybody on this football team knows what kind of player we're missing this weekend, everybody knows that and I think it just makes everybody dig a little deeper. Every coach, everybody. So when our team comes out of this, we should be a better football team. Do we have to replace a great player? You dang right we do. But it should make us all better."

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