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Practice quotes: Thursday


Head coach Gary Kubiak addressed reporters after practice Thursday on Christmas Eve. He was encouraged that starting left tackle Duane Brown practiced despite a knee injury. The following is a transcript of his interview.

Head coach Gary Kubiak
(on the team's injuries) "(LB) Brian (Cushing)did not practice again today. (LT) Duane (Brown) did practice.That was a step in the right direction and we'll see how he's doing in the course of the next couple of days. It looks like he has a chance."

(on if he's optimistic that Brown can play Sunday) "Yeah, I think there's a chance. From what we've been through the last three weeks with him, I would say what he was able to do today, I think he's got a chance."

(on whether or not the Saint Louis turf was harmful to Brown) "It's (his injury) one of those things that's not going to get any better until he gets a lot of rest. I think playing on the turf compared to the grass, confidence for him, so I think there's a good chance he plays."

(on how RB Arian Foster practiced) "He's practiced very well. He's had two very good days. Like I said: he can help us win here. He's going to get a chance to do that. He's had two good days of practice."

(on if he and the Texans will be scoreboard watching) "We don't have any to watch. We've got our hands full. This is a heck of a football team and we'll have to be at our best in all three phases and get a few breaks. We're worried about ourselves. We've had good focus and we practiced really well today. I liked the way we practiced."

(on if the windy weather was a good prep for Miami) "You never know when you go there. You might get some wind and some rain. We're just trying to keep these guys off the turf. Their bodies are about as beat up they're going to be. We're trying to get them all fresh for Sunday."

(on his personal Christmas plans) "Hopefully I'll get a chance to see my folks tonight, and my wife's mom tomorrow, so Merry Christmas to everybody. You all have a good Christmas."

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