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Houston Texans

Practice quotes: Wednesday


Guard Chester Pitts probably will miss Friday's game against Dallas with a sore ankle.

With guard Chester Pitts nursing a sore ankle, second-year pro Kasey Studdard most likely will start against Dallas. Head coach Gary Kubiak discussed the starting lineup after practice on Wednesday.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on how much game time everyone will get) "We're going to play our first group a maximum of three quarters. Then after that, we still have a lot of players we want to look at. I'm expecting them to play three (quarters). If anything, they will play a little less and not more. (Guard) Kasey Studdard will start for (guard Chester) Pitts. I do not expect (guard) Chester (Pitts) to play. I know there is still some time between now and game time, but Studdard will start."

(on if this is the most important time for cuts in preseason) "I wouldn't say you'd put it all on this game. You have to go back and look at the big picture. I think we are at a point right now, where we reach this game, where naturally you're not going to see those young guys as much as Friday. But then you turn around in four or five days and they are probably going to play that whole game. It's part of the process. We are still in the evaluation process with some of those guys - some very, very difficult decisions to make. They tend to play themselves out. Hopefully, we got some of these tough questions answered here after we get through with Tampa Bay, because right now they are very difficult."

(on if it is important for G Kasey Studdard to play well) "Yeah, and he's had an excellent camp. I think what we are looking at right now with him is seeing if he can prove to us he can be a starter in this league. We know he's a player; he is vastly improved, one of the most improved players we've had around here going into his year two. Now, he gets a chance at a very difficult stage but a very great stage to say, 'Hey, I can do this. I can be a starter in this league.' And that's what we are looking for, to see if he has that ability."

(on G Chester Pitts' injury) "He's has a little ankle injury. He got rolled up on the first play last week. He finished his half. We kept him in the locker room at half time. It's just been bothering him, so we are being smart. Like I said, there's still a chance he could be available. We'll see."

(on what G Kasey Studdard has done to distinguish himself) "First off, he's been out here everyday. He hasn't missed a day. He's got a lot of energy as a player. I like that. I think our football team respects the way he plays the game, how hard he plays. He fits in with our group. He's had to eliminate some mistakes he's made in the past and he's working towards doing that. You're just trying to see if he's come far enough that you can say, 'Hey, maybe this guy can start for a long time in this league.' I know he expects himself to. We're kind of looking at it that way ourselves."

(on how important is it for a guy like G Kasey Studdard to step up) "It's very important. These opportunities don't come around very often. In this league, when you get them and you go out and play at a level that's dang good, no one can take that away from you. If he (Studdard) steps on that field on Friday night with the group he's fixing to step on the field against, and handles himself and plays well, it's going to say a lot for his career and where he's going. This game is about opportunity and it's a big opportunity for him."

{QUOTE}(on what he is going to do with his quarterbacks) "I'll go with Matt (Schaub) and then Sage (Rosenfels) will finish the game or however that ends up. We'll just play two guys this week."

(on the teams health today) "We're OK. We're alright. (Jamar) Fletcher was out again today. Tim Carter is still not back and of course Chester (Pitts) was not out here."

(on if RB Chris Brown got a day off) "No, we just limited his reps. He didn't get a day off."

(on if WR Andre Johnson will go the full three quarters in the game) "No. He's the one guy that definitely won't play a full three quarters. He looks good. He's fine. He wants to go the whole time. But, we'll work him. He's behind the other guys as far as playing time so if anything, he's going to be the one that plays less."

(on if he told the younger players about how Houston fans view the Cowboys) "We've got some of our younger kids from here. Of course, (Frank) Okam is from the Dallas area, so I think those guys know. (Dominique) Barber has got his brother. I was just teasing him in front of the team about his brother, so I think they kind of know. It will be a nice stage. I like our preseason; we've played in a couple of places where the environment has been real. I thought it was very good in New Orleans that night. I'm sure it will be loud in Dallas this Friday. It's been good for our team as we get ready for the season."

(on what he wants to see in the game) "There are a lot of things we could do better. We're consistently looking to run the ball better. We are going against a scheme we have not practices against throughout practice, so that's a changeup for us. We are looking for pressure on the quarterback. I think we are just trying to continue to improve as a football team and we're trying to find the people that can help us do that."

(on if Chaun Thompson or Rosevelt Colvin will work with the first nickel package) "Rosevelt (Colvin) will work with the first nickel. N.D. (Kalu) will work with the first nickel. We'll move some guys like that. And the Chaun (Thompson) will definitely get some nickel rush in."

(on important this game is for DE Rosevelt Colvin) "I think they are all important. The first one was important. Last week was important. He (Rosevelt Colvin) made a step forward. This one is extremely important as we get towards these tough, tough decisions. It's important for a lot of players, not just him. It's important for the team so we just have to get out there and try to get better, including him."

FS Dominique Barber

(on hitting his brother (Cowboys RB Marion Barber) during the game) "It would be cool, but our relationship that we have, it's not about who beats up who. He was never the type of guy to beat me up as the older brother. But if I could get a nice little lick on him, that would be nice."

(on what he would think if him and his brother are on the field at the same time) "Yeah, it would be a dream come true. The fact that you're at the highest level of football and to be able to be on the field at the same time as my brother, I'd be speechless. It would be a dream come true, but I'd just go out there and play football."

(on if he will say anything to his brother on the field) "I'm sure if I get out there and he's out there then we'll exchange some words. But, my mind is on helping the team and finding a way to get a 'W.' That's the main goal."

(on if he has talked to his brother this week) "Yeah, we talk everyday - even if it's briefly, 'Hey, how ya doing? How's your body?' Just little things like that. We talk everyday and we have a great relationship and I'm excited to see him on Friday."

(on what it mean to his parents that he and his brother play in the NFL) "They are just, as my dad would put it, he's just happy to be here. He supports us, both my parents. We have great parents, they raised us right and they are proud of us. There's actually one more, he's only ten. We don't know where he is going to be at, but we both think he's the athlete of the family."

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