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Houston Texans

Practice quotes: Thursday


Texans coach Gary Kubiak addressed the media on Thursday, discussing the Texans' improved defense and the health status of defensive end Anthony Weaver.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on what he thinks about the defense and the different personnel that has reshaped on the fly) "Well, the most drastic change is the fact that (CB) Dunta's (Robinson) come back. That's been the biggest thing, but it's been unsettling from the standpoint of (DT) Amobi (Okoye) missing time, some things going on at the safety position and then (LB Xavier) Adibi also becoming a big factor for us defensively. So that's part of the league. You're going to go through stuff like that, but I think the fact that we have been somewhat settled down the last few weeks has helped."

(on reshaping things and the players saying that there is a new identity with the defense) "I don't know. We're running the same defense. Have we been more aggressive? Yes, we have. I think that guys have a little more confidence with each other right now in where they're at and what's going on and what we're doing just from getting repetitions together and doing it together. It makes you play a little better. We've had a few breaks, too."

(on adding LB Kevin Bentley and LB Xavier Adibi to the linebacker group) "They've played very well. Bentley brings experience to the group. He's played a lot of football. He's played all three spots, and then Adibi's brought a young presence, an athletic presence, making plays athletically, making some mistakes but making up with for it with tremendous skill as far as running."

(on anything new with the team) "No, (DE Anthony) Weaver did not practice again today. (S) Nick (Ferguson) did not practice today. His knee swelled up on him a little bit. (S) Eugene (Wilson) did practice a little bit today. I think Anthony's got a chance. I would think Anthony and Nick are probably in about the same boat. They'll be game-time decisions."

(on who would play if DE Anthony Weaver can't go) "I think that (DE) Anthony (Weaver) is still our biggest concern going into the weekend and (S) Nick (Ferguson) is in the same boat as him as of today."

(on who would play if DE Anthony Weaver can't go) "We'd just bring (DT Frank) Okam up and then (DT) DelJuan (Robinson) goes outside."

(on if FB Vonta Leach is Pro Bowl material) "Like I said, fullback is a position, looking around this league, there's a lot of teams that don't even use one. If you look at the two-back football teams in this league and the fullbacks that are playing, I think (FB) Vonta (Leach) is playing about as good as anybody. So we'll see. You don't know how that works out."

(on how integral FB Vonta Leach is to the team) "It's very important. He's come a long way learning a new scheme, starting over with (assistant head coach) Alex (Gibbs) from what we've done in the past, and he's up to the task every week. Plays well on special teams. He's become a dang good player for us."

(on if the Packers' six interception returns for touchdowns scare him) "Damn right that scares me. We have to protect the ball. We threw a couple today in practice. We can't throw them. They're excellent. They have great ball skills. You've got (CB Charles) Woodson, the guy outside, (CB Al) Harris outside. I mean, they're a man-coverage team. They lock you down. You have to beat man coverage. You make a mistake with the ball, and they make you pay. That's what good corners do, and they've got them. Their safeties have done a hell of a job, too."

(on Packers S Nick Collins' three interceptions returned for touchdowns) "They are a big man-under team, and he's involved whether he's in the middle of the field cheating towards routes or playing quarters and jumping on underneath routes and those types of things. But they're a very aggressive defensive football team and when they touch the ball, they're very capable of taking it right back the distance. So we're going to have to keep it out of their hands."

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