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Practice quotes: Thursday


Rookie linebacker Xavier Adibi missed a second consecutive day of practice with a groin injury. If he can't play on Sunday, Morlon Greenwood will start in his place.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on anything new on injury wise) "We had two guys not practice today. (LB Xavier) Adibi and (LS) Clark Harris did not practice. Clark is sick. We were hoping Adibi would do some things. He did not. So, we'll see where he's at tomorrow."

(on where he sees LB Morlon Greenwood at now) "He (LB Morlon Greenwood) came in and played 40 plays and played very well and actually had a few tackles on special teams. I mean that's Morlon. He's a pro. He's taken care of his business. I would say Morlon's probably back to 100 percent or pretty close to it. So, if (LB) Xavier (Adibi) can't go, I expect him to go in and play the way he's always played."

(on how important has it been for the offensive line to play together for all of the games this year) "That's a mindset, too. Those guys as a group, they won't leave the field. I know we've been fortunate they've been healthy, but as a group, that's part of their bond. They're not going to leave the field. They're going to play together. As I've said from the start, they can become the strength of the team. There's no doubt in my mind that they have kind of headed in that direction and the longer those guys play together and work together and stay together the better you are."

(on if he sees the offensive line as a group being able to stay together for a while) "Yeah, I would sure think so. I know (C) Chris (Myers) is locked in for a while. (OT) Eric's (Winston) locked in for a while. Then you've got the other guys. Of course, (OT) Duane's (Brown) locked in for a while. So, (G) Chester (Pitts) and (G) Mike (Briesel) I don't know their situation offhand, but believe me, as well as they've played and as good of workers as they are and people on top of that, it's our job to keep them together for a long time."

{QUOTE}(on how sick is LS Clark Harris) "He (LS Clark Harris) came out and wasn't feeling good and was throwing up. So, I just sent him back in, and we'll get him looked at. (DT) Jeff (Zgonina) took all of the reps as a snapper today."

(on if he is worried LS Clark Harris won't be able to play) "No, I don't think so. Let me see. I'm hoping he's (LS Clark Harris) right back out here tomorrow. So, that was kind of unexpected. He came over here and got sick right around lunch time. So, we'll see what happens."

(on how you keep the Texans from overlooking the Raiders) "Well, if we practice like we did today it's going to be easy to stay grounded because we didn't practice well today. Our attention to detail wasn't like it's been. So, just tell them the truth. That's what I just told them when we got through, and we're going to have to practice a lot better tomorrow to go to Oakland and win. But this is the National Football League, if you relax any minute, you'll get your tail kicked. We've been pretty good and into what we're doing and detailed with what we're doing, and today it wasn't there. So, we have to get it back tomorrow."

(on if he has seen WR Andre Johnson grow since he's been here) "Yeah, I have. Yeah, I really have. I think he's always been a worker. He's always been a good kid. I think he understands the importance of all the other phases that are going on around him. I think that's something he's come to appreciate. I think he understands defensively what people are trying to do to him, how we're trying to get him open. I think he's just grown as a person and a player from that standpoint. His help around him is better, that's the bottom line. I mean, there are other people to make plays and hurt a defense if they take him away. So, it keeps people honest."

(on if WR Andre Johnson still impresses him even though he sees him every day) "Oh, he impresses me every day. One of the things about this business, if you're around for long, you'll run across great players. But the really, really great ones are consistent; they do it for a long time. I've only been with him three years. He's been doing it since he's been here. If he keeps heading in this direction, the career he can have can be phenomenal. So, just pray for his health because you know you'll get the football out of him."

(on the Texans' rookie class this season) "Oh, I think they've been very good. (CB) Antwaun (Molden) has been a special teams player all year long. Of course, (LT) Duane (Brown), when you start at left tackle from day one in the NFL you must be a pretty darn good player. Of course, what (RB) Steve (Slaton) has done. Who am I missing? (DT) Frank Okam has kind of been brought along slowly; he's played a little bit. Of course, (LB) Xavier (Adibi) has been a big contributor here the past month. (S) Dominique (Barber) has been contributing on special teams and even now some on defense. So, when you look at the group, they're all involved. And that's what you hope for. You hope that they're all very much involved in year one and then they're moving on to bigger and better things in year two."

(on if RB Steve Slaton has been the biggest surprise) "Uh, well I think yeah. To be honest with you, we're all surprise the fact that he's held up as well as he has for as long as he has. He has a very bright future. We knew we were getting a good kid and a good football player but what he's done I think has been above and beyond."

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