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Practice quotes: Thursday


Coach Gary Kubiak talked to the media after Thursday's practice about the health of the team as they get ready for Sunday's game against the Colts.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on how much S Bob Sanders changes the complexion of the defense when he plays) "Well, he's (S Bob Sanders) a defensive MVP in this league, tells you what he stands for as a player. He's their leader and a tremendous, tremendous player. (He's) as good of a safety as I've seen in this league - he and (S Troy) Polamalu and the way they play the game and the way they lead their defense. So, (I have) a lot of respect for him."

(on DT Amobi Okoye) "He's (DT Amobi Okoye) made progress but not enough. We'll see how he does tomorrow. Right now, I would say it doesn't look good. So, we'll see."

(on if there are any other health issues) "(LB) Morlon (Greenwood) did not practice again today. He did run more. So, that was encouraging. I watch him run over in an individual. As I said yesterday, if anybody might pull it off, he may, but he didn't do anything today."

{QUOTE}(on if he considers DT Amobi Okoye and LB Morlon Greenwood to be game-time decisions) "Yeah, I would say they are both game-time decisions with (LB) Morlon (Greenwood) having probably more of an opportunity than (DT) Amobi (Okoye) does."

(on if he is comfortable with LB Xavier Adibi going in) "Well, he's (LB Xavier Adibi) young and this is a tough spot to put him into. But I really like the way he's practicing. I liked the things he did last week. He's got (LB) DeMeco (Ryans) out there with him and talking to him. So, if he can keep going and if he can keep this weight on and stay healthy, it will really be interesting to see how he plays the second half of the season. He's a very talented young man."

(on what his expectations are of LB Xavier Adibi) "I just want to see him (LB Xavier Adibi) make some plays. He's going to make some mistakes. That's a big task to ask of young man like that against this offense and all of the things that they do. But we just want to see his talent take over and makes some plays, and we'll bring him along with the other part."

(on how RB Steve Slaton is doing) "He's (RB Steve Slaton) much better this week, looks like himself a little bit, especially out here today. We got some cool weather. We got in the dome yesterday. So, I think we freshened up a little bit, which we need to."

(on how disappointed is he with RB Ahman Green and how little he's been able to play) "Nothing you can do. If you're hurt, you're hurt. I know our team has been better when he's (RB Ahman Green) been healthy and we could use him and count on him. But when you can't be there and you're injured, that's part of the business. So, you've got to keep going."

(on how much RB Ahman Green can do right now) "I think he's (RB Ahman Green) fine. He should be able to do everything he's done for us when he's been healthy this year. (He) was limited in action last week, I guess I would say. We wanted to look at the (RB Ryan) Moats kid, too. So, if anything, his play should pick up this week."

(on if he wants to be cautious on how much he uses RB Ahman Green) "No, I don't want to be cautious with him at all. He needs to be a contributor and help this football team, you know. The more the better I guess, but we're going to play them both."

(on how much RB Ahman Green helps the team) "Well, I mean, when he (RB Ahman Green) has been up, when he's been healthy and been up and been a part of the rotation for this football team or when he was a starter for the first few weeks last year, this team played better. He's got big-play ability. He's a fine player. He's very good in protection so it does make us better. But we've had to deal without him a lot, so that's just part of it."

(on how the confidence of the team is) "Well, obviously when you're going through rough times it's only natural to maybe feel a little bit different. But as far as how they practice and the way they're bouncing around getting ready to play another game this week, I don't see anything different. I mean, you just have to keep going. They only way you work out of stuff like this is to keep showing up for work everyday and keep busting your tail and playing hard and something good will happen to you. So, that's what we're trying to get done."

(on struggling offensively in first quarters) "You know, we've had some first quarters where we haven't had the ball very much. Some interesting games. I want to say last week, I think we touched the ball twice in the first quarter. We were three and out and then we had the big drive and had the turnover. So, you just want to move the ball. You wan to look at the game and see that you move the ball and gave yourself a chance to score points. And we have moved the football, but we have been sloppy with the football. So, those things offset each other."

(on if he sees struggling on offense at the beginning of games as a concern) "Yeah, I mean, you'd love to start fast. You put together the first 15 (plays) and sometimes they're good and they're right on and sometimes they're off and you have to put them in your back pocket and go to something else. So, that's just part of it and you just want to find a way to move the football before the day is over. Like I said, we've been able to do that but we've just been hurting ourselves."

(on owner Bob McNair saying that he is the right guy to turn the team around) "Well, I appreciate that, but my focus is on us playing. That's part of this business; good talk, bad talk, winning, losing, good times, bad times. My focus has got to be on how we practice each day, how we meet, and how we get ready to play. I'm sure that's where (Texans owner) Bob (McNair) wants my focus also."

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