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Practice quotes: Thursday


Rookie left tackle Duane Brown and the Texans' offensive line face a mammoth task this weekend trying to slow down Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

The Texans spoke to the media on Thursday as they continued preparations for their Week 3 matchup at Tennessee.

Owner Bob McNair(on if Rice stadium is an option) "Well, that would be one, but we'll check all of the options. There are multiple options out there, but we don't have to cross that bridge yet. So, we'll wait a little while."

(on when he expects to receive the reports about the stadium from engineers) "The county is getting those reports. Those reports won't come to us. The county will get those and then they will forward that information on to us. It's a continuing process because they (the engineers) will be going through the stadium and checking out any numbers systems and what have you and then reporting back to the county."

Head coach Gary Kubiak(on how practice was) "We had a good practice. We banged around a little bit with our pads on, but I think our practices have been pretty good all week."

(on what Texans owner Bob McNair told the team after practice) "Oh, really he's just echoing to them what they've been through and that he understands that, but that he also understands how important this football game is. So, he just lets them know he cares about them, but they know that. He doesn't have to stand up there to tell them that. They know that."

(on if the team is refocused and will be ready for the game on Sunday) "Yeah, I think they've been good. I think their escape in a lot of ways is being out here for a few hours. The tough thing is all of a sudden you're through with practice and you start answering questions about it all the time. That makes it difficult. But also understand that's part of what we have to do right now. But they've been working hard. They've been pretty darn good, and I really liked our practice today and the way they went about their business."

(on RB Ahman Green saying the Texans will do some things for the community at some point) "Yeah, it's obvious there is that commitment on our part. There always has been with this organization, and there will be again."

(on RB Ahman Green playing this weekend) "He worked a little harder today. He's not working with the team, though, so he didn't practice. It looked like he was getting closer. It's never looked very good for this week unless something really big happens by tomorrow. It doesn't look very good for this week, but I sure hope he's available for next week."

(on RB Steve Slaton starting) "Steve will start, but he and Chris (Taylor) are going to swap. They are going to play off and on. If we get into the third, Darius (Walker) will be there, too."

(on if playing a rookie running back changes his thinking toward the game) "Well, he's (RB Steve Slaton) got a tough draw because when you're a starter, you're being asked in all three phases, or I should say two big phases on offense, and that's running the ball and protecting the quarterback. So that's a new addition to his plate, but we need a guy like him to become one hell of a player really fast. And if he does that, it's going to help our team in the long haul. So there's no waiting anymore. He's a tough kid. We're counting on the kid doing it."

(on if playing on Sunday will be a step toward normalcy in Houston) "As I said all along, I had concerns with everybody else. We're fine. We're very, very fortunate here. We're out here doing our job and going about our business but we understand the devastation that's taken place around us and our thoughts and prayers are with those people. Hopefully, we can do something for those people this weekend and put a smile on their face for three-and-a-half hours. We're just trying to get ready to do that."

(on if RB Steve Slaton has those first-game jitters out of the way) "It's really interesting, because it seems like we've played for so long I don't even think of him as a rookie anymore. He's been practicing for two weeks and we really need to get back on the field and play some football. He's had plenty of practice for this weekend, so we'll see how he does."

(on the health of the club beyond RB Ahman Green) "We're evaluating (DT) Travis (Johnson) day-to-day. He's a little bit limited today. We're trying to make a decision on him, whether or not he's ready to go in the game. (TE Mark) Bruener definitely will be out this week. He's nursing a hamstring. But other than that, we should be ok."

T Duane Brown
(on his thoughts about containing DT Albert Haynesworth) "It's a big job. He's a huge man, a great athlete. He has a great motor for a big guy. He keeps coming every play. You really have to contain him in order to be successful as an offense in both the run game and the pass game. So, it's a lot on my hands, but I'm up for the challenge."

RB Ahman Green
(on what owner Bob McNair said to the team after practice) "That they were working on it, basically, that in the past, with Katrina, I think that he said that they did a telethon, and with Hurricane Allison if I'm correct they did something, so they plan to do something similar to those past circumstances."

(on if he knows if he will be active on Sunday versus the Titans) "No, I don't know. Like I said, I'm just taking it one day at a time."

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