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Practice quotes: Thursday


Safety Eugene Wilson leads the team in interceptions with two.

Members of the Texans talked to the media about preparing for Adrian Peterson and the Vikings.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on how WR Kevin Walter is today) "He (WR Kevin Walter) practiced. He's fine. He went through the whole practice just like we thought he would. So, it was good to give him a break yesterday, but he'll be OK."

(on if WR Kevin Walter was limited in practice) "No, we didn't limit him at all during practice. He was fine."

(on if there is any other injuries) "(RB) Ahman (Green) practiced the first part of practice. (He) did not practice the second half of practice. So, he was very, very limited. So, we'll see where he's at tomorrow."

(on how CB Dunta Robinson is) "He's (CB Dunta Robinson) fine. Yeah, he's fine. He's probably doing even more this week than he did last week. So, encouraged; we'll just move forward a few more snaps and see how that goes. But, he's doing really well."

{QUOTE}(on RB Ahman Green saying that he likes to practice if he's hurt before a game) "I agree with (RB) Ahman (Green) (laughs). I'd like to see him practice tomorrow, too. We do have one more day and we'll get him out here. Hopefully, he does well tomorrow and we can count on him on Sunday. But if not, the other kids have gotten the work."

(on in who the kids reference is to in the previous question) "Yeah, (RB Ryan) Moats and actually (FB) Cecil's (Sapp) getting some work back there, too."

(on if WR Jacoby Jones will return kicks offs) "(WR) Jacoby (Jones), yeah, and the (RB Ryan) Moats can do it, too. We won't put (RB Steve) Slaton back there. So, I would say Moats or (WR) David (Anderson) would be the emergency guy back there. David can do both punts and kicks."

(on if injuries are affecting LB DeMeco Ryans) "No, I just (think) wear and tear. You've got to understand he's (LB DeMeco Ryans) played every snap for this football team going on two and a half years. He's played a lot, a lot of football and it's that time of the season in the National Football League when you get to Week 8, 9 and 10 where everybody is really dragging and tired and beat up. You just kind of have to keep plugging and you seem to get a second wind towards the end. He's in that boat right now. We've got to just keep going, but I think he's OK."

(on how he assesses LB DeMeco Ryans play compared to past years) "He's getting more help now than he in the past. Back then, he was having to make all those tackles, but I think (LB) Zac (Diles) has become a fine, fine player. So, he's taking a lot of pressure and made a lot of plays from that standpoint. We're playing better upfront right now than we've played in a while around here. So, he's got a lot more help. But believe me, he's still playing well and I expect some big things out of him the rest of the way."

(on if LB Zac Diles is a key in the run defense) "Well, it kind of all depends. When you're an outside linebacker, how many times the ball comes your way; just what we're doing. Richard (Smith) has been blitzing him some. He's been an excellent blitzer. I don't know if you if ever know as a player. It's kind of like being a receiver, one day you show up and the ball comes your way all day because of coverage and the next day it doesn't. So, you just get ready to play. But when he's been in position to make plays, he's made them."

(on how you know a guy like LB DeMeco Ryans is hurt because he wouldn't never admit it) "No, I mean he's going to play and he doesn't miss a snap of practice. We do try to give him a break during practice as best we can but he leads our team. So, he just has to keep working through it. He's played a lot of football."

(on LB DeMeco Ryans telling the coaching staff if he was hurt) "I would think that he would tell us what was hurting. He wouldn't take himself off the field, that's not going to change. But, if something was bothering him really bad, I think (LB) DeMeco (Ryans) would let us know eventually. But that's what makes him a great player, he's going to be there for his teammates one way or another."

TE Owen Daniels

(on if he thinks the offense is where it needs to be or still needs work) "We're getting there. There's definitely more work to get done. I think we're still leaving some stuff out there. We did a good job last week of not turning the ball over. We want to keep that consistent and do that week after week. I think if we can get to that point where we're not turning the ball over and still doing the things we're doing and scoring points, I think we'll be where we want to be."

(on if it would mean a lot to him to make the Pro Bowl) "Absolutely. There's a very select amount of people that even get to play in the NFL let alone go over to Hawaii and play in that game. I think that would really just show respect from all of the peers because they're the guys that are really voting other players in, and that's what we're trying to do—get respect from everyone else around the league. So, it would mean a lot for sure."

(on WR Andre Johnson's month of October) "It's unbelievable. What did he have, something like 41 catches and almost 600 yards? It's crazy to think about what he did and if he could continue, that it would be unbelievable. Even half of that would be great. I wouldn't pick anybody else over him. I don't think anyone can for what he's been doing, catching the ball, blocking, running after the catch, breaking tackles, making people miss. He's doing everything."

(on if defenses focused on WR Andre Johnson are opening things up for him) "I think so. I think they'd be silly not to focus a little more of their attention on (WR) Andre (Johnson) because he's had such a big year so far. That opens things up for us. It's up to us, (WR) Kevin (Walter) and myself and the other guys out there, (WR) David (Anderson), to make plays and again open things back up for Andre."

(on if there is a difference between the last four weeks and the first four weeks of the season) "We've been playing way better this month than we did the last month. The first two games were rough, but I think since then our offense has been playing really well. We've come along as a team for sure. After losing that tough one to Indy we regrouped and were in a really, really tough situation. Everyone stuck together and we've been able to do some good things since then."

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