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Practice quotes: Thursday


The Texans practiced outside on Thursday at the Methodist Training Center. Afterward, head coach Gary Kubiak was interviewed by the media. The following is a transcript of his interview.

Head coach Gary Kubiak
(on today's practice) "Practice started off a little slow but we got going. There's just so many things we've got to cover with this football team, but we've had two good days and we need another one tomorrow. Cush (LB Brian Cushing) and (DT Shaun) Cody did not practice, but I think they've both got an excellent chance of being ready to go."

(on the Patriots) "I tell you what, you just turn on the film from last week against Jacksonville and you see, to me, that's a team ready to make a championship run. That's the way they're playing. (They're) as deep a football team as you'll play in this league, and they present a lot of problems for you, just so many things. They've got a lot of veteran players. You can't practice long enough to prepare for everything they do. Probably adjusting to what they do is the most important thing."

(on the anticipation in the players of what could be) "They haven't been in this situation where it means so much and at this time in the season, and you can sense a little difference. That's the way you want it to be, that's what you work for and that's what you want it to be for a long time, not just one time. Hopefully, we learn from this experience, this opportunity we have as a football team and we'll play well."

(on the team's focus and attention to detail) "It's been very good. Our guys have really been locked in. They went through a tough month, but they didn't let it bother them. They kept playing. It's not like they were playing bad ball, they were just missing a couple of plays here and there. I think they stayed committed and focused on what we were doing and never panicked and that's a sign of growing up, too. So all these guys, the young, young players are getting a lot of games under their belt, important games, and that should make us better."

(on if he ever lapses into a "what-if?" mode) "No, I don't. Obviously, we lost some tough games this year, but I think if you do your job, do it hard and do it well, some of those things are going to go your way, the other way, sometimes. So I just think it's about effort and a commitment to your job and what you're doing and if you do it right all the time, you'll get your breaks along the way. So we're not going to cry over some games that we missed."

(on if his message to the team is that you don't let anyone else determine your fate) "That's exactly right. But along the journey, it's about the journey and how you're playing and what you're doing. And if you're doing it right, I'm convinced those things even out."

(on the RB situation and if RB Arian Foster will get the start) "That depends on what we're doing as far as how we start the game, but obviously (RB) Ryan (Moats) and Arian will get the majority of the ball."

(on if it makes him proud to see QB Matt Schaub leading the league in passing yards) "It's not just me—I think the team's proud of him and the organization is proud of him. That's why we went and got him a couple of years ago, because of what we thought he could do. We kind of always said if he's healthy, we think that's what he would do, and he proved us right. I just know you've got a good one here in Houston for a long, long time to come. This kid's going to be a good football player and leader around here for a few years."

(on if RBs Ryan Moats and Arian Foster can show him enough in one game to sway his decision about next season) "No, we'll evaluate it from the whole season. Ryan's been kind of doing what Ryan does all along for us. Arian's stepped on the scene a little bit more here in the last couple of weeks. We'll take it all into account before we move forward."

(on if RB Arian Foster has surprised him, especially the way he bounced back from a fumble) "His talent doesn't surprise me. No, not at all. But I liked the way he went about his business last week. That's why he was a better football player on Sunday."

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