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Practice quotes: Tuesday


Chris Taylor could get reps at fullback and running back against Dallas.

The Texans and Cowboys will battle for the Governor's Cup, which goes to the winner of Friday's game. For the first four years, the cup resided in the trophy case at Reliant Stadium after the Texans beat Dallas, 19-10. This marks the second year the trophy could exchange hands during the preseason. Head coach Gary Kubiak talked after practice about how the team is preparing for the game.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on if it's good to finally get into a weekly rhythm) "Yeah, it really is. I know it's nice for them to go home and get them out of here a lot earlier now. Coaches need to get in a routine as the regular season, but we've always approached it that way — take the third game, kind of go through your normal routine because next week's kind of crazy."

(on how TE Mark Bruener is doing this training camp) "It's a lot like his last one. The first week I think it really wore him down. Mark's been doing it a long time, but he came back gradually and has been doing everything he can do. He played really well the other night. He's been good on the line of scrimmage. So, it's a lot like last year as far as the pattern."

(on if TE Mark Bruener is still primarily used for blocking) "Yeah, that's what he (Bruener) does for us, but he still has the ability to get out and do some things catching the ball. He's such a great presence on this team and positive influence on all of these young kids."

{QUOTE}(on if he is happy with the state of the Texans) "I'm just working. To put a finger on right where we're at right now, we've had a good camp. There have been some good things. We're going to end up with some new faces that are going to make us better. We've got a tremendous challenge ahead of us. I like what we're doing right now, but to sit here and give you the state of the franchise, I'm more concerned with how we practiced today. We had a good day today. We practiced well."

(on if people should settle down over preseason records like the Cowboys 0-2 and the Texans 2-0) "Yeah, that's one of those deals where if it's not going good I don't think it's the end of the world. There's a lot of preseason left to play, but if it's going good, you better not relax. That's part of it. They're (Dallas Cowboys) as talented as a football team you'll see and you'll play in this league, and I know they're going to play extremely well. This will be their first game at home and will be a great test for us. We're just looking forward to it."

(on if he will use the pass to set up the run even though he likes to run more) "Well, I can't say that too loud around (assistant head coach) Alex (Gibbs), but I think we have the ability to throw the ball really well. We've got some receivers that are playing really well. I think our quarterback has a lot of confidence right now, both of our quarterbacks do. We could very well be maybe a little different before it's all said and done. We are going to stay committed to the run because we think it helps the whole football team, not just worried about (helping) the offense, but I'm worried about helping the defense and the football team in general."

(on what he looks for CB Jacques Reeves to do consider the pressure of playing his former team) "I'm sure it's different when you walk in there and you played for them last year and was a big part of a good football team. It's got to be a change for him going in there. He knows those players; they know him. They went against each other everyday. I'm sure that adds to the buildup for him as far as playing this game, but in all honesty, when that balls kicked off I think it's another competitive National Football League game, and he's just has to do his job."

(on if he can put FS Dominique Barber in earlier so he can go after his brother) "They were teasing him today. Coach Hoke told him, 'Don't call your brother and give him the plays, but you don't know him anyway.'(laughs) Naw, it's got to be exciting for him. As a kid, I'm sure he looks up to his brother. His brother's a great player, and to be on the same field with him I'm sure will be pretty special."

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